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Mixing fun and excitement in real-time board game full of intense moments, featuring 80 amazing highly detailed miniatures.
Mixing fun and excitement in real-time board game full of intense moments, featuring 80 amazing highly detailed miniatures.
2,161 backers pledged $254,157 to help bring this project to life.

Look! Its a Chronovore! And behind it? Another Sneak Peek?

Posted by Artipia Games (Creator)

Hey everyone!

"Name the Boss" winner!

We would like to thank all 324 of you who participated in the poll we posted on Boardgamegeek with backer suggestions for the name of our $85k stretch reward.

We are happy to announce the winner: With 135 votes, the name most of you chose for this Boss is.. Chronovore!! Congratulations to Dan Connolly for suggesting the name! There were many cool suggestions that we'll consider in case more (yet unnamed) Aliens show up ;)

Unlocked Stretch Goals

We've now passed the $100k milestone and more cool stuff has been unlocked! Each backer is now getting 6 Slugs and the Alien card that brings then to the table! Those huge aliens will bite everything standing next to them. 

Also, 2 extra Shooter miniatures are joining the party together with a cool new Item, the X-Ray Visor (we thank the backers who proposed the name correction - you feedback is always welcome). This gadget allows your Character to shoot through one piece of terrain such as a wall or a tree.

The Next Goal

We have also revealed a new stretch goal at $120K: 

Like its friend, the Slug, this Special Alien has 0 movement on its profile. It is called, a Creeping. These Aliens appear in groups of 3 and have a green "Acts Now" Ability (performed as soon as they are spawned and during the Alien Ability Phase). Each one forces you to perform 4 Alien Moves (so 12 in total) as if those were rolled on dice!!!  Stay alert because as soon as those creatures show up, the enemies' mobility increases dramatically! 

Project: ELITE expansion sneak peek

We already gave you a small taste of the expansion we will be releasing this week, which is filled with so many awesome things! More amazing Characters, a new 2-sided Game Board, a new Objective and 2 new Alien Soldier hordes!!

We will reveal more details in the coming days but before we close this update let us share with you a Character preview from this new expansion. 

Everyone? Meet Sandra! Sandra? Meet everyone!

Thank you so much for your support! You're the best!

The Project: ELITE team.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Ray on

      I got to say the X-ray visor does not look like a visor at all, but a pair of night vision-like goggles that are put on. Look at a motorcycle helmet visor and what you are seeing in the picture sure ain't one.

    2. Renato "Merc with a Mouth" Lule on

      Does anyone else think Sandra looks like Cassie Cage from Mortal Kombat X?

    3. Gutris

      @Salvador I dunno, I think the time spent in game shooting aliens in the face versus healing wounded soldiers is going to pretty much 90% shooty, 10% healy. That said, shooting seems to be the dominant position.

      Still, it's a fair point.

    4. Missing avatar

      Elias Toliadis on

      Sandra looks great! I love all the detail put into these minis. I also very much like the fact that the soldiers don't look over the top at all. They're all still very human despite the armor or weaponry. Makes great contrast with the alien hordes.

    5. Salvador Bernadó Sala

      I find this discussion about the poses of the miniatures a bit ridiculous.
      A shooting pose is as good or as bad as any other pose.
      Or do you find perfectly normal that a mini is always shooting even when there are no enemies on sight or even when he/she is severely wounded or helping a fellow soldier?

    6. Matej Gaba on

      I guess they are special agents each one with a specific role in team Elite that requires unique gear and armor. This way, for me it is totally ok that the figures look unique as well.

    7. CK Lai on

      Good points about having more characters having shooting poses rather than just standing around striking a pose :-)

      I prefer them to be shooting at the aliens also. Male or female.

    8. chang on

      i didnt have time to read comments earlier.. but have to say..
      why in name of haven we get offended by sexy mini? im a women and i love it!! is it stupid that im wearing heel and battling aliens/zombies/eldritch horror? yes? really?? i m battling those!! pretty sure an apocalypse is here and i ll get as remote to others, and enjoy a quiet lake and as much wine as it is left, hopefully my bf survive c me and icy we find some pricey chocolate store and gourmet to empty.
      in a game, im "im too awesome for u alien, BOOM, you are dead .. yeap, i look good and stylish killing ur buddie there, didnt like it? come and try to get me, /introduce a sadist pffft there. repeat.." LOL
      game looks awesome..

      still terrified of slugs + creeping (sure calling that wrong.. lol) + biters T.T

    9. Missing avatar

      Levi on

      You guys are doing great! You'll need to think of a lot more stretch goals at this rate... :-)

    10. Gutris

      Agreed on having fun and wanting to stay positive. Kill aliens, not fellow backers!

