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Command your robots. Unite their power. Blitz your opponents in fast-paced, strategic combat. 2 to 4 to 6 players. Quick game time.
Command your robots. Unite their power. Blitz your opponents in fast-paced, strategic combat. 2 to 4 to 6 players. Quick game time.
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Episode 25: Gen Con!! AEGIS on the Boat

Posted by Breeze Grigas (Creator)


Summary of today's update:

  • AEGIS is proofed, ordered, printed and paid for. And now about to be put on the boat to America, where it will be fulfilled to all of you lovely people, finally. Expected fullfillment date is September.
  • We have nice pictures and videos of the final copies below Furthermore, we are at Gen Con this week, and will have the game for backer pickup and also a limited number of copies for sale!
  • We also have some fabulous cross-promotions and deals for those going to Gen Con too!


Progress: Everything is done. I'm still laying out the Campaign Book because, as it is my responsibility, it keeps getting pushed around as I focus on other tasks. But it's all tested and now I'm laying out the the artbook pages and making things interesting

The Final Version

Everything that comes with the game.
Everything that comes with the game.
Everything that comes with the game.
Everything that comes with the game.
Everything that comes with the game.
Everything that comes with the game.


You know what that means! It's the biggest and craziest time of year for tabletop games. Last month, we were in Columbus for Origins Game Fair, and that seems like just yesterday. Gen Con though, is the biggest event we're doing this year by a longshot, and we're  heavily prepared for it with all sorts of goings-on. Let's break it down.

1. The Booth: 3060

 Click here to see our location on the Interactive Map!

Our booth is going to be a hub of joy and wonder. We will be demoing the game there nonstop throughout the weekend, showing off the production copies of the game!

2. Backer Pick-Up and Sales

We have 42 Deluxe boxes and 190 Core boxes on us this year, along with dice packs, sleeves, mats and Variant Command expansion decks. If you are a Kickstarter backer, all you have to do is show up, give us your name/email/other information in the Pledge Manager to confirm who you are, and your game is yours!

Sales: It's important that I talk about this with you all, I think. We'll be selling the Core game at Gen Con along with some accessories. I realize that this is not ideal, but here is the situation: we signed up for Gen Con late 2017 and had all our travel and booth costs paid for months and months ahead of time, with the intent that the game would be out in Spring. Well, that didn't happen due to super-mega-delays. So now we're heavily invested in Gen Con and need to recoup that money so that backer fulfillment can go smoothly, as well as relying on Gen Con as our main source of sales for this year - nothing comes close save for PAX Unplugged in December - and it's important that AEGIS have a big, splashy start so there will be more people playing the game later. 

  • The 42 Deluxe boxes are exclusive to backers/preorder folks and will not be sold to anyone else. Any we have remaining after the con will we sent out backers, with VIPs taking priority. This is also similar for 6-Player mats, where we only have <10 available for the general public and the rest on us are for backers.
  • At Gen Con, the price of the core box + expansion deck + 6player mat is >$95, compared to the $79+free shipping deluxe pledge (for the number crunchers out there)
Sorry again if this is lame, and I hope you can understand.

3. The Convention Promo

We have a storied history of doing a new and cool convention promo multiple times per year. Last year's was our Pigment - AEGIS crossover card and PAX-exclusive ARK-Infinity and this year we're doing something a bit different. We will be using this same promo for Gen Con, PAX Unplugged, PAX East and Origins (and all in between) leading to a new promo at Gen Con next year.

I give you...  ELL-GEL-ION Awakening Version, featuring special guest art by the very talented James R Millar - give him a follow if you like awesome robot and kaiju art!

Designed to be a version of Ellgelion that represents it first being formed, this robot features an experimental comeback mechanic. Scrap Awakening is a twist on Scrap Combining, and it allows you to bust this robot out when you're on the ropes, using any destroyed robots as materials to create it. This makes a normally-unwieldy robot much simpler to combine into, though it is much less versatile than the other versions in the box. Similar to other 'variant robots', this card uses the game piece for the normal, in-box robot of the same name. Like other promo cards, this robot doesn't have a normal card back and isn't legal in tournaments (or playable in Draft)

For those who want this super cool thing but never make it out to conventions, don't fret, we'll have it available online and for backers at some point in the future.

