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The Pursuit of Happiness 3rd print! Introducing the Experiences expansion: Travel, discover, have kids, live the life of your dreams!
The Pursuit of Happiness 3rd print! Introducing the Experiences expansion: Travel, discover, have kids, live the life of your dreams!
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Stretch Rewards & Social Rewards Unlocked + A first look at Experiences!

Posted by Artipia Games (Creator)

Hello Travelers, Explorers, Expeditionists, Adventurers and Pioneers,

We hope you had an excellent gaming weekend and that you are enjoying the first days of spring!

Unlocked Social Stretch Rewards and a new one!

We are very happy to see your amazing response and eagerness to achieve all given Social Stretch Goals very quickly! You have managed to Unlock new Stretch Rewards as we have now entered the last 48 hours, which is utterly awesome, thank you all for your help and contribution to this!

The Rewards that you will be getting are 3 Group-Buy Items! These are Items that have a similar mechanic to the Group Projects, meaning that all more than 1 player has the ability to jump in, be benefited and get resources with only a single Group Buy Item!

"Disaster Recovery Supplies", "Crowdfunding" and "Real Estate" Group Buy Items are now added in your KS3 deck! Way to go Happiness Pursuers!

Experiences cards

Let us have a quick look at the Experience cards!

Experience cards work a little different than other cards. You can take Experience cards by choosing that Create Experience action available on the new game board. Your enter each Experience card at the Planning level. Even though some cards' Planning levels require resources, most of the ask you to "Have something", "Have a least X of something" or "Have the most of something". That something could be anything from specific resources,  up to a certain lifestyle (Projects, Job, Partner, Items etc).

Experience cards are divided into two categories. Trips and Events and do not occupy any of the player's available slots. During any of your following turns throughout the game, you can actually experience that Trip or Event by performing a card action and pay the Experience cost. By the time you do that, you may also choose to extend your experience by also paying the Extend cost. You may often encounter more of the Planning level requirements on the Extend level as well so prepare properly to make the most out of each Experience!

Even More Stretch Rewards!

You are on an incredible roll dear backers, as you keep smashing all the Stretch Goals that we have given you, one by one, with no mercy and no sign of slowing down! That means that more great material and variety will be in your hands, through the KS3 deck!

Easily surpassing the $67K Stretch Goal a couple of days ago means that you are now getting 2 more Group Projects, one of which will be the "Humanitarian Aid" that you can see below! 

Additionally, you have also helped us unlock the Stretch Goal of $72K and $77K, which means that you are now getting  12 super-cute Kids to add to your games!

Let's see if we can reach $81K and unlock some Single Parents for the game as we have now entered the final 48 hours of the campaign!

Name some of the new kids!

Last but not least, we would like you to pick some of the Kids' names! Please write your name suggestions in the comments below, afterwards we will create a poll on BGG and the 4 most popular names (2 girls and 2 boys) will be 4 of the Kids' names in the Experiences expansion!

We have some more awesome goodies for you for the grand finale of this campaign. Let us see how far we can still go!

Thank you so much for your amazing support!

Artipia Games

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    1. Kevin Leirens

      Cristina for girl.
      Oliver for boy.

    2. Missing avatar

      Jorge Ascencao on

      Manuel for boy
      Rita for girl

    3. Missing avatar


      Aaron for a boy
      Mona for a girl

    4. Angel


      (I don't own kids, I just dig these particular author names)

    5. Craig Ferguson


    6. Missing avatar

      Philippe Proteau

      Here are the names of two kids who love board games and it would be nice to see there names immortalized in one that we own:
      Girl: Felicia (5yo)
      Boy: Xavier (13yo)

      One IS my kid, the other one, my best friend's. So yes, a lot of folks giving there kid's names... ;)


    7. Missing avatar


      Girl: Josephine, Abigail
      Boy: David, Jonathan

    8. Missing avatar

      Bob Navarro on

      Boy: Zinryu
      Girl: Eliza

    9. ETELKÖZI Timea

      Girl: Kate, Isabell
      Boy: John

    10. Tuxedomouse

      Boy: Max
      Girl: Margo

    11. Greg Broxterman

      Girl: Rowan
      Boy: Rowan

    12. Edward G.

      Girl: Lucy Rose
      Boy: Ben or Benjamin

    13. Paweł Szwarc on

      Girl: Thyme or Rosemary
      Boy: Basil

    14. Bill Buchanan on

      LOL, people just suggesting the name of their own children?

