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Acaso, the short film's video poster

Acaso is a story about chance. This is a short, foreign film that will used as a festival piece that will be shot in Brasil. Read more

Sao Paulo, Brazil Shorts
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This project was successfully funded on December 29, 2012.

Acaso is a story about chance. This is a short, foreign film that will used as a festival piece that will be shot in Brasil.

Sao Paulo, Brazil Shorts
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About this project

We are going to have an extremely talented team that will be bringing their expertise to this film.  We are going to shoot this in a location that is undetermined at this time.  I have been editing for several years I will be able to save a lot of money by editing this myself. This short film requires a back drop of city lights. The city lights provide depth as well as character. In order to do that we need a bit of money for permitting and insurance.  The money will also go to things such as: Camera Rental- Red One Epic with Zeiss prime lenses,  Lighting kit with generator, Feeding and paying the crew, traveling, post production sound and color correcting at Edit2 studios located in São Paulo, Brasil. Extra money will be allocated for the film festivals themselves.  With your help we are going to win several film festivals including Sundance which is my ultimate goal. 

____________________________________________________________  SCRIPT:


BRAD, early 30’s is on his drive home from a busy day at the office, taking the shortcut through the windy mountain canyon to avoid the remnants of rush hour. He is in the beginning stages of winding down after the 12 hour day, as he loosens his tie from his neck and he reaches for the radio and turns up RED HOT CHILLI PEPPERS, and sings a bit. ANGLE ON the still picture of him with his wife and young daughter. Out of the corner of his eye, he sees a young man, STEVE, standing far too close to the edge of a cliff than normal, with a 3/4 empty bottle of Jack Daniels whiskey dangling at his side. Brad squints his eyes for a moment as he keeps driving, then slows the car and stops it at the side of the road. He thinks begins to hears his unwelcome for a moment. Suddenly his phone rings, he silences it without even looking because he knows he can't.  He then gets out of the car and walks toward the man. As he gets close, STEVE  turns to him, and displays an expression. Crickets can be heard.  

STEVE: Look, just please keep walking and leave me alone, this has nothing to do with you.

BRAD: Hey man, I was just driving home minding my own business, just happened to run into you, that’s all.

STEVE: Yeah, I’m sure

BRAD: What are you... What are you doing over there, man, that’s kind of dangerous, don’t you think?

STEVE: Like I said, this has nothing to do with you, don’t worry about me, just please leave!

-Brad looks down, searching for words. (CONTINUED)

BRAD: But , I mean I saw you here, I can’t just... What’s the problem?

STEVE: Look!, I don’t need your help, I don’t need your counseling, I just need you to leave... Please leave.

BRAD: Hey man, I’m not trying to be your counselor or anything but... Look man, We all have stressful lives. We all go through a lot of bullshit in life. Now I have no clue what it is you are going through, but you are a young guy, nothing can be so bad as to wanting to end it all.

STEVE: Well, you’re right about one part, you definetly have no fucking idea what I’m going through, not one fucking clue! He takes a large swig from the bottle of Jack, and his tone gets more desperate

STEVE: (CONT’D) You think you just coming over here, saying a few things to me is gonna change anything that’s fucking happened! There is nothing you can do to change my mind, so just leave me the fuck alone! Brad takes a step back and contemplates for a moment. His cell phone is heard in his pocket and he silences it after he looks at it.

BRAD: No. I’m not leaving. You are either gonna have to talk to me, or jump with me standing here, cause I’m not gonna leave you here, man.

STEVE: Fuck man! You don’t fucking understand! You just don’t fucking get it! (CONTINUED)

-Steve’s anger slowly transitions into sadness, and tears begin to roll. He slumps down to the ground near the edge of the cliff. Brad moves a little closer, and squats down in front of him.

STEVE: You just don’t understand... I graduated number two in my class. I just passed the bar. I was in the top 3 percent in the state..

BRAD:  And....?

