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Live the life you've always wanted. The possibilities are endless!
Live the life you've always wanted. The possibilities are endless!
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The Pursuit of Happiness



We all have a common desire - the desire for happiness. As we build our life, taking steps towards the pursuit of happiness, we come closer to the realization that happiness lies in the pursuit.

The successful game released by Artipia Games during Essen Spiel 2015 is finally getting a large 2nd-Print!

The Pursuit of Happiness is a game designed by David Chircop and Adrian Abela, featuring artwork by Panayiotis Lyris, in which you take a character from birth and you live the life you always wanted. Using a worker-placement mechanism with time as your workers, you take on projects, you get jobs, you buy items, you establish relationships, you raise families. The possibilities are endless. How much will you be able to achieve in just one lifetime?

Download the rulebook of The Pursuit of Happiness by clicking HERE.

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Roachware - German written review here

 Backers who pledge for the $12 Stretch Rewards pledge level will also receive a full set of the game's cards (2nd-print) to bring their copies to the current paper production standards.

 To add these items to your order, please click on "Manage your pledge" and increase the pledged amount to match the cost of the items you want. When our campaign ends, you will receive a survey through which you will be able to tell us which items you would like to receive for the amount you have pledged.

The Pursuit of Happiness is scheduled for production within March 2016. Please note that the published product may have differences regarding sizes, quantities, colors and layout because of production limitations and/or adjustments. Please back this project only after taking this information into account.

Any stretch rewards generated through this campaign are not exclusive. They may be available to acquire in the future at an additional cost. Backers of this campaign will be receiving those rewards for free. Those who already own the first print of the game may order just the new material by choosing the corresponding pledge level.

This campaign is launched by Artipia Games. The Pursuit of Happiness will be co-published and distributed in North America by Stronghold Games. Please note that Stronghold Games has no relation to this Kickstarter campaign.

We expect to ship the game to you within May 2016. Please keep in mind though, that there is always the chance of the production process getting delayed for various reasons. Our current shipping solution DOES NOT offer tracking. From past experience we already know that the percentage of lost items is almost 0%. However, If you require tracking for your order, please contact us at support[at] and let us know. Please note that you will be requested to pay additional shipping costs since your order will have to be handled separately from our group shipping solution. All orders will be shipped from Greece. If you have any concerns regarding customs and import taxes for large cost orders, please contact us at support[at] and we will assist you on that.

In order to keep shipping costs as low as possible, we always try to find the most efficient solutions for mass shipping of games/items. Please note that you may be receiving the games/items you pledged for in more than one package.

Countries with higher shipping cost: We've been having tremendous delivery problems with games shipped to Brazil for which we were not responsible. For that reason we are forced to send packages to Brazil separately from our group shipment. As a result, backers from Brazil will be required to pay additional shipping costs (these extra costs are automatically added to your pledge) to ensure quicker and successful delivery. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Risks and challenges


Among the Stars: Revival - All games for our Revival campaign were shipped on September 28th 2015. All stretch rewards were shipped throughout October and the beginning of November.

Project: ELITE - The Essen pickup October 2015 rewards were delivered at Essen-Germany. Those backers will also be receiving replacement miniatures as soon as Drawlab Entertainment has finished their re-production. All remaining pledge levels will receive their rewards as soon as Drawlab Entertainment finishes the re-production of the miniatures. The rest of the game's components have been produced since September 2015.


Even though we do our best to ensure a quality product and a fast production, there is always the risk of delays. Supplier shortage, holiday traffic and weather conditions are just a few of the reasons a production could be delayed. Artipia Games should not be held responsible for delays caused by third parties. In addition, some of the items shown might differ from final product due to supplier/manufacturer error.

When dealing with a large number of orders, there is always a chance that errors will occur. If after you receive your order, you find out that there are items missing, please contact us at support [at] and we will send you the missing items as soon as possible.
If your package arrives damaged, please take a few photos of all damaged items and email them to us at support [at] We will send you replacements for the damaged items as soon as possible. Our previous packing solution was over 99.5% damage-proof. However, there were a few cases where the packages were hit so hard that damage was caused to the games’ boxes. Replacement were sent to the backers who received damaged boxes. The games shipped through this campaign will be sent out in a larger and stronger package which will better protect the contents against such damage.

We generally do not offer refunds unless we are completely unable to deliver the project. We will not offer refunds because of delays in delivery or changes to the game's components, layout etc. We will examine any request for a refund separately and refund only the cases we feel the request for a refund is justified.

Our current estimation for delivery is May 2016. We are optimistic that this campaign will be delivered sooner than that. However history has shown that no matter how well you plan things, there is always a chance of delays caused by third parties. Please understand that we want your orders to be delivered quickly as much as you do. Please note that some of the promo material may be delivered separately in a later date due to production time needed.

If a package is not delivered due to a backer's fault (wrong address given, backer didn't claim the delivered package from their post office, etc), the backer may be requested to pay additional shipping fees for the item to be sent out again.

As soon as this campaign is over, you will be requested to complete a survey through which you can let us know which items you have ordered as well as where you would like us to ship your order to. By keeping in mind that your order may be shipped sooner or later than the estimated date, please give us an address that will surely not change. (If for example you think that you may be moving to a new house around May, please give us the address of a friend or relative to ensure a successful delivery)

Please read the Shipping section above.

Please note that your order may be delivered in multiple packages. This is done due to weight limitations for group shipments. Each game or extras ordered through this campaign will most likely be delivered in a separate package. Even though the items you ordered will be shipped at the same time, there is always a chance they will arrive to you several days apart. This may occur due to each country's postal service sort-and-dispatch system.

Through this campaign you may receive updates on Artipia Games’ other upcoming projects. Such updates will be rare.


Thank you very much,
Artipia Games

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