    15. Missing avatar

      Cath on

      Boy: Arthur, Edward
      Girl: Theresa

    16. MillicanDarque on

      Girl: Holly, Alisa, Bekah, Anne

    17. Bill Buchanan on

      Girl: Gillian, Keira, Hanna,Hailee, Maggie
      Boy: Liam, Petey, Jimmy, Carter, Codyn

    18. Missing avatar

      Tan on

      Girl: Jaselle, Jenna

    19. Missing avatar

      Zak Guimaraes

      Girl: Freya
      Boy: Virgil

    20. Missing avatar

      Elena B on

      ♀ Elena Karin Melissa Tanya
      ♂ Emilio Charon

    21. Missing avatar

      Ben Harwood on

      Girl: Harriet; Lizzie

      Boy: Kirk; James

    22. Missing avatar

      Juraj Sulik on

      Boy: Luke
      Girl: Leia

    23. Missing avatar

      Delia Volpi on

      Bianca (Blanche) for a girl
      Giada (Jade) for a girl
      Kylian for a boy

    24. Dacota Of Greenhayes


    25. Thomas Haidvogl on

      Girl: Sara
      Boy: Philipp

    26. Missing avatar

      Sarah holme on


    27. Missing avatar

      Vasva on

      Vasva for a Girl
      Chucky for a Boy


    28. Morris Montenero on

      Name boy: Noah derek jack max morris
      Name girl: kimberly jennifer marika

    29. DaRuleyman on

      Boy: Josiah, Hudson, Quentin
      Girl: Hope, Abigail, Joy

    30. Missing avatar

      Sonja Reinhart on

      for a girl: Sonja (Russian nickname for somebody who likes to sleep long)

      for a boy: Guido

    31. Missing avatar

      Catherine Taylor on

      Maria Julia
      Joshua Tobi

    32. Missing avatar

      Jarkko Tuomala on

      Elsa, Anna, Harry, Willy

    33. Steven Bond

      Girls - Elizabeth, Isabella, Keeley
      Boys - Geobaldi, Wagnard, Steven

    34. Leskiv on

      Alex and Leo for the boys
      Alice and Sydney for the girls

    35. Erik Claes on

      Girls: Kaat Romi
      Boys: Erik Geert

    36. Alexander Kügler

      Boys = Alex, George, John
      Girls = Alex, Katie, Susi

    37. Christopher Kyle

      Boys = Finley, Stuart
      Girls = Ophelia, Juliet

    38. Missing avatar

      Elise Grazuna on

      Boys: Luka, William
      Girls: Natalie, Willow

    39. Missing avatar


      Girl- Julia, Tanya
      Boy- Eric, Tyler

    40. Milki Kaplanski on

      Boy: Vincent
      Girl: Lily

    41. ACGalaga on

      Haha! I’m just going to name my kids 😅

      Boys: John John and Eddie
      Girls: (if we had one) Eri Ann

    42. Missing avatar

      nativesonx on

      To pay homage to the home of our tPoH designers, I propose we name the kids after those of Greek myths and legends:

      Leonidas - The Spartan King who defied the Persians at Thermopylae with his sword and last breath. "This is Sparta!!!" -- portrayed by Gerard Butler, 2007

      Helen - The face that launched a 1000 ships and who's story put the Trojan Horse on our tongues long before it morphed into a scourge on the Internets and Achilles's infamous heel.

      For the sake of designers preferred duality and alliteration also from the Hellenic Pantheon of Gods: Apollo/Athena
      Apollo: "God of music, poetry, arts, oracles, archery, herds and flocks, diseases, healing, light, sun, knowledge and protection of young" and the unofficial deity of the Relax symbol.

      Athena: "Goddess of wisdom, handicraft, and war" may she grant you the spark of intellectual inspiration to avoid the misery of analysis paralysis on the cards less traveled.

    43. Missing avatar

      Stuart Dunn on

      I think at least one kid needs a double name, so I propose John Mark and Mary Agnes.

    44. "Captain" Pickard on

      I clearly have to go with my own daughters names for this one:

    45. Shawn Clouthier on

      Kenzie and Aubrie for the girls

      Camren and Carter for the boys

    46. Missing avatar


      Marek and Rainer for boys
      Sterling, Hazen, and Harlow for girls

    47. Missing avatar

      Thierry Garcia-Austin on

      Boy = Jack
      Girl = Lily

    48. Missing avatar

      Game Aquisitor on

      Boy- Little Dude!
      Girl- Susie