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Across the month of October, Richard Pace created 31 darkly erotic pen and ink drawings worthy of being collected into a book.
Across the month of October, Richard Pace created 31 darkly erotic pen and ink drawings worthy of being collected into a book.
100 backers pledged CA$ 7,295 to help bring this project to life.

Recent updates


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Overdue Update


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Where things are!


Long overdue, I know, but I first want to say everything is on schedule for the May reward period.

Now, some visual updates:

Respite - Colour
Respite - Colour
Innsmouth Look - colour
Innsmouth Look - colour
Hang's a Tale - colour
Hang's a Tale - colour
Last Drawing - colour
Last Drawing - colour

 The above were done almost immediately after the Kickstarter campaign ended.  I think I mentioned during the campaign I was surprised about how much the last 10 days or so were almost all-consuming, which meant the end heralded a flood of deadline crunches  on other work, which was handled, but it dragged into the December power outtage (Toronto went through a bit of winter) and Christmas, which ended up creating more time spent catching up on this and other assignments.  I think I got back on track by the end of January, while trying to make a too large update video, showing progress on both the book and the comic.  During my editing I managed to corrupt the files beyond use.  Still not sure what I did there -- which is probably part of the reason I was able to ruin it.  

In this time I completed three covers and started a fourth, all of which I rejected for various reasons.  The fifth one was the charm, and here it is:

Midnight Harvest Cover
Midnight Harvest Cover

This will, of course, be an option for those who chose prints.

The comic is pencilled, partly inked, so everything is on schedule to be sent to the printer by the end of the month.  Assuming there are no surprises, we are moving along nicely.

Not certain how to approach sharing any of the comic work -- I don't want to spoil the story, but I do want to show some of it off.  I might just share the completed first page (maybe even a process of pencils, inks, colours and letters) or do a collage of panels.  Have to think about it -- feedback is more than welcome.

Once everything if off to the printer, I'll be sending out the survey so I can start running the prints,  doing the commissions and prepping the envelopes and packages to speed up the delivery process.

I was initially planning in January to set up a means for backers to obtain some of the unclaimed rewards from the campaign.  I backed off of that as I had concerns it might become a hindrance to completing the project on time.  Now I think April might be better.  Feedback on any preferences toward this would be welcome as well.

Hope you like what I've shared today!  


(drawer of scary naked women)

Merry Cthulhmas!

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Cthulhu Claws
Cthulhu Claws

 This is my first update since the closing of the campaign and I wanted to take the moment to wish you all the best of the holiday season!

I wanted to update Friday, but was experiencing the first short power outages of what would become several days without power due to an ice storm that plunged much of Southern Ontario into darkness.  Power came back late yesterday and I'll be picking up the schedule and will catch up by the weekend to show you the final coloured Inktober pieces!

Talk to you soon!


A Thank You!


There's still less than five hours left as I type this, but I want to take the time and thank you all for your support for this little book!

I did get another piece coloured for today:

Closure - coloured
Closure - coloured

 That leaves only 4 pieces to colour of the Inktober drawings left to colour!

I'll share the whole process and frequent updates of the book, especially the cover and the 12-page comic story.

Considering today is Friday the 13th and the final day of the campaign, I created a small, special piece to commemorate the day:

Lady J-13 - 9x12" on Bristol!
Lady J-13 - 9x12" on Bristol!

 See you all in the upcoming updates!

The Second Goal Passed

2 Days
2 Days

You all got a horror comic coming at ya!

A short time ago we crossed over the funding like for the second stretch goal!  The book just got bigger for everyone as I pull out the script for the 12 page story to draw, colour and letter.  It's good to know what I'll be doing over the Holidays and into January!

You all will get exclusive previews of the story as it's produced.  

The next stretch goal is the bump in book size and it's at $7500.  It's quit possible to hit that with the 54 hours remaining, though Kicktraq is suggesting funding will trend toward $7000.  

New Stretch Goal

We haven't gotten close to the third one, but a close friend suggested I cost out a potential stretch goal beyond that and I have two options, and I'd love feedback from you guys on this.  

One option is a significantly longer story - right now the one I'm looking at is 28 pages, but that might grow a bit in production.  The other option is another jump in physical book size to 6.85x10".  I could do both, but with a slight drop in paper weight/thickness.  That would be do-able if we hit $10 000.  That may seem like a massive jump, so I should explain where those funds would go.  There would be an increase in production costs for printing the much larger book as well as shipping and taxes.  Further, the bumps in size increase my mailing costs, which I add into the stretch goal so people don't have to pay any more for delivery than you already committed to.  IN some cases my shipping costs will more than double, but that's why I set the stretch goals where they are, so those costs are covered.

More Colour

Once Bitten - colour
Once Bitten - colour

 Have you guys seen the horror film AMERICAN MARY? I drew Once Bitten after watching it and tried to capture the intensity of the main character. Great film, I highly recommend it.  This leaves only 5 Inktober pieces to colour for the book! 

Blank Covers

Here's the updated list of what's available:

  • 1 Here Comes Daredevil  
  • 1 Judge Dredd  
  • 1 Captain America  
  • 1 Ghost Rider #1  
  • 2 Wolverine #300  
  • 2 Swamp Thing #14  
  • 4 Mighty Thor  
  • 4 Superman/Wonder Woman  
  • 2 Wonder Woman  
  • 4 Harley Quinn #0  
  • 6 Batman #0  

I've had a few people ask about other sketch covers, particularly The Walking Dead.  I have a line to buy some, so if you guys want, let me know!

Have a great day everyone and thanks again for your support!

~Richard Pace