4. The Deals

For those of you who will be at Gen Con, we have some weekend long deals.

  • The Coupon: A limited number of people who purchase the game at Gen Con and show us our coupon in the coupon book get a free dice pack or expansion deck. Spicy indeed - a necessary draw for folks considering our very out-of-the-way booth.
  • Pigment+AEGIS+Cheese Weasel: Those who are participating in Cheese Weasel's annual ConQuest scavenger hunt will have exclusive right to buy Copper Frog Game's Pigment from us, which we've also worked on. Those who buy both Pigment ($15) and AEGIS ($50) can get get the pair for $60
  • And lastly...


We're mashing it up with fellow super robot game Giga Robo! Smash and bash to your mecha pilot heart's content in this premo miniatures combat game.

Story Again on Delay

Last we checked in, one of the major battles ended in flurry blazing hot action as Diane and Ainer were bested by the powerful Etwal, who nonetheless was felled by Ixa, disappearing into the night.

In the desert to the south, Stell and Gamound are face-to-face with the first level four robot to awaken in the war, the berserk Ellgelion. What fate awaits this battlefield? Find out next update, I promise.

Meanwhile, reacquaint yourself with the characters of the AEGIS story here.

I believe we'll be getting updates on the boat shipment soon, so stay tuned for another update in a smaller interval than 6 weeks.

Wish us luck at Gen Con, it is most certainly going to be a fast and furious week after an exhausting stretch of preparation. 

Fight and Unite

Fight and Unite

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    1. gatherer818

      man, I played at Gen Con and didn't know about the Promo card T_T

    2. Breeze Grigas Creator on

      Re: the promo - indeed we'll announce when and how backers can get the promo(s) here.

      @Cal: Basically each scenario has a special terrain setup, lists of robots for each player to use, and then some new rules and win conditions, ranging from a slight twist ("defeat this robot with that robot", "Player A wins if they survive X turns", etc) to some more splashy absurdity ("Player A stars with these high level robots in play and gets a random new one when thing X occurs") - there are scenarios for 2, 4 and 6 player games. They were fun to design!

      And thank you all for your support on the Gen Con sales - I wish the game were in your hands months ago and this weren't even a thing.

    3. Missing avatar

      Cal Friedman on

      This is awesome! I'm so excited to get AEGIS. Also, a question about the campaign book: are the scenarios in it like special multiplayer games, or are they singleplayer? Essentially, how do the scenarios work?

    4. Zak

      Wooooooooooh, I WANT an Ellgelion awakening!!
      But I won't be on Gen Con or any other "con" :(

    5. Johnathan on

      100% ok with GenCon sales. Our copies are 1 month away at a slightly better price. Make your money guys!

    6. Benjamin R. Covington on

      Agree with everyone else who's commented, go sell those games. Do what you need to in order to keep things going.
      Also, that ElGelIon promo looks freaking amazing, I love the scrap-combine special.

    7. Missing avatar

      Nicholas Palmer on

      I know I made this comment on this on Facebook somewhere when one of you mentioned it but wanted to just say it again: You guys go sell those games at GenCon and don't feel bad.

      I want you to succeed more than I need to feel special by getting my copy first. I have enough games in my backlog to play as it is.

      I want you to be able to do more with your game, and the first step to that is making the launch a success. Good luck and thank you!

    8. Missing avatar

      Berserkinferno on

      Qq you'll announce when we can order the promo bot on this kickstarter right?

    9. Steve Kaylor on

      I'm with @Greg, definitely ok with you selling at GenCon. What better way to exemplify Fight! Unite! than to bring others into our fold?

    10. Greg Davis

      Perfectly cool with you folks selling at GenCon! You've worked hard and it's an opportunity like no other in the con circuit. Plus it means you can make more stuff in the future, like more robots.