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Command your robots. Unite their power. Blitz your opponents in fast-paced, strategic combat. 2 to 4 to 6 players. Quick game time.
Command your robots. Unite their power. Blitz your opponents in fast-paced, strategic combat. 2 to 4 to 6 players. Quick game time.
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Episode 22: Wrapping Up

Posted by Breeze Grigas (Creator)

Hey there robot family, it's time for the new update! Exciting! Last time, we made a backers-only update that contained the $5 reward, the top 25 robot show list! Make sure to check it out, it's full of fine, well-curated prime cuts of robot media.

But now, back to business! Where the heck is the game you ordered at? In update 20 we highlighted our production schedule, and that's still on track. We've moved forward with finishing pretty much everything in the box by now, so the last major thing is the tray, which is in progress.

For everything else though, check this out! If you didn't catch our live unboxing or upload of it on YouTube, here's the newest prototype we received, containing final/mostly final versions of everything:

And now, the breakdown.


All the art and graphic design is done. We've made some minor color and detail adjustments to the box and boards based on the new prototype.


Everything regarding all paper and cardboard assets in the box is fine and good. The main things holding up production is the plastic tray, which we honestly underestimated the complexity of. However, we now have an expert on the job in the form of GameTrayz, who have done some amazing work for many, many big name games, such as Mechs vs. Minions and Agents of Mayhem. The challenge: find room for all the many pieces, cards, etc in the box without changing the box size.

Here are the progress of the current concepts:

Concept 1: The standard
Concept 1: The standard
Concept 2: The tilted cards
Concept 2: The tilted cards

GameTrayz is still feng shui-ing everything, but as soon as the CAD magic is done here, we can send the game to final print.


All the game design work on the game is done. After we held our Spring Tournament these last few weeks, we observed some minor changes here and there we wanted to make.

  • Some of the level 4s and 5s were under-performing, so we gave them some boosts in places, mostly allowing them to more freely take multiple actions while outnumbered.
  • Other robots from the Commander Variant expansion had numbers pushed up and down (with other adjustments) so that their movement and HP matched what was on the original robots' standees, making them easier to use in practice. No going "What?! The piece said 7 movement but the card says 4!"
  • Jurlon's ABB-501 ability was trying to split the robot in two different directions: One let you combine from multiple spaces away, while the other gave Jurlon's robot a boost when you combined. His robot was also meant to be aggressive, so you didn't necessarily want him lead the charge and get destroyed, losing the ability. You also lost the commander ability when you combined Jurlon with anything else, which was also kinda lame. So we trimmed off his damage-boost-when-combining perk, and instead he's a bit beefier and he keeps his distance combining ability even when he himself combines. So go in and fight!
  • One or two other robots got tweaks to their attacks, making the robots' designs more coherent. For example, Aroz-6000 could shoot and use a Defense debuff in the same turn, but since its laser's damage was locked at 3 (due to use changing the ruling for "Aimed" a few months ago), the debuff didn't matter. So we changed it to a Damage debuff - that way it can soften enemy attacks if the first laser missed and the robot was now getting punched in the face.

Exciting stuff!

Aside from that, we're now mid-way through making the scenario book.

Cover pending
Cover pending

Scenario Book Fast Facts:

  • It had 18 "scenarios" planned, but now has 20. More content, yay!
  • Everyone who got the $79 version of the game gets a .pdf of the book, while all VIP backers and above get a physical book. It may be possible for others to order a physical version of the book at a later date.
  • The book is sized so that it fits neatly in the box!
  • The 20 chapters are each different game set-ups that tell the story of AEGIS' Five Nations War, while also giving you cool ideas for custom maps and some special rules. You don't have to play them in order, each scenario is designed to be a good stand-alone experience.
  • The chapters use robots in the same order as the decks in the box. The first few chapters use cards from Deck #1, etc.
  • The back half of the book is an art/production book with closer looks art, production stories and trivia, concept art, and lore backgrounds on characters and robots, as well as looks at future AEGIS content!
Mockup - Text and graphics all placeholder.
Mockup - Text and graphics all placeholder.

