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Command your robots. Unite their power. Blitz your opponents in fast-paced, strategic combat. 2 to 4 to 6 players. Quick game time.
Command your robots. Unite their power. Blitz your opponents in fast-paced, strategic combat. 2 to 4 to 6 players. Quick game time.
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Episode 15: Gen Con + Prototypes!

Posted by Breeze Grigas (Creator)

Hello robot family, it's been about a month since our last update. Here's what we've been up to.

Before That Though, GEN CON!

This week, we are at Gen Con in Indianapolis from Wednesday to Sunday! We will be at Greenbrier Games' booth #1649 helping them out, but AEGIS won't be omnipresent there. However, we also have numerous events throughout the weekend in Event Hall B/White Tables where we will be showing and playing the game pretty much every day from 11am to 3pm.

These guys all sold out within a day or two of going up, which was awesome. However, in case there are no-shows, we encourage you to stop by if you're here. Heck, show up and say hi anyways if you'd like to see the game in person.

New board looking phresh!
New board looking phresh!

The Big Chart 

 As you can see, a few things made it into the third column this month. Here's the breakdown:

Art Progress

New Commanders: Last month we had all the concept art for the 10 new Backer Commanders finished by yours truly, and now they've been passed off to Dan Olsen, who did our first 8 Commander Art pieces. Style consistency is important, and it frees me to handle everything else. He's also great at selling a character's personality. Here's a preview of the final illustrations::


Board art: Maung is working on the board art for the 4-player and 6-player boards after some minor technical delay. Check out some of these thumbnails:

Which is your favorite?
Which is your favorite?

 Robot art: We had a handful of robots unlocked via KS goals that outright had no art, and as the game design process changed and moved those robots around, more art tasks were made. Aside from the five new commander robots, here are some placeholder sketches of some new level 2s, 3s and 4 robots by yours truly. Check out our Art Streams, which are generally on Sundays, but due to Gen Con are infrequent this month.

Two level 4s, a level 3, and four level 2s. All illustrations aimed to be done by the end of the month.
Two level 4s, a level 3, and four level 2s. All illustrations aimed to be done by the end of the month.

 These robots and around 10 other robots will have finished art within the next few weeks.

Graphic Design Progress

CARDS: Oh man do we have cards. A bunch of time was spent redoing our card-making pipeline, and now we can put the cards together much easier. Each card has around 40 different components that can change graphically as well as templating work, so being able to save time in the future is great. Check this out:

We've also put together some of the other miscellaneous cards in the box like cover cards, reference cards, etc, and all of the cards are on their way to being finalized for good, graphically. Pending on further testing and player feedback, numbers and abilities on robots may change.

PUNCHBOARDS: We had to redo these a bunch of times this month, but they're in! And we have a nice little prototype of them and the other components from our manufacturer.

TOKENS: Wooo tokens! These guys are pretty much done pending adjustments to punchboard sizes.

Game Design Progress

New Commander Robots: The five new Commander robots have been tested and are ahead of schedule, you will be able to play with them in the Print&Play and Tabletop Sim Demos, though of course we're looking for lots of feedback from you on them! Let's talk about them.

ABB-501 (Jurlon): This Assault-Class robot is pretty good at smashing your opponent, with the added bonus of granting you all sorts of new Combining strategies. Its Nakama System allows all your robots to combine from several spaces away, and when you do, this robot repairs and gains a power-up for the turn.

EXYTH-100 (Luxiana): This new Evasive-Class robot has the power to resurrect itself over and over by dealing damage to your allies with its Dread Salvage ability. It can reliably deal damage from a distance with its twin scythes, and when it's destroyed will deal damage to an enemy, only to come back shortly afterwards.

GERR-022 (Tigre Bros Guapo & Gordo): Another new make, this Guard-Class robot can redirect all damage done to it to ally robots with Gordo's Shield while retaliating with Guapo's Spear, and once in a while it can pull off a powerful melee attack that will devastate your enemies (and allies) alike.

IKA-610 (Vatis): One of the most elegant new Commanders, Vatis doesn't do much other than let you move a robot 2 spaces for free at the start of your turn with his Shifty Business. Any robot. He doesn't damage, but this ability will let you set up and sabotage complex tactics alike.

SALV-900 (Sheriden): And finally we have a new entry into the SALV family of repair robots. This Commander's Benevolence ability lets you gain rerolls when you target ally robots, getting those heals and buffs to stick, as well as setting up some more risky AoE bomb strategies.

We're pretty pleased with these new robots, and the backers have been a great help in bringing them to life. We hope you enjoy all the new strategies these robots open up for you.

Other new robots: There are several other new robots in the game, a majority of which are the Combines seen above in the robot art collage above. These have also been tested and we're interested to see their performance!


Exciting! The game exists in physical space!


New runs of boards and cards, and test prints of the robot pieces and terrain!
New runs of boards and cards, and test prints of the robot pieces and terrain!

The game exists!! And it's coming along great! The cards and cardboard in the box have a good weight and feel, and the box is still a great size despite making it a smidge bigger here and there. We're definitely on track to have a finalized print ready by October. Just gonna keep plugging away on art and graphics.


The Pledge Manager and TabletopSim Demo/Print & Play are 99% the way there and I'll be posting them in a subsequent update after GenCon is done with all the details. Get hyped! You can see the TTSim demo in our latest Twitch Stream from 8/16. 

Join the Discord Party

Interested in hanging out with other fans, us, and hearing the day-by-day updates on the game? This is the place! Discord's a great, free and easy browser chat/app. Come say hi!

Until next time (AKA next week),

Fight and Unite

PS: Yes, there will be story content in the next update!

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    1. David Voderberg on

      See you at Gencon tomorrow then!

    2. Benjamin R. Covington on

      Congrats on all you guys have accomplished. It looks great! Also, those new commanders look really sweet. Can't wait to get my hands on the Nakama System or that Dread Salvage power.

    3. John Cross

      Wish I could be there and see you at GenCon. Have fun and great update. Glad to see everything moving along quite nicely.