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Command your robots. Unite their power. Blitz your opponents in fast-paced, strategic combat. 2 to 4 to 6 players. Quick game time.
Command your robots. Unite their power. Blitz your opponents in fast-paced, strategic combat. 2 to 4 to 6 players. Quick game time.
Command your robots. Unite their power. Blitz your opponents in fast-paced, strategic combat. 2 to 4 to 6 players. Quick game time.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Steven Bailey 5 days ago

      @Breeze Grigas
      July 28th. Seeing you said August/September timeframe so not likely but its all good, didnt want to talk about demoing it if i didnt have it by then, Thanx!!

    2. Breeze Grigas Creator on

      @Steven/everyone by all accounts it's looking like everyone in North America will have it by August/Early September. We actually just got the first two final proofs, with a small batch of copies coming early for Gen Con, so soon. see pics/vid here: - when is your next tabletop day?

    3. Missing avatar

      Steven Bailey on

      When is the game coming out? I know you guys hit some issues along the way but id like to know if I'll be about to demo this game at the next Table Top Day at my local comic and board game store

    4. Breeze Grigas Creator on

      @PK: Yes that should be OK, same for others. I believe we're going to have ~30 Deluxe boxes, all just for people who want to pick up on-site, so it's while supplies last!

    5. PK Levine

      I backed the Deluxe version and while I'm not going to GenCon, my friend is and is willing to pick up my copy for me. Will that be doable?

    6. Jason L. on

      Sounds great! To be safe I’ve mentally been psyching myself for September but August would be perfect as my SOTM probably won’t be here till September so will give me plenty of time to enjoy. Can’t wait to see this in person and try it out!!!

    7. Breeze Grigas Creator on

      @Jason Indeed, there is a chance you will have the game in-hand in August. We'll be fulfilling some limited copies to people directly at Gen Con, and sending out some to backers (VIP and above, so you indeed) also. For most other folks, we are looking at late August/September. The final production proofs are ready as of this week, so now they all just go on the boat (the Gen Con copies are being airplaned in in the aforementioned limited quantity) - can't wait to see what you think!

    8. Jason L. on

      I’m wondering if we’re still on a good projection to potentially get this to the table next month (or maybe worst case scenario September)? Also any progress made towards ensuring art book is on time for those tiers with the game?

    9. Johnathan on

      Looking to try the game out a bit on Tabletop Sim with the full release. Hit me up if you wanna play sometime. Completely new to game.. will read rules and watch videos before playing tho so I should be good to go. Send PM here or on discord (just joined) or send steam name and I’ll add.

    10. Missing avatar

      A. Mull on

      @Breeze: As a non-VIP, hearing the book will go on sale makes me very happy...I wanted it in hardcopy, but didn't have the extra $110. Borrowing a page from Onyx Path's book...super-spiffy production-values-through-the-roof for the people who stumped up the big bucks on kickstarter, then a regular edition for general a good call.

    11. Jason L. on

      I do want to add that the whole team has now reached out to the VIP and above backers after my comments to try and make right most all of my points after this post so in my book at least that goes a huge way to showing that while many things might have initially fallen through the cracks it seems like they are sorry for that and it’ll all work out. I for one am pleased with solutions especially with the plan of allowing the book as an option for all eventually so more can enjoy but also making it up to some of the premium tiers at the same time.

    12. Jason L. on

      And I should mention for those who would be in the dark, there were aspects of the VIP tier that never really came to be or at least not yet such and exclusive QA sessions or early access to any content so outside of the book all we really will get is the sleeves ($7) the exclusive ten card set (value-?), a signed game (value-?)and naming a move, naming a move (until a week ago I had never even gotten confirmation my duggested name even made it though I did finally find out it did) and we were supposed to have a blurb in the rulebook but that didnt happen and they ran out of room so now maybe we’ll have a blurb in the art book but it is still undecided and undefined so essentially for $110 more we haven’t gotten much different.

      I do know theyre considering ways to make it up but so far I know for me I added several of the options already so it won’t do me a lot of good and I suspect other BIP and above tiers might be in the same boat as I. Had I known the book would be the same and offered seperatly I might have saved the $110 and bougyt the book as an add on now. Not trying to keep them from allowing others to get but I do want to make the point as I would really like them to consider how they’ll be compensating other backers for to make this available to the masses too.

    13. Jason L. on

      Ah, but remember it wasn’t for free at all as the tier was $110 more for not a whole lot more. Well over double the price of the normal deluxe tier and it was sold as a VIP and above item. I’m ok with the book being offered but it was NOT free and would need to be significantly compensated for the VIP and above backers that were missled

    14. Steve Kaylor on

      I very much hope there isn't a quality change. I think the biggest bonus would be getting it for free and getting it sooner.