Scenario Book Chapter List

Two-Player Scenarios with special rules:
01. Battle at Crossed Ice: Ainer's first showdown with his greatest enemy.
02. Horizon Infiltration: Gamound defends his border from a stealthy intruder.
03. Lightning Chaser: Stell is sent to capture a powerful criminal.
04. Tandem Rogues: Diane must defend a town from a destructive invader.
05. The Setting Sun Seige: Etwal is sent to destroy the meddlesome forces at the Great States border.
06. Borderlands Assassin: Ixa arrives in Allied Provinces to capture her target.

Alternate Game Mode and 3/4-Player Scenarios:
07. Wasteland Rumble: Four different forces converge on the Great States border and duke it out while the chaos escalates.
08. Destructive Duo: Ryos challenges an unlikely new ally to a game.
09. Hunter and Sniper: Diane must carefully eliminate a fearsome phantom
10. Red Rivals: Ainer has a clash of ideals with another guerilla fighter
11. Team Tactics: Two unlikely alliances form and face off on the Great States border
12. Magnificence: A pair of powerful enemies descend on the Allied Provinces
13. Combine Rondo: Three parties wage battle as the most powerful robots to date awaken
14. Stellar Ascent: Two parties and their berserk robot threatens the world and Stell must face it down.

Backer Commander and 6-Player Scenarios
15. Enter Jurlon: Jurlon gathers his friends to defend the Outlands from resource harvesters.
16. Sleeping Wreckage: Luxiana seeks out buried robots, while others search for profit.
17. Outlands Showdown: Vatis hires two allies to get rid of a growing army of angry locals.
18. Escape from Iris: The young Kal is on the run, chased by shadowy forces.
19. Wayward Warriors: Cyndane has nothing, except for the will to fight, and lots of enemies!
20. New Bonds: The retired Nolan is dragged into a huge three-way conflict between the Sector Authority and...!

We hope that the scenario book will provide you with many fun sessions of AEGIS while also making you fall in love with the world and characters of Sigaea.

The Spring Tournament!!

In the last update, we announced that we were hosting a pre-release Tournament for those who had the Tabletop Simulator demo. Here's the summary of how that went:


  • We're at Game Developer's Conference in San Francisco all this week. If you're in the city, give us a ring and we can show you the new prototype in person!
  • Right after, we're at PAX East! With two AEGIS-related panels that you should definitely mark on your schedule! We'll also be in the tabletop area running demos with the new assets.
  • Then, we'll be at iFest in Seattle, right at the Space Needle! It's a free one day event that you should come check out!

    Crunching the Cardboard: Analytics in Tabletop Gamedev
    PAX East Saturday, 12:00pm, Bumblebee Theater

    This panel is where our rules and balance honcho Jesse teams up with ultra-talented designer/developers Brian Fightmaster Neff (Waitress Games) and Zachary Barash (Kingdom Death: Monster) to talk shop about game balance.

Fighting Robots on a Table: The AEGIS Post Mortem
PAX East Saturday, 5:30pm, Bumblebee Theater

As the name suggests, this is a big, awesome panel where we tell the wild and turbulent whole history of this game in 55 minutes. It's going to be raw and rad.

That wraps up this month's update - sorry again for the delays with production. We're working hard every day on getting everything done. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Discord for the day-to-day processes.

Tune into our stream this week for some really intriguing playtests of the scenario book! Scheduled for 8pm EST tomorrow (Wednesday)

Have a great #marchofrobots!

AEGIS Story: Stellar Ascent, Part 7

The border ablaze!! Up north, Diane and Ainer struggle against a furious Etwal. But back down south, the Great States border is under siege. When we last checked out in the wasteland, the fervent Stell and aloof Gamound were locked in an explosion-filled rumble with a pair of destructive vagabonds - Ryos and Poppet! While Ryos struggled with his new protege's lack of planning, Gamound gained the upper hand by utilizing Stell's unique technology. Now that Ryos and Poppet's team up has been thrown into disarray, what will happen?!

Poppet had no one left to reward her. She roamed countrysides and flew over canyons, but she was absolutely alone. All the castles and all the townships - they all looked just like her smoldering home. This was the state of the southern Empyreal Realm. Each night she would return to the remnants of her castle and stare optimistically at the stars through the hole in her roof.

