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The Pursuit of Happiness 3rd print! Introducing the Experiences expansion: Travel, discover, have kids, live the life of your dreams!
The Pursuit of Happiness 3rd print! Introducing the Experiences expansion: Travel, discover, have kids, live the life of your dreams!
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1 More Stretch Reward for you and a first look at the Dream Board

Posted by Artipia Games (Creator)

Hello Travelers, Explorers, Expeditionists and Adventurers,

Unlocked Reward

We are very happy to see that you are enjoying the campaign, having already unlocked many Stretch Rewards and making your game even richer! Once more, thank you very much for your continuous support which encourages us to create even more material for The Pursuit of Happiness.

You have now unlocked yet another set of Higher Education Projects, have a look at the artwork of one of them, the History Degree project! 

Dream Board

Additionally, here is a first look on how the Dream Boards function within the Experiences expansion, what they require and what they offer to your game.

How it works?

During your turn, you may choose to perform the Dream Action. This allows you to choose any type of card (except Community cards - in case you are also using the Community expansion in your game), and place it on your Dream board. Then you get 3 desire tokens adding them on the chosen card. A new card of the chosen type is always drawn right away to replace the one chosen from the main board.

Often in life, we dream of doing certain things. However, it is not always possible to do those things right away. This is what the dream action and dream board represent. You may dream of learning martial arts or visit the carnival in Rio. Maybe you have a dream job you would one day like to do, or just desire a certain individual you haven't yet found the courage to talk to. 

At the start of each round, each player removes 1 Desire token from every card on his/her Dream board. During any of his/her turns, a player can turn any of those cards into a reality by taking the corresponding Action from the main board as normal. In addition, the player immediately scores 1 LTH for every Desire token remaining on the card he/she just made into a reality. The card is then placed into that player's regular "player area".

The moment we start dreaming of something we'd love to do some day, is the moment we most desire it. However as time passes, our desire of doing it starts to fade away.

Once the last Desire token is removed from a card on a player's Dream board, the card must be discarded and the player loses LTH for not being able to make it a reality. 

Homebrewing - One of the Projects already unlocked
Homebrewing - One of the Projects already unlocked

So, this is all for now. How do you find the new mechanic of the Dream Boards? Please let us know in the comments section. Through our next updates we will explore all the other cool new mechanisms included in the Experiences expansion. 

We now just need a small push to unlock the 3 New Partners Stretch Reward! Much more material is waiting for us down the line. Let's do it!

Thank you for your support!

Artipia Games

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    1. Bill Buchanan on

      @Kevin That's what I said

    2. Dejardin Thibaud on

      I see the same issue for solo:
      One action to take a dream then one to start it right away, gaigning 3 points is far too lucrative.
      I see absolutely no reason to not do it each time possible.

    3. Missing avatar


      Very nice. I was going to say a simple fix would be not allowing to buy something that you dreamt this same round. Working with the original rules, the fix would be like, put 3 dream tokens on a card you took as a dream at the end of round, then play normally, removing hearts at the end of round, and discarding the card if you remove the last one.

    4. Missing avatar


      I agree to reverse the dream machanics:
      If you take a dream action just put a card on the dream board. At the beginning of each round add one desire token to each dream card. You may fulfill only dream cards with at least one desire token on it (something you can fulfill immediately is not worth to be called a lifetime dream) and you'll get just one LTH for fulfilling a dream regardless of the number of tokens. But if there are three desire tokens on a dream card at the end of the round, discard that card and lose one LTH for missing your dream.
      That strengthens the storing mechanic and prevents an abuse of dreams since you always have to wait at least one round to fulfill it. So the storing capability should be the main reason for using dreams... not easy LTH.
      If you think that would make the dream mechanic too unattractive for use then you could give it an additional small benefit: just place workers on the dream card itself to fulfill it instead of using the corresponding regular action. This way it's possible to do the same action twice in one round without getting stress if a dream is involved (eg. buy one item as a dream and one as a regular action) Why? Because fulfilling a dream is a thing of the heart and not stressful work. This is just a possible positive side effect of a dream, but it's hard to abuse since you don't know which regular cards will come next and hence cannot plan that benefit exactly. Just like in real life fulfilling a lifetime dream can fit more or less into your current situation.

    5. Missing avatar

      Kevin Lemay

      @BIll Buchanan - In fact, a simpler mechanic would be that you had a token each turn and when you realize your dream, you turn your accumulated tokens for 1 LTH. You could put a limit of token (3) that you can accumulate. I feel that would be easier to track than to use the supply given that you can have more than one dream at the same time.

