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Command your robots. Unite their power. Blitz your opponents in fast-paced, strategic combat. 2 to 4 to 6 players. Quick game time.
Command your robots. Unite their power. Blitz your opponents in fast-paced, strategic combat. 2 to 4 to 6 players. Quick game time.
Command your robots. Unite their power. Blitz your opponents in fast-paced, strategic combat. 2 to 4 to 6 players. Quick game time.
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Episode 13: Robots, Rising! (THANK YOU!)

Episode 12 was just a recap episode, skip it
Episode 12 was just a recap episode, skip it

(First big update: Make it so the update numbers match! Progress already, boom!)

This update's pretty long. You can expect this a lot!


We all did! After years of work, the game can finally fly. It was all thanks to you - and small coalitions of fans through the internet who have seen the game across the ages and vouched for it to all their homies. Thank you to all our friends, old and new. This has been a passion project for so long, and now it's going to be a game in your hands.

The Big Round of Thank Yous

This campaign's success was made possible by many people. Many. A lot. Here's a few of them.

  • Trevor Casterline: For making the amazingly awesome video at the top of our campaign page. Watch it a few times! Have him make you videos!
  • Mathew Solomon: For composing the AEGIS theme - contact him to get great sounds made!
  • Dan Zayas for all his help and mentorship throughout the campaign! Hit him up if you ever try doing this.
  • Greenbrier Games for all of their support and setting us up for success this time. 
  • The GigaRobo, Rise of the Robotariat, PBL Robots, Outchasers, MechDeck and Wreck-A-Mecha (LIVE NOW!) teams for their shout outs and support. Viva la robot games! And our friends at Ursa Miner, who ran a campaign parallel to ours and also did amazing!
  • Mattman for all his great robot fanart! His art's great, buy him a coffee.
  • UnfilteredGamer, InitiativeTabletop, Cloak&Meeple, Pawns Perspective, Cardboard Hoard and many more for taking the time to check out and say something nice about our game!
  • That's Entertainment and Sorana for shouting out our game throughout the years, you can find copies of AEGIS there when the game releases!
  • Christopher Badell and the GreaterThanGames crew for their belief in our game and abilities, and giving us such a critical shout out.  We owe a ton of this campaign's success to them. Welcome to the robot family, Sentinels fans!

Now let's do the low-down. 

What's in the Box?!

That's a lotta robots! Some of this is subject to change in minor ways while our Backer Commanders are being designed, but it's very close to what you can expect to see in the final game. The final $49,000 stretch goal added two new Quadra Robots to the box, making for a total of five - one of each combination (AEGI, AEGS, AEIS, AGIS and EGIS) - these powerful and uncontrollable machines will lead you down many different team-building strategies.

All those options! Seem overwhelming? Well, we have you covered. The game will be sub-divided into several decks:

  • Arc Buster: Will include Ainer, Etwal, Gamound and Ixa's preconstructed teams with some of the simpler robots in the game, centering around four basic strategies (Attack, Move, Push/Defend and Control). This core set is great for teaching your friends the game and playing 4-player immediately.
  • Lightning Chaser: Includes Stell and Ryos' precconstructed teams, and formally introduces mechanics such as Energy Burn and Combat Drop to broaden your horizons.
  • Tandem Rogues: Includes Diane and Poppet's preconstructed teams, and formally introduces explosive Area of Effect attacks and stat buffs.
  • Stellar Ascent: This set is a deck of new combined robots, including the first 4's and 5's you see, taking your game to the next level once you've mastered the basics.
  • Kickstart Dawn: And this final deck contains the new Backer Commanders and new Combined robots, which will open up even more new strategies and team-building ideas for years to come, across the various game modes.

Again, details and numbers may change, but everything is all set and pointing to this being the final set-up.

The Grand Progress Chart

Okay robot fans, below is the meat. We'll be updating this chart twice a month with how things are going. We unlocked a bunch of stuff, so new tasks appeared. But it's all things that have been started or similar to things already done.

The chart also only includes things that are unfinished, and  not the gigantic mountain of things that are!

 Let's break it down!