Nothing can only become something. The more nothing you have, the more something you can get later. Poppet the Mad Bomber, the black hole of positivity.

~ ~ ~

Poppet's ELL-000
Poppet's ELL-000

Poppet charged in towards the border barricade, firing missiles at every cluster of robots that she saw. After a dozen lessons from Bigman Ryos, she had learned a trick or two. Ryos had fought against the Great States' border forces multiple times, and each time he had been matched move-for-move by their eccentric general. So when Ryos met the young duchess with an erratic and explosive combat style, he thought he could adapt her into his strategy. Or maybe it was like taking in a feral animal out of pity. Either way, it was a calculated gamble.

The two became separated, their loose, unified strategy was being systematically dismantled. While Poppet flung bombs at the border wall, Ryos was being surrounded by the enemy - a union of the wit of the Great States general Gamound, and the infinite resources of an officer of the Sector Authority. To this, Poppet was oblivious and kept firing away at what Ryos now realized were decoys.

Ryos was thinking for two. The noose was tightening. A simple destabilization job had turned into a big debacle.


Ryos's robots let out a bright glow and rapidly formed into his most powerful robot, the titan Ion, and let out a powerful burst that locked all those surrounding him in place. He regained Poppet's attention. This was the only moment Ryos had.

Ryos's giant Ion-5000
Ryos's giant Ion-5000

"The target is me! Fire!!"

Suicidal. The gambit: Poppet unleashes all her bombs on Ryos, decimating the forces surrounding him. Would his Ion's armor be enough to withstand it? Ryos flipped a mental coin on it.

And so the mad duchess darted away from the border walls and straight for Ryos, firing everything she had. Giant fiery explosions rocked the battlefield, with a finale that blew away all the debris. What was left standing: Ryos and his robot, shredded and damaged, but still on its feet nonetheless. The Great States forces converged, using the spectacle as a chance to destroy most of Poppet's neglected robots - she had used most of her forces' collective energy on the assault on her partner. The gambit had "worked" but Ryos' enemies had matched his strategy yet again.

Without hesitation, a volley of rockets and a stream of lasers and bullets cut through the air and towards the destructive duo and struck them down, tearing their remaining robots to pieces. 

Ryos' eyes opened slowly, knowing that they had lost, and that he wouldn't be getting paid. He looked around and  searched for his demented protege, maybe her robot was still operational enough for an escape. He heard her voice in the distance - happy as usual. Directly above his head, she spiraled in her cracked and peeling robot, and looked ready to keep the fight going as if nothing had even happened.

Nothing can only become something. The more nothing you have, the more something you can get later. Poppet the Mad Bomber, the black hole of positivity.

Her engines gave out, her robot tumbled to through the air, straight toward where Ryos stood. The big guy said his peace and shrugged, willing to accept the karmic retribution he had been long overdue for. But then, all the metal and wreckage began flickering, and a second later, Ryos was being engulfed in light brighter than the sun. The remains of Ryos's gigantic robot twitched and hobbled, raising its head upward, out of his control, and Poppet's jubilant ranting was all he could hear as her flying machine came closer to the ground.

The ruined robot raised its fist and caught Poppet's machine, and an explosion of pure energy poured over everything and swelled the ground. A figure rose and tore through the light, dispelling it completely. This was it: a power never before seen by anyone on Sigaea - four robots combined as one.

Poppet herself fell onto Ryos' shoulders and they both slowly gazed upwards at the twisted beast that floated above them.

"Poppet. Tell me, did you do this?" Ryos queried, as a father would ask a daughter, or a dog.
"Yeah! Yeah." she nodded, still sitting on his shoulders.
"And now, tell me, can you command it?" Ryos continued his line of questioning.
"No." She said bluntly.
"Ok." he was already in the mental process of finding escape routes.

The robot's dangling tentacles whipped and in a flash it was gone and rocketing towards the border, shattering the air behind it. The pair was knocked to the ground.

"Hey! Hey bigman. It's called the Ellgelion. It told me that."
Ryos: "Yeah. It told me too."

The two sat and watched the havoc unfold in the distance.

To be continued.

Fight and Unite


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