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The Pursuit of Happiness 3rd print! Introducing the Experiences expansion: Travel, discover, have kids, live the life of your dreams!
The Pursuit of Happiness 3rd print! Introducing the Experiences expansion: Travel, discover, have kids, live the life of your dreams!
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3 more Stretch Rewards and 1 more Social Stretch Goal for you + BGG poll!

Posted by Artipia Games (Creator)

Hello Travelers, Explorers, Expeditionists, Adventurers and Pioneers,

Final Hours of the campaign and still going strong! A HUGE thank you for your superb support everybody!

More and more Stretch Rewards!

With your fantastic help, the campaign has reached and surpassed the $81K Stretch Goal and this means only 1 thing: even more Stretch Rewards for you!

We are happy to present you with a new kind of Partner that is now available for your games: The Single Parent!

Single Parents are Partners that already have a Kid, from a previous relationship than the one you are about to form with them. If you choose to be with them, you get to help in raising their Kid with them, normally, as you would do when you have a Kid of your own! Show some love to the Single Parents!

Additionally, after quickly obliterating the $86K Stretch Goal, you will be getting a new kind of Activity, which will hopefully help you relieve some of the Stress that you will accumulate in your games. Are you ready for some much-needed Tai Chi and some stress-relieving Cross Fit workouts?  

After hitting the $91K Stretch Goal, you have unlocked yet another Reward: a new Job type, the Security and Safety Jobs type is now unlocked and to be found in your KS3! This means that 3 Level 1 Jobs, 2 Level 2 Jobs and 1 Level 3 Jobs related to Security and Safety are added to your KS3, all double sided, to enrich your game and potential careers! For all of you who always wanted to become a firefighter or wanted a career in the Armed Forces, this is your time to shine! 

A Final Social Stretch Goal!

As said, already you have proved us right in believing that you can crush each and every of the Social Stretch Rewards, unlocking very quickly 3 of them! That is why we decided to challenge you even more and give you 1 final Stretch Reward! 

If you help us reach 2150 Kickstarter followers you will be getting the "Board Game" Group-Buy Item! You have already helped us and we are very close to making this happen, very close to one more Reward for you!

Lastly, let's see if we can climb up to $100K, because if we do you will all be getting one more mini-Expansion, prepare for the Inheritance! 

Finally, hereis the boardgamegeek poll for the kids' names. Vote there and  the 2 most popular girls' names and 2 most popular boys' names will be included as Kids' names in the KS3 Promo deck!

Very few hours left, let's all give it a final push and unlock everything there is! :)

Thank you very much for your outstanding support!! 

Artipia Games

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    1. Artipia Games 15-time creator

      @Jonathan "Wildhorn" Maisonneuve,

      Probably it is not visible, but you can take our word for it: last Stretch Social Stretch Goal is met, so no need for you to worry. :)

    2. Jonathan "Wildhorn" Maisonneuve on

      @Artipia Games, I still don't see where the amount of follower is displayed. I see how many project you backed, how many you created and how many comments people left about you. But nowhere I see the amount of people following you.

    3. Artipia Games 15-time creator

      @Jonathan "Wildhorn" Maisonneuve,

      You can follow us using this link:

      Additionally, happy to let you know that this Stretch Goal has just been unlocked, thank you all! :)

    4. Paddy Heron

      Some of these names are down twice

      Angela, Marie, Kate and Lily (at least)

      Also sad to see no representation of my own name (Patrick or Paddy) for the Irish contingent laugh

    5. Jonathan "Wildhorn" Maisonneuve on

      Where can you see the amount of KS follower and how to you follow?