  • ART: We're commissioning Awesome Art Man Maung to do up some of the new unlocked board art. I've gone through and identified which old robots could use some TLC and have a handy list so look forward to those on stream. The new Backer Commanders need art, and we look forward to working with Dan Olsen again to draw them, the backers already have some great ideas! And finally there are some robots that we unlocked that straight-up need illustrations, so those'll be done by and either me or Maung (this includes the Backer Commanders' robots.)
  • GRAPHIC DESIGN: Bulk of the work. The final box needs to be worked up and laid out. Box Sleeve poster needs a design, already got some good ideas. Cards, tokens and punchboard files need to be adjusted to accommodate the new content - not super hard, just spreadsheet and InDesign noodling. Art & Scenario book needs laying out, we already have templates and sketches. The Rulebook is mostly done but needs some rearrangement (we would love all rulebook feedback!). Then the minor quality-of-life components like the reference cards and tokens need a go-over.
  • GAME DESIGN: We're doing a final assessment of current robots and mechanics right now. The fresh stuff is going to be the set of new Commanders and their Robots. And then some final rules clarifications and adjustments to make the game as good and streamlined as possible.
  • PRODUCTION: Gotta make sure the vac tray is re-assessed to accommodate all the new stuff. Then some final ordering, verification for some of the extras from third-party vendors.
  • FULLFILLMENT: This is for all the things that need to be delivered. I have very good news here: In the final stream I promised that that Robot List would be upgraded to 25 shows, and would contain analytics, courtesy of spreadsheetman Jesse.

The Timeline

  • Mid-Late July: Deluxe Backers receive new Tabletop Sim file and Print & Play, featuring all robots except for possibly the Backer Commanders. Certain robots will be without finalized art. Play with your friends and give us feedback!
  • GEN CON (Mid-August): This is around the target date for opening the Pledge Manager where you can adjust your pledges with new add-ons and etc. We will also be running several  Gen Con events throughout the weekend, featuring the above cardproofs, and will be at the Greenbrier Games booth helping them out if you'd like to stop by and say hi!
  • Mid-Late October: This is target for having the game be print-ready. New/final cards will be pushed out a bit before we ship to the printers to Deluxe Backers' Tabletop Simulator and PnP for their consideration.
  • November (PAX Unplugged): We will be at PAX Unplugged with new print proofs. Come say hello! More details to come.
  • Late January: You guys start getting your games!

That's the big plan!

And now for those following the saga of the Five Nations War...

Story: Stellar Ascent, Part 2

It's snowing. Ainer has been blindsided by Ixa, who seeks to neutralize and capture the young hero, leaving his ally Diane alone to face off against an unrelenting assault by Etwal's aerial forces. While Ainer fights invisible foes shooting at his robot team from all sides, Diane does her best to shoot down the Empyreal air force, one at a time, without getting caught in bomb blasts. The two battles are inching further and further part. 

Another of Ainer's Assault robots falls to sniper fire. He rushes towards his last remaining Guard-Class, combining into the Ark-2500, an armored, blade-bearing robot that amplifies Ainer's natural melee abilities. At that moment, the snow moved and the young hero swung wide with his bayonet and struck something, sending pieces of armor flying everywhere. A sigh of relief, and then another shot to Ainer's back. Silently, Ixa studied every move.

Diane was faring a bit better. 10 Ejets down, and Etwal's forces had thinned considerably. Half were downed from Diane's rifle fire, while the rest smashed the ground at full-speed hoping for a mutual KO. The markswoman kept herself on the move, and while she dodged behind another rampart, she locked eyes with the Third Heir, laughing.

To be continued...!


Click below for access to the AEGIS Discord Channel, where you can commune with other fans, backers and the team in general and get the DL on how development's going, as well as being guest stars on the Weekly Zephyr Stream, etc.

If this link expires or is turned off in the future, send us a message for an invite!
If this link expires or is turned off in the future, send us a message for an invite!


To the Grindstone

We're already hard at work getting this stuff done. 

Fight and Unite

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    1. John Cross

      Well now, that changes everything! (said no one) :)

    2. Breeze Grigas Creator on

      Whoops, there are actually 62 Level 1 Robots, not 64! Good catch.

    3. John Cross

      Awesome update. Love the stories!
      I have one question: There are 100 robots(!). But according to your graphic above there are 102 total, unless my maths are wrong. I know you said that the count isn't final yet and it's not a big deal. Just thought I'd point it out...

    4. Fratman

      Great work guys, I'll be sure to stop by at PAX