    11. Justin Schuber on

      I personal think they are not so bad, I have seen much worse. But I'll just say this, don't want this to turn into a huge; ugly argument like most things on the internet evolve into. I think we all agree we just want to get this game funded and have fun with it, that's all. I'll extend an olive branch and leave it at that. :)

    12. Gutris

      I don't think it's totally out of line to call the figure 'sexualized.'

      I just want guns pointing at aliens. Is that so wrong?

      I mean, the only guy who isn't is pointing a gun is packing a knife, which I'm sure plays into things.

      Same time, I get that redoing the art may be costly. Just switch the models on the figures to, y'know, point horizontally or so.

      Dunno, would like to hear others weigh in on this.

    13. Justin Schuber on

      @Tom Too sexualized?! Are you kidding?

    14. Missing avatar

      Tom on

      The consensus here is that all the player minis are too sexualized

    15. Justin Schuber on

      @Nischo +1 for your comment friend. :)

    16. Missing avatar

      Tom on

      I keep calling it the Creepling too haha

    17. Nischo on

      Always the same comments *sigh*. Lets dress them all up in big ugly Armor and we can't figure out who is who. Because honestly, even if they were a special unit, don't you think they would wear all the same armor, because of Budget reasons, even a Military needs to keep their Budget in check.Also those armor would have more armor plates to hide any kind of form or curves, because of safety reasons? And btw, don't tell me Momentum isn't totally striking a pose and trying to get Attention. I mean ... come on, he is the Johnny Cage of Project: Elite.

    18. chang on

      1. chronovore!! yay!!!
      2. thx for changing to "visor" luv that suggestion and love that u guys listen to fans so much
      3. will more likely get this expansion, hope no too pricey. You know what would be a "defenetly getting"?? more event cards :) though, the extra objective and aliens horde (i assume is new enemirs) is making it a most defenetly... but please please more events, i know i luv those. :)

    19. Missing avatar

      Kikizosan on

      On the alien name, I did vote for Chronovore, but on reflection, you already have two other specials - time walker and time bender. Shouldn't they also be named Chrono- something now for consistency?

      Chronotorque and Chronoambulator. I admit those don't sound very good.

      Also, +1 to Leo. I'd much rather she were posed like she's fighting aliens, not modelling for some sort of fetish photoshoot.

    20. Gutris

      I'm not worried about sexy so much, but it would be cool to have a female character aiming at the aliens. Otherwise, going 'pew pew' doesn't make sense unless you kind of head dive into them... which is kind of cool, but may get old.

    21. Nathan Paul Rhoades on

      Love the figure. I don't find it too sexy at all. In good part because it is a 1 inch tall piece of plastic and I am not into that kind of thing. Keep up the cool content.

    22. Richard Diosi

      Why not Creepling? It flows smoother.

    23. Leo Borg on

      Not even one of the female characters aim at the enemies, just at the sky and strike a pose. Why? Can't you @Artipia at least let the female characters be strong and in their pose actually look like they participate directly in the fight?

    24. Justin Schuber on

      Well while I am bummed my name wasn't picked I was honored that at least that I got a close 3rd :) But the new expansion content should be a nice shot in the arm for the funding and hopefully more awesome stretch goals!

    25. Jeff fearnow on

      good point, +Leo Borg. I'm just glad there's some concession to women being real people and not always just eyecandy.

      I think sculptors are in the minority who can show a capable female character that isn't just Big Ugly Dumb Chick With Gun. Yeah, the manly men sculpts are the bigmeaty stereotypes but what would be wrong with taking cues from real people wearing combat kit?

      It is it's own kind of hawt IMO. YMMV.

    26. Jeff fearnow on

      OMG. The Sandra character sculpt isn't wearing stripper heels. How ever will we know she is a gurl? /sarcasm

      SO MUCH win that you have a female character that isn't a poledancer-with-gun. This gets my vote.

    27. Highlord Tamburlaine, Luxurious Reptile

      Glad to hear I'm not the only one constantly refreshing this page in the hopes of finding something new lurking...

      Can't wait to see what's in the expansion!

    28. Leo Borg on

      So why do yet another female character have to stand in a pinup pose? I like the game but this really bugs me, as well as how thin arms the women -army- characters have.

    29. Stuart Fern on

      Yay! Things! Considering how much I've been clicking refresh on this kickstarter I'm very excited to be able to read this update. Those Creepings sound like a menace.

    30. Isi

      Yay! Thumbs up for Sandra! Guess who I will be playing... :P