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Catacombs™ is the award winning, fantasy, dexterity, tabletop game. Players shoot wooden discs through dungeon rooms on a quest to defeat the Catacomb Lord. Compatible with Catacombs & Castles.
Catacombs™ is the award winning, fantasy, dexterity, tabletop game. Players shoot wooden discs through dungeon rooms on a quest to defeat the Catacomb Lord. Compatible with Catacombs & Castles.
2,230 backers pledged CA$ 233,771 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Elzra Games 4-time creator on

      @ innovan - not all Antients relate to the elements.

    2. Elzra Games 4-time creator on

      @ Brendan - it won't be.

    3. innovan

      We've seen fire, water and stone/earth antients. Has air already been done or did I miss it?

    4. Brendan M

      So wait, will the expansion come with the vampire hero? I had the impression it wasn't going to be available at retail.

    5. Christian on

      oops, I crossed threads! sorry!

    6. gwathdring on


      Because stuff wouldn't be "missing." The game would be perfectly functional without the exclusives and, really, there aren't all that many of them considering just how much content is on offer to begin with.

      If you mean the campaign thing specifically, I think the idea was that some of the stuff might get reused in, say, and expansion--not that the whole campaign set would be released without all of the content.

    7. Brendan M

      Why would anyone want the retail version with stuff missing? I don't think I understand the logic here.

    8. Peter "araziel" Cruickshanks

      @J Pierce
      Someone will always complain, and those people always cry the loudest. That does not mean listening to them is a good idea.

      Attaching it to the CoS add on levels would make sense imo. As it stands the base game is the only thing that's amazing value. All the add ons, CoS espescially, seem pretty expensive for some stickers and wooden pieces. Attaching this to the CoS levels would mean the pledge level got at least a bit more value.

    9. J Pierce on

      I know people complain about KS exclusives, but they are a NECESSITY. With no KS exclusives, this KS would have only made about half this much, if that. I know I would have either just pledged $55 instead of my current $345 pledge if I knew I could just pick up everything later. And because everyone was doing that, there'd be less stuff in the box and even more reason to wait. Hence, everyone would get LESS game in the base box for the same money than they're paying now.

    10. J Pierce on


      Some people have already given them a lot of grief for daring to charge what they do for the CoS expansion. I can only imagine if they added significant SG that were dependent on pledging for it.

    11. Matthew Bair on

      Having this last stretch goal attached to the Cavern of Soloth (or higher) pledge levels might have gotten a significant number of backers to move from 55 to 110 (or perhaps 110 to 145). But including this in the base pledge means it's going to be tough to reach 215k

    12. Elzra Games 4-time creator on

      International shipping cost will remain the same. To confirm, there is one Antient included with the base game by default.

    13. Missing avatar

      Neil Maher

      I think with 12 hours to go it will be difficult to get the 20,000 needed to get the final (?) stretch goal.

      The shipping query from William Gillett is very relevant!

    14. Skazz

      And I guess the urn will be an item that could be used by more than one hero.

    15. Skazz

      @William: Ne there will be two antients. One comes with the urn.

    16. Missing avatar

      William Gillett on

      Hi there, all sounding great so far, fingers crossed for hitting the big $215k. 2 questions though:

      1) With all the many many extras being included, is the international shipping cost still going to be $15?

      2) The Antients sound like a really interesting game mechanic, but so far if we don't make the $215k goal there will only be one to play with, which even then is only usable by the fire mage?

    17. Christian on

      Awesome awesome awesome awesome. Everything about this post is great. Maybe some of the other users can help me though... I keep hitting the "like" button but it only does it once. Why can't I like this +100!?!?!
      Regarding exclusivity, I think that it is a very nice gesture to those in the campaign that have supported the game. They said that not all of the contents may be exclusive but I like that they are giving the opportunity to the supporters to help make a truly memorable goal. Bring on the backers!

    18. ✩Don E✩

      Thanks for ALL the EXCLUSIVE and inclusive stretch goals EGames.

    19. Ben Coleman on

      Brilliant news! COME ON $215k !

    20. Skazz

      I love this new final stretch goal so much and I also love that its gonna be an exclusive. For me this sound like a big 'Thank you' from ELZRA and I appriciate this very much.

      Furthermore ... the ice mage for sure will kick soloth butt :D

    21. Elzra Games 4-time creator on

      @ Ben - it is for all backers of any pledge level of $55+

    22. Kristofer on

      I would be much happier if there were no kickstarter exlusives. To me, it goes against the spirit of Kickstarter. Instead of helping someone create something for others to enjoy, you participate in an activity that prevents others to have certain contents. It has caused me to avoid several kickstarers and almost made me back out of this.

    23. Ben Coleman on

      Don't understand if this is just for backers that have pledged for the Soloth Expansion or not?
      It seems like a final "big reach" of a stretch goal, which would strange if it only applies to this pledge level

    24. Leonardo on

      Wow just wow. Great last stretch goal. I love everything about it.

    25. Moritz Schubert on

      OMG! I know I've said several times that I don't like the art style, but some of the new monster concept art looks AMAZING!

    26. Elzra Games 4-time creator on

      @ Highlord - will be included with the base game.

    27. Highlord Tamburlaine, Luxurious Reptile

      Is this 215 goal going to be part of the expansion, or will it be included with the base game as well?

      While it seems to involve Soloth and all around him, it doesn't say how we're going to get ahold of all these new goodies (which we will!).

    28. Joshua Jenkins on

      So awesome! I absolutely cannot wait for this game. :)

    29. Isaac Hayward on

      Fantastic concept piece!!!