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Command your robots. Unite their power. Blitz your opponents in fast-paced, strategic combat. 2 to 4 to 6 players. Quick game time.
Command your robots. Unite their power. Blitz your opponents in fast-paced, strategic combat. 2 to 4 to 6 players. Quick game time.
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Episode 20: Delays and New Demos!

Posted by Breeze Grigas (Creator)

Happy New Year!

Sorry for the quiet December, lovely robot family.

It is time. Well, almost. AEGIS will finally be published and in human hands this year, but not in January as promised. We're running a few weeks behind, and as much as we crunched through the holidays, the game just ain't ready at this moment. The files are on the precipice of being done and sent to the factory, but just not quite yet.

Here's the adjusted timeline:

  • January ASAPth: All files submitted to our manufacturer.
  • We wait for a production sample, in the meantime, art&mission book production goes full swing.
  • Mid-end of January: Production samples received, we address any problems that may come up. We ask for adjustments and another sample (if necessary)
  • February: Chinese New Year - Ideally all AEGIS files will be 100% before this happens so the game can enter production immediately after this is over.
  • March: AEGIS enters production and is shipped on a boat to the USA. This will take several weeks. We would like to have boxes prior to PAX East in early April so we can begin shipping them out - but if they arrive after PAX in mid-to-late April, then we will be shipping them out then.
  • AEGIS will be in your hands some time between April and May, depending on logistics with Chinese New Year and how long the game takes to physically come to America.

Sorry folks, I know you would like your games (we would too), but these things take time. We did admittedly put a lot of content in the box and a lot of the delays were a result of managing all that juicy stretch goal stuff, so it's not all for naught. We've learned many things.

But now onto the good news!

The Big Chart

Oh snap! Look at all that finished stuff! A big jump from last update, as you can see, almost everything with the game is done and it's all down to finishing a few things and then perfectionist adjustments.

Art Updates

Board Art! These here board arts are finished and represent some of the locations you'll find on Sigaea during the Five Nations War.

Fight through the snow of the Allied Provinces!
Fight through the snow of the Allied Provinces!


Giant robot melees break out in the Great States Outlands!
Giant robot melees break out in the Great States Outlands!

 Box Sleeve! This is the wrapper that comes with every Deluxe Box of the game. It's unfoldable and two-sided!

The outward facing side, featuring a cool panorama of the big showdown!
The outward facing side, featuring a cool panorama of the big showdown!


The back side! Featuring a handy poster of all 100 robots in the game, sorted by Make (the robots' subtype). Just like your old Pokemon posters.
The back side! Featuring a handy poster of all 100 robots in the game, sorted by Make (the robots' subtype). Just like your old Pokemon posters.

 All the other art is done, done, done. You can see the new Commander Art in the last update if you missed it!


Punchboards! So I hear you like content. After a lot of edits and back and forth, the game comes with six punchboards.

  • The robot pieces are now tall enough to look and feel good!
  • The robot pieces display the robot's name, HP and movement value (as well as if it flies or not and whether it's a Commander robot.)
  • The pieces on the punchboards are in the same order as the cards in the decks, so you can punch them out in order, over time, as you open the expansion decks.
  • There are a total of 32 tracking tokens, little reminder squares for various lasting effects and abilities. These are also placed in the order in which they are needed, so "Cloaking" tokens appear on the boards with robots that have Cloaking, etc.
  • There are 44 damage tokens in the box, which is enough for even the most explosive 6-player games.
  • The little energy tracker piece now has a "cap" that you can put on your Energy Tracker panel to remind you what your max energy is, making it so you don't have to commit the number to memory. There are 8 of these in case you lose some.
  • There are still two punch boards that have all the terrain pieces, while the first four look like this:
The robot pieces also have outlines that tell you which pre-constructed team the robot is on.
The robot pieces also have outlines that tell you which pre-constructed team the robot is on.

 As you can see they're packed to the brim with Robot Game Content! This was probably the biggest undertaking in the game's development. A lot of iterations and thinking about logistics went into getting all of the game's cool stuff properly spaced out onto a certain number of rectangles.

Speaking of rectangles, here's an updated shot of all the playable robots and equippable characters in the game, because it's awesome:


New and exciting: The organizer tray in the box!

 This also took some solid back and forth. It sports these features:

  • Three card slots big enough to accommodate sleeved cards, all of them and some extras
  • Eight slots for robot standee pieces to keep them nice and organized how you see fit
  • Two "cookie row" slots for all the tracking and damage tokens
  • A large bucket to contain all the terrain pieces, dice and baggies of other materials
  • Two hidden slots with room for stuff you may not use as often, like the extra standees for 5/6-player games
  • Fits the folded board on top flush, keeping it all in place


Yay! This will be sent out to all Deluxe Box backers in an email today. Current holders of the demo can also go into the main menu of Tabletop Simulator and click "Disable Mod Caching" to have all of their cards update to new ones. In order to get some of the new content, you will need to download the new demo.

And that new version sports a lot of cool new things and improvements:

  • Redid all cards, and they are now in a crisper resolution.
  • Adjusted numbers, abilities, etc and these cards now 99% reflect what's in the final game
  • Added Machineless Commanders and Commander Variant robots, which were not yet designed in the last version
  • All robot and character art is finished
  • Added Energy Trackers for all 18 Commanders
  • Added a Promos bag, which contains a bunch of blank cards that we can update year-round whenever we release a holiday promo or want to openly test a new mechanic.
  • Biggest coolest usability feature: There are now Player Boards that auto-snap and auto-rotate all your cards and pieces on your robot team, so you can drag stuff straight from the bags and have it neatly set up instead of fumbling a ton of cards and pieces. Start your games quicker! Build teams easier!


