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The Pursuit of Happiness 3rd print! Introducing the Experiences expansion: Travel, discover, have kids, live the life of your dreams!
The Pursuit of Happiness 3rd print! Introducing the Experiences expansion: Travel, discover, have kids, live the life of your dreams!
1,883 backers pledged $102,147 to help bring this project to life.

4 More Stretch Rewards, a First Look at Kids and first Social Stretch Reward!

Posted by Artipia Games (Creator)

Hello Travelers, Explorers, Expeditionists, Adventurers and Pioneers,

4 New Stretch Rewards!

We are very happy with your fantastic response to the Thug Life mini Expansion which many of you have already added to your pledges, it seems that you are eager to make your games a bit more... unconventional! Thank you very much for your trust! :)

So, due to this, you have managed to knock out 4 more Stretch Goals and get 4 more Stretch Rewards, a total of 8 new cards, 6 of which are 2-sided! Well done happiness pursuers! 

Let's have a look at what you are getting:

To get thing started, going over the $49K, you managed to unlock 2 New Activities, one of them being the "Plan Wedding" Activity, how about that?!

And now, for the main course of this part of the update, by smashing 3 more Stretch Goals, and surpassing the $58K, you are getting a New Job Type, the "Store Owner"! We will make sure to provide you with more information about how these work in a future update. 

How do you like to own your own comic book store, clothing store, or restaurant? These are only 3 of the 6 Store Owners you will be getting through these, great job everyone! 


Kids are one of the new additions of the Experiences expansion. If you choose to include the Kids cards in your games, the Raise Family level of each partner will also give you a Kid card.

Kids cards are not 2-sided like Partner cards. Each one is unique and when you have/adopt a Kid with your partner, you draw one from face-down pile. There are 7 girls and 7 boys in the expansion. Finally there is one more card shuffled in the Kids deck and if you draw that, you've just had twins!!!

Once they enter your life, Kids are independent from your Partner and will stay with you, even if you discard/replace your Partner card. They do not occupy a "slot" in your player area. 

Each round Kids move to the next level automatically. As they begin to grow up they require more from you and it is up to you to decide how much attention you want to give them. Even though paying a level's requirements is optional, keep in mind that in addition to not getting the rewards each level offers, you will also lose LTH if you do not pay.

Once they've grown up, Kids remain in your life but do not have any further in-game interaction with you.

First Social Stretch Goal

Finally, we are very happy to present you the first Social Stretch Reward for this campaign:

If we reach 1250 followers on Instagram before the end of this campaign, we are going to include in your KS3 Promos the "Disaster Recovery Supplies", which will be one of the Group-Buying Items! Soon you will be informed on the rest of the Social Stretch Goals. :)

So, we hope you are happy with all the new stuff you have unlocked so far and the new Kids feature! Let's now try to unlock the next Stretch Reward which will get you 2 New Child Traits! 

Thank you very much fantastic backers!

Artipia Games

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    1. Missing avatar

      nativesonx on

      Raising a family sounds like a more viable option to more LTH, than the base game. I played recently where the winners of two different sessions told me the same thing, that they kept their relationships at a lower level, because sacrificing more time would cost them other LTH opportunities from other cards. Now with kids, raising a family early can be lucrative beyond the 4 LTH for 2 HGM. It is at a cost of more stress and foregoing incomplete projects, but art mirrors life, no? The STH penalty when the child reaches adulthood is curious? Does that signify regret that your kid is no longer your baby? I got a few more years to realize this personally whenever my 13 y/o finds her adult self one day soon!

    2. Artipia Games 15-time creator

      @Jill Wong

      That is correct

    3. Jill Wong TheMotleyGeek

      Does this mean you can’t have kids with Claire as she doesn’t have the raise a family level?

    4. John C

      Well... I don't have an instagram account.... I'll have to try to help with the other social goals *sigh*

    5. Missing avatar


      A great stretch goal would be... more kids!

    6. Missing avatar

      Delia Volpi on

      I am not on Instagram sorry, nor on Facebook, nor on Twitter...I hope it will bbe unlocked !!!
      Nice kids cards, very thematic!

    7. Jonathan "Wildhorn" Maisonneuve on

      I shared the Instagram thing on a KS group-buying group on facebook... pretty thematic ;) I hope you add a Boardgame/Kickstarter Group-Buy card :)

    8. Cory Kneeland on

      Love it. LOVE the new kid card idea... feels so perfectly fitted it will be as if it was always there!