    15. PK Levine

      Personally, I'd be completely behind, for example, VIP backers getting a hardcover version while the rest of us could only order softcover -- or something similar in terms of a quality difference. I definitely plan on ordering the book, but its existence just wasn't enough to make me even consider upgrading to the VIP package.

    16. Breeze Grigas Creator on

      @Jason, Yeah, originally plans for mass producing the book were ambiguous but became more solidified over time. If there's ever a point where you as VIP backer feel your pledge was devalued because of that decision, just message/email us and we can work something out, same for other VIPs!

      Also all, here is a new video ahead of the next update, showing the final tray and how the components fit in the box (also streamed on…

      It all fits incredibly well!

    17. Jason L. on

      Never mind, I looked back and found your initial comments that you did eventually want to make a physical copy of the book available but that it will never be the same or as nice as the initial print run which is made premium for the VIP tier and above. Ok that eased that worry

    18. Jason L. on


      I’m a little confused. I remember during the campaign you guys specifically said the physical campaign book was VIP pledge and above exclusive? I remember that was one of the main reasons I went up that High initially. Is this now changing?

    19. Steve Kaylor on

      Sounds great @Breeze!

      If I could make one tiny request so it's in your ear: when/if you do offer it physical online, could you post an update here so word gets out that much quicker? I imagine you were going to anyway, but consider this a formal request. :-D

    20. Breeze Grigas Creator on

      I would actually really like for the physical campaign/art book to be in every player's hands (because it's a very cool and time consuming project), but we likely can't give it out for free sadly. I don't think it will be very expensive though. Still looking at printing options!

      Once it's actually for sale, we will be offering it online and at conventions wherever AEGIS is sold.

      And we should have another update up in the next few days, we did end up going with the tray that fit the Box better for short list of reasons - will also post a vid soon too!

    21. Steve Kaylor on

      I'm so happy I'm not the only one hoping for a physical book.

      Though I imagine those of us looking to upgrade our digital copies would need to pay a bit more for it.

    22. PK Levine

      The Deluxe pledge lists the digital campaign/art book, not the physical one. Only the VIP+ pledges included the physical book.

      (Now, mind you, if they found a way to include a physical book with Deluxe pledges, they'd be pretty much the most awesome people ever and we'd all love them...)

    23. Missing avatar


      @Breeze Grigas

      Is a Deluxe backer eligible to get the physical campaign/art book for free?

    24. Jake on

      A physical campaign book? o_O How would a Deluxe backer go about getting said book?

      Also, which tray did you select? From watching the video just now, I think the 2nd tray (your design) seemed to fix the box better.

    25. Breeze Grigas Creator on

      @PK there are indeed plans to put the physical book up for sale. Also thanks for linking the video, we should have another KS update within the next week or so that summarizes the tray stuff along with other things like a new TTsim demo and tournament.

    26. PK Levine

      So, any thoughts on making a physical campaign/art book available as a purchase? Or should I just use Lulu?

    27. PK Levine

      New FB video shows the trays (yes, plural):

    28. Missing avatar

      Jordan H. Miller on

      Just wanted to post quickly and say I don't mind the delays because you all seem to be working hard to put out a high quality product for your backers! I've tested AEGIS multiple times over Tabletop Sim and know the mechanics are sound. Keep up the great work and the great communication!

    29. Breeze Grigas Creator on

      New update going up soon!

    30. Breeze Grigas Creator on

      @Adam UK backers should receive their games within 2-4 weeks of US domestic backers - we're doing one wave of shipping from our warehouse directly to everyone. The exact date is nebulous, but I can confirm that all of the assets have been officially passed to the manufacturer, so it's coming! Looking at the games being here in the US around June-July. Sorry that the date keeps inching back week by week, it is indeed a little frustrating for us too!

      Also @Stephen - yeah, the box is quite compact for its content which is cool. For immediate reference, it's about the size of a 8.5x11 sheet of paper, and 3in thick. Fits right into any normal drawstring bag, etc!

    31. Adam Trezise on

      When is the expected date for this to be in our hands (UK)?

    32. Stephen Winyard on

      Spritesanddice has a nice little write-up on AEGIS. They seemed to really enjoy it. They also mention they like how small the box is which is surprising, I thought the box would have to be huge to hold all of this content!

    33. Steve Kaylor on

      Sounds good @Breeze! Can't wait!

    34. Breeze Grigas Creator on

      Thanks KS couple of days, with updates on the tray (the literal final asset that needs to be finished so we can hit the print button), how the tournament went, a look at the scenario/art book, our PAX East plans and panels, and of course more story content. Very much hoping to have the game in your hands soon.