We are officially exhibitors at Gen Con 2018! We're flying solo this year in the Entrepreneurs Alley. It's super exciting and we'll also be holding demo events and tournaments across the four days.

 We're also at OrcaCon this weekend in Seattle!

Come catch some AEGIS demos from 10am to 1pm on Saturday and Sunday. We'll also be demoing the rest of the time too in the free-play area.


 AEGIS Story: Stellar Ascent, Part 6

The battle rages on. Last time, the mercenary Ryos and his new apprentice (?) Poppet met their match against the unconventional tactics and long-range barrages of Gamound and Stell. While that unlikely duo chips away at their foes from afar, Ainer and Diane are still in dire peril up north! At first, the ragtag rebels found themselves surrounded by another unlikely team-up: Etwal and Ixa! The Empyreal Realm's greatest champion had indeed struck a deal with the world's most feared headhunter to bring down the insurgents that had scarred the pride of his nation. Things were going well - Ainer had successfully taken down Ixa's cloaked robots, and Diane had systematically shot down all of Etwal's jets and bombers. But why does victory seem so far away?


Diane's robots slid and dove through the ever-rising snow. She knew this enemy well, he was the sword-swinging saint of her old homeland. Every season her family would gossip on the feats of Etwal, but she had seen them with her own eyes, over and over. In her past life, she was one of his entourage - a marksman who would guard The Hero Etwal's many blind spots from afar. She had shot hundreds of missiles of out the sky, intercepted fleets of anti-air robots, and countered enemy snipers, always moments before or after Etwal's excessive force decimated the enemy's robot battalions.

Her skill, her salary, her status - Diane owed everything she had to Etwal in one way or another. She owed her current life to Etwal too.

A silver ribbon flashed and shot through the trees, before disappearing again. Diane kept on the move, she had to maintain distance.  She had to hide and wait for an opening.  Etwal's most powerful robot - the most powerful robot in the world - now meant to wipe her from existence with every stroke of its blade. This was the Excel-Gan.

Blazing fast. A nigh-impenetrable shield. A sword that could extend and hit you a quarter-mile away. A devastating ability that increases its power when surrounded by destroyed robots. No weak points, you just had to shoot it until it went down. That has never happened.

On the day Etwal awakened its power, Diane was the only survivor on either side of that battle. She had witnessed the dawn of the Empyreal Realm's new reign of dominance, and the end of any usefulness she had. Battered, broken and beyond the border, Diane vowed to never stake her life on loyalty to a nation ever again.

She was running out of trees, it was now or never. She new his blind spots. All around the Excel-Gan, Diane's remaining four robots revealed themselves and struck at once. An electric shock to stun it in place! A bomb blast to kick up debris! A high-power laser that tore straight through the ash cloud! And finally, Diane shot for the kill - a singe shell to drill between the robot's four eyes.

Before she could command the trigger to be pulled, her ARM-777's rife split into pieces, and a ribbon-like blade  bisected it down the middle. It was over. Diane may have spent years as a tactical marksman, but nothing could compare to raw power and instinct. Excel-Gan was still locked in place, but she had no more firepower. As soon as it could attack again, things would be very bad for her.

For just a moment, she blamed Ainer. Not for being a no-show, but for dragging her into this battle to begin with. Diane never vowed revenge on Etwal. She never wanted to lead an insurrection. She certainly didn't value dying after surviving nearly this same situation by chance just a few months ago. And yet she made the decision be here.

Diane emerged and gazed up at the massive machine.

"Sir Etwal! Today, I bet my life that we could defeat you! Dying for the sake of ending your life is far better than dying to protect you from your own incompetence!"

Etwal emerged and stood atop the frozen Excel-Gan's shoulder.

"Should I know who you are?" he projected his voice over the storm.

Diane raised her rifle and took the shot. Etwal jerked, his hat flying away in the wind. He corrected his posture and spit the bullet out.

"Well, I tried." Diane muttered and sighed.

"I have no respect for such petty tricks." Etwal disappeared behind the robot again.

It was time for plan B. A light flashed behind the Excel-Gan and Diane's three remaining robots united into one. The new robot blitzed around and picked Diane up - it was an EIS-Class robot, fast and fragile, but it had a better chance than its trio of components. As it flew away it shot laser after laser at Etwal's machine, slowing it down but not much else.

It was time to find Ainer.

To be continued

Play with us on Stream!

It's been a while. Have Tabletop Sim? Wanna scratch the AEGIS itch? Catch us this Wednesday on Twitch and hit us up to play some games with the new materials. It'll be fun!


Looking forward to getting you the game soon.

Fight and Unite

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      Hickname on

      I agree with Steve.
      You can publish demo as a mod in Workshop, and release full game as DLC.

    2. Steve Kaylor on

      Im in favor of making a demo widely available, however hesitate on making the full game free. Perhaps im misunderstanding, but i see this being the best course of action: all material available on TTsim for a price; a demo available for free to everyone.

    3. Breeze Grigas Creator on

      @Hickname. Some arrangement similar to that, or we may just make the TTSim demo public upon the game's wide release in a few months, depending on how backers feel about that. What's your opinion on how it should be done?

    4. Missing avatar

      Hickname on

      So, it will be available as DLC, and eligible backers will get keys?

    5. Breeze Grigas Creator on

      @codo It'll be sent direct to all deluxe+ backers, and the once the game is close to release we're going to put it on TTSim's official DLC catalogue.

    6. Missing avatar

      Codo on

      Oh shoot, new stuff? Will it be released for subscription on TTS?