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Command your robots. Unite their power. Blitz your opponents in fast-paced, strategic combat. 2 to 4 to 6 players. Quick game time.
Command your robots. Unite their power. Blitz your opponents in fast-paced, strategic combat. 2 to 4 to 6 players. Quick game time.
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Episode 4: Lore, Level 5's & More

Posted by Breeze Grigas (Creator)
(Submit your ideas for title cards below)
(Submit your ideas for title cards below)

Happy Mother's Day!

If you're not out treating your mother to a wonderful lunch, remember that we have another livestream today at 1pm EST on our Twitch Channel! We'll be teaching a new player the game, along with doing some Kickstarter Q&A!

The outpouring of support we’ve received in week 1 has been mind-blowing. Day 1 funded? And as many backers as we ended with last time? Wow. We’re so excited to bring you A.E.G.I.S. in its best form yet, and it’s all thanks to you! Let's do a quick recap of what we've unlocked so far.

Two Level 5s!

Once we hit $25,000, 91 robots were unlocked in the core box. Included in this group of bots is the Aroz-Ell Sol, one of the Ascendant Seven - original AEGIS machines from an era long past. Not only is the Aroz-Ell Sol now a part of the game, but there are TWO Level 5 robots. While we’re sure you’d love to hear all about them RIGHT NOW, details about them and other combination levels will be coming forthwith. Gotta ease you into the big stuff.


+ We've still got some surprises in store for you!

Fighting and Uniting Through a Campaign

Annnd now that we’ve reached $26,000, we can offer a you lore and mission book! Upgraded from the digital artbook that comes in the $79 box, backers at $49+ can include the World of AEGIS with their pledge as an add on for $5! 

This, but a PDF. Unless you're at VIP or above!
This, but a PDF. Unless you're at VIP or above!

Let's talk about this book briefly.

  • The book is about 40 pages!
  • A.E.G.I.S. has been in development for four years. Crazy right? That's a lot of cool production art and never-before-seen notes, pictures and stories about the game's development process.
  • The game has 90+ robots and several interchangeable and mixable game modes. That's a lot of content! That's why we're giving you a special series of campaign missions that will introduce you to game modes, board set ups, and different scenarios to fight with your friends in - while learning about the evolving, war-torn world of A.E.G.I.S.! 

AEGIS Lore Bombs: Setting the Stage

What we do want to talk to you about in this update is lore. The world of Sigaea is vast and diverse, and we thought you’d like to learn a little bit about it. Sigaea has five nations, locked in an arms race after the recent re-awakening of the mysterious robots that once laid dormant across the landscape.

Each nation comes with their own distinct personality and commander, adding another layer to game-play if you love a good story! You may also notice some other patterns here, there are no coincidences.

The Allied Provinces recently gained independence from the Empyreal Realm, largely in part due to their local reluctant hero, Ainer. Ainer was the first to awaken the robots now commonly used for battle in Sigaea, and he’s not quite sure if he regrets it. Largely self-sustaining due to their mining abilities, the Allied Provinces is situated in the cold, northern, mountainous region of the main continent. Luckily, the Allied Provinces receive support from the Great States due to their common enemy: the Empyreal Realm. 

The Empyreal Realm is the largest and oldest nation in Sigaea. A warped, wasteful society, they are in continuous conflict with each of the other major nations. With a loyal populace and a tradition of military might, the Empyre’s chief commander and Third Heir to the throne, Etwal, is hailed as a hero across the land. Not only does the Empyre feel enraged by the secession of the Allied Provinces, they must constantly defend against espionage from the Iris Dominion, border movements from the Great States, and goody-two-shoes defense in any fight from the Sector Authority.

The Great States is another nation that was once part of the Empyreal Realm. A seed of dissent planted by the Iris Dominion soon turned into a full-blown revolution, creating this Southern vast desert country. Serving as a sort of buffer between the Empyre and the Dominion, the Great States and its borderlands commander, Gamound, must defend against both physical attacks and espionage. Gamound, promoted by clerical error, serves as a thorn in Etwal’s side through making him fight two fronts. A proud nation, loyal to no one, the Great States’s unending bureaucracy can sometimes get in the way of it’s strong, “free” government and allow the Dominion to corrupt it.

The Iris Dominion is known for their lack of an army. Their "Prime Possessor" commander, Ixa, is both everywhere and nowhere, stealing technology and information in order to gain the upper hand. The Dominion is the second-oldest nation of the five. Powerful and isolationist, the Dominion’s substitute for a military is made up of small infiltration units led by "Possessors" as well as a large network of spies. When it seemed like they were losing the war against the Empyre, the Dominion created the Great States as a buffer between them. No one knows how far their infiltration has gone.

The Sector Authority serves as a sort of police force for the world of Sigaea. The smallest, yet most technically advanced nation, they have control of the only space elevator on the planet. With control of the upper atmosphere and space resources, the Sector Authority prefers to observe from afar and defend only when necessary. Led by a nearly incorruptible Tribunal of the Peace, they send Mediation Officers towards conflicts across the globe. One such officer, Stell, has dedicated herself to preventing a full-on world war in Sigaea. Unfortunately, Stell sometimes seems to make problems worse in her efforts to mediate.

Artist Shout Out: The background panorama illustrations above (cropped) and overall world aesthetic are credited to Andrew Kim, who did an amazing job. You can see segments of the Sigaea on the background of every robot card in the game, as opposed to a gray gradient, thanks to his work and creativity.

A New Week Comes

We have a lot of content to go over - what do you want to see?

Next up: What does it mean to Combine?

Now that the initial rush is over, it's all legwork from here! Share this post with your comrades!

Fight and Unite for Moms Everywhere!


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    1. Isaiah Tanenbaum

      I, too, am loving the lore. But a space elevator, for physics reasons, generally needs to live on the equator. Perhaps the SA controls a tropical island somewhere?

    2. Breeze Grigas Creator on

      @chuck Correct, it's the same book but with a lot of additional content. Every tier besides $49 has it included, and the VIP tiers and above get a physical version. The only people who need to add $5 are $49 backers who want the book. And thanks for your support!

    3. thegodofchuck

      The campaign book upgrade was a bit confusing, but I think I've gotten it straightened out now that I've looked at the main page; the original book has been expanded, correct? It's not a second book? And really, it's not $49+ tiers that would want it, it's only the $49 tier because every tier above $49 tier already has it? Sorry if that sounds really basic, but I misunderstood and originally added on an extra $5 at first!

    4. Missing avatar

      Codo on

      Love the lore! Though admittedly, looking at the robots numbering... I do so hope that there'll at least be one of each type. Like, for the 4-number combiners, there'd need to be 5 to match each of the combinations... Plus, 10 for 3-number combiners. I dunno, being the nerd I am, I just hope to see it level out and even, buuuuut I guess that'd honestly be silly, due to the fact that it'd just stifle the AMOUNT of robots there COULD be when they eventually release.

      All the same, I do love the main conflict between the Dominion and the Empyreals, and am also hoping to eventually see these other 5 "Ascendants". Love the artwork for the second one!