    35. Breeze Grigas Creator on

      @Conrado Absolutely. I've been holding off due to not much groundbrraking content, but the next update will be up in the nextcouple

    36. Conrado

      Time for our monthly update? :)

    37. Breeze Grigas Creator on

      For piercing, the robots do indeed have to be on one of the six lines. For push/pulling, that is also the answer, but there's a good chance that rule is coming out and the pushed/pulled robots will move in the straightest-possible line away from the user, with the user choosing the space the other robot ends up in if it's ambiguous.

    38. Missing avatar

      TheGreenHobo on

      I have a rules question: With push/pull effects and pierce/laser effects which only work on a straight line, do the 2 robots need to be perfectly in line on one of the 6 directions? Or do you just need line of sight and pick a best fit for what direction the pierce/push goes?

    39. Steve Kaylor on

      Hey? Everyone here is really awesome.

      That is all.

    40. Missing avatar

      Steven Bailey on

      @Breeze Thanx a lot!! Thats awesome

    41. Breeze Grigas Creator on

      @Steve three technically - Arozell Sol and Ark Infinity, and then the deluxe box comes with a variant of Ark Infinity that works differently. There are also six level 4 robots in the deluxe box that are big and ridiculous to build around too, along with various level 3s that function similarly to level 5s. Lots of Voltron-ing will occur in your games

    42. Missing avatar

      Steven Bailey on

      How many Lv. 5 robots come with the deluxe edition of the game??

    43. Breeze Grigas Creator on

      @PK that's awesome! Welcome aboard.
      @Adam - About that --

      MINI UPDATE: (An actual meaty-as-usual update will be out before/by New Years)

      1. I've been grinding work into this since PAX and the good news is it's all almost done!
      2. Even though all the assets are nearly done, the game will be facing a 1-3 month delay. Exact timeline will be in the update. TLDR we ship all the assets to our manufacturer by New Years, they make a proof, we edit anything that's messed up, and then the production and ship-to-the-USA process will take a few weeks, with the big variable being Chinese New Year tying up production. Our big goal is to have boxes in our hands in time for PAX East in mid-April, ideally though the game will be in our hands well before then so we can ship them to you. This delay is unfortunate, but man is there a lot of content in this box, and each thing we added extended our timeframe. It's a failing of mine for not getting this out when promised, but it will be worth the wait, and it's not too long of a delay.
      3. An update to the tabletop simulator and Print and Play demos is also coming in the next update, sorry for the delays with this as well.
      4. We're closing late backing/pre-orders on the 31st, so if you dear reader are still in the $1-5 zone, or you know a friend who likes robots, there are just a few days left to get your order in.

      Loads of fancy pictures and great stuff coming soon. I like to give the updates my all and keep everyone in the loop, but they also take a lot of time to put together which is time I spend finishing assets and design tasks. Bear with me while I push this game out the door, and thank you for your patience.

    44. PK Levine

      Sorry I took so long to fill out my pledge manager. I was a $1 backer who's been waiting all year to have enough spare $ to bump up to the deluxe edition, and I finally did. I'm so looking forward to this game!

    45. Adam Trezise on

      Snoked for this to arrive in Jan/Feb

    46. Breeze Grigas Creator on

      Yeah it's a matter of matching the names and letters!
      An AS robot named Aroz means it needs to be made of an Aroz and any S.
      You can also look at the pages of the rulebook with this info at there are some diagrams.

      Also we have not put up a full list of the robots anywhere yet, even though this info is available in the demos. That's a bit silly, so here is a quick list of the card contents and I'll also include it in the next update:

      Of course, looking at the cards in the PnP/TabletopSim where they're neatly organized is easier than looking at a spreadsheet. Eventually we will have a little database of these robots on our site and it will tell you which robots can go into what.

    47. Zachary Kettell Collaborator on

      @Kyle Here's a few examples:

      The ELL-2000 is an EG robot which means it is made up of two robots, one of which must be an E and the other of which must be a G. Because the robot's name is ELL-2000, that means that the E type robot must be an ELL. So, the ELL-2000 can be made from any ELL and any G type robot.

      Another important thing is that robot names carry over through combining: Let's say I want to make the level 3 GET-SSM. It is an AGS robot that require a GET and an SSM somewhere in it's construction. For example, if I have an AG type ABB-1000 I can combine it with an S type SSM to create the GET-SSM. HOWEVER this will only work if the G type making up the ABB-1000 is a GET.

      Does that make sense?

    48. Kyle Bell on

      Is there somewhere I can see the specific rules of combining options? Since there's no complete robot list as far as I've seen I am having trouble figuring out exactly what robots can combine with what robots to make specific robots. Maybe I'm missing a simple point, but help would be appreciated.

    49. Steve Kaylor on

      Whooooo! Hoping to receive on Jan 23rd! (My birthday! :-D)

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