    6. Bill Buchanan on

      I agree, the longer you wait the more LTH you should get. You still put 3 tokens on the card, and every round you take one off and add it to your supply. When you actually put the card into play you can cash in your heart tokens in your supply for 1 LTH each (any tokens still on the card are discarded).

      If you ever have a card on the dream board with no tokens on it at the end of your turn it's discarded, and you lose 3 heart tokens.

      Having people take cards to put on the dream board only to put them into play the same turn to get an additional 3 points seems like gameplay that will be abused by players, and not especially thematic.

    7. Missing avatar

      Kevin Lemay

      It's funny how I feel yhat the award should be reversed - the later you wait yo fullfill your dream, the more this would bring LTH. From a theme perspective, when you dream all your life of something, you are even more happy when you finally do it. If you do it right away, it's not a dream. And taking it as a dream and doing it with your next action does not seem like a great mechanic.

    8. Missing avatar

      Yaron Davidson

      @Artipia re Don - While it's true that spending the action to dream is the loss of the alternative uses of that action, it's a 3 LTH/points action. Which feels like above the usual average. It's similar to the LTH from many mid-tier projects or top-tier items, and these cost additional resource (so previous time/actions) beyond the action to activate, and the top-tier projects actually do take extra time plus extra something else for the same additional LTH gain. It's also better rewards per time/action than other time-only-costs things like the upkeep for Raise a Family.

      Of course I assume you did do serious playtesting of this to balance, but as a first impression I think given an option when performing a project/item/job/relationship to spend one extra timer to get 3 extra LTH, I'll pretty much take advantage of that always. Or, well, in this case once per turn, more than that will also cost stress.

      I see and like the idea of picking a card for a later usage, this seems great. And since it costs an action, I also see why there has to be a potential additional benefit so it will be useful more than very rarely. But the effective "once per round you can pay one extra action to get 3 extra LTH", potentially twice when stress isn't an issue, feels like it would be almost always a good move. if playing without putting a very strong emphasis on theme.

    9. Joe F. on

      Should have a life goal be the first to marry and divorce.:/ Have a partner and desire another...just like life. Love how this game reflects life.
      Now we just need a card (Borrowing from the Maury Show) YOU ARE the Father! Lol

    10. Missing avatar


      I like it. And it's not like you have unlimited time to fulfill your dream, still plenty enough. I can see two good uses, and I'm sure there's more.
      - That oh so usual situation when you're just one resource short, but you know if you spend your time to get the resources, the card will be gone when your next turn comes around
      - Getting the L3 job in the same category as your current L1 job is a good way to keep your options if you can get the L2 soon enough. (But get ready to get a lot of resources!)

    11. Artipia Games 15-time creator


      That is correct. Aside from the practical aspect of being able to store cards to activate later (and even perhaps deprive them from others) as well as perhaps storing a Project until you have an empty space in your "player area" to put it, you also create even more exciting thematic stories during the game. For example you may have a partner... but desire another.

    12. Artipia Games 15-time creator


      That is correct. As a special rule, whenever a card (of any type) gets removed from the main board (or the experiences board) because of the Dream action, another card is drawn to replace it right away.

    13. Cory Kneeland on

      Example: I see game collection on the table. I place one of my worker-timers on the dream action spot, allowing me to take game collection from the main board, and place it on my dream board, and 3 desire tokens. If I later want the game collection activated, I place ANOTHER worker-timer on the item/activity (green) action spot, and pay the cost, to get the collection. And if there are any desire tokens left on it, gain LTH. Cool?

    14. Luiz Gustavo de Oliveira Mendes on

      I really love this idea. Sounds very balanced, and it works super well with the theme. But question: It says that it is always replaced, does that mean that jobs and relationships (that aren't replaced normally) are replaced when they are added to a dream board?

    15. Artipia Games 15-time creator


      That is correct. However in addition to paying the regular card's "cost" in order to then bring it from your dream board to your "player area", spending too much time of your life dreaming may keep you away from other aspects of your life that will also require time.

      The main advantage of using the Dream board is the ability to "store" cards that you are not able to complete right away, giving you an opportunity to plan ahead and create a more efficient engine.

    16. Don Sombrero on

      So you could create a dream and fulfill it in the same round, which would in practice mean exchanging a pawn for 3 LTH?