STEVE: just got the results today. I was already signed on with a big firm. I proposed to my girlfriend last week, we were looking for houses....

-Steve smiles with apathy

STEVE: Everything was coming together for me, just like I had always planned... And now it’s all over.

-Steve’s tears roll harder

 BRAD Why?

-Steve shakes his head for a moment. Brad’s cell phone rings again in his pocket, and again he quickly silences it.

STEVE: Me and a couple of my buddies went out to celebrate. I drank... I thought I was okay.... Brad still listens intently as Steve fights hard to keep the tears back, then strongly says

STEVE: (CONT’D) I killed her! She’s dead. She was just a little girl. I killed her. I killed a little girl today. The tears now flow. Brad looks utterly shocked, at a complete loss for words. (CONTINUED)

Steve-again fights to control himself so he can continue. He is now sitting on the ground, legs straight out.

STEVE: (CONT’D) She was riding her bike, I, I, I don’t know what happened, I just, I lost control of wheel. My car swerved and I ran into her and smashed into a parked car. I looked up and she was pinned in between. Oh God!..... Oh fuck, she was pinned there, staring at me, this little girl. I backed up, and her body slumped to the ground. I got out and she was laying on the ground. I checked her, and she was, she was... she was... Oh fuck, man... He sobs uncontrollably, Brad puts his hands on his head.


BRAD: (quietly) Jesus. 

STEVE: I panicked, I got back in my car and peeled out. I just fucking left her there man. I killed a little girl and ran away. Fuck!!! ...

(calms a bit)

STEVE: That’s why I told you man, I’m done. I took a little girls life. ME! And now my life’s over too. They already know. The police called my house, my plate fell off at the scene. They’re looking for me right now! Ah fuck!

BRAD: Man, that’s... That’s terrible. It really... it’s terrible. I don’t know what to say.

STEVE: There’s nothing you can say. Just leave me, and let me do what I have to do.

Brad lets out a sigh and puts his hands over his face and rubs his eyes, still trying to sort out the bomb that was just dropped on him.

 BRAD: I can’t. I still can’t. It’s bad okay, there’s no doubt about that, but this, this is not the answer... Fuck, I don’t know what the answer is but this...this is not it.

-Steve’s desperate sobs’ continue, and Brad puts his arm on his shoulder. Steve excepts the gesture, and Brad now tries hard to fight back the tears as he watches Steve’s hopeless tears flow down his face. Brad’s phone rings yet again. This time he yanks it out of his pocket with irritation and looks at the caller ID, it reads: “Michelle”

BRAD (CONT’D) Jesus! 

(he answers)

Honey, listen I really can’t talk right now I’m gonna have to ca....

MICHELLE: (V.O.) (hysterical) She’s gone! Oh my God she’s gone. She’s gone!

BRAD: What? Okay, just slow down, who?

Michelle: Emily! She’s dead. She was riding her bike and she was hit by a car! She’s dead! Oh my God our baby is dead!

Michelle bawls hysterically, as Brad expression has turned catatonic. He lets the phone slip out of his hand from his ear, and it crashes to the ground. His world has just been turned upside down. Michelle can still be heard faintly screaming. His look of shock makes a transition into fury, and he turns his head back to Steve, and the two lock eyes.


Risks and challenges

There are some things that make me nervous about directing this film. One being a weather factor. Here in Sao Paulo the weather is very unpredictable. I have taken this into consideration and am planning on a back up plan. One other challenge is directing a film in Portuguese. I will have a translator ( dialogue director) next to me throughout casting and filming but this is still a big part which i must get right. I also am prepared for when the police show up, even with a permit the might want to squeeze a few bucks out of me for fun. Those are my concerns throughout production and post. My other concern is getting Acaso accepted into the film festivals we are aiming for. If we do not accepted then we cannot showcase this amazing film. One of the producers on Acaso has had years of experience in many film festivals and will be handling most of the submissions and that process in which I am fully confident in.

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