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Mixing fun and excitement in real-time board game full of intense moments, featuring 80 amazing highly detailed miniatures.
Mixing fun and excitement in real-time board game full of intense moments, featuring 80 amazing highly detailed miniatures.
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Posted by Artipia Games (Creator)

One of the special aspects of Project: ELITE is the huge replayabilty that it offers. This is due to a variety of reasons and we thought we should elaborate to give you a better idea.

First of all, the game's double-sided board. Each side of the included board has a completely different stage. The first side is the Abandoned Lab. The players have to go through the lab in order to reach the Aliens, walking through narrow corridors and dangerous chokepoints. Outside the lab, the aliens are performing a full heads-on assault. The night-time allows them to move more quickly and focus solely on their objective. As a result they move in straight lines towards the lab with the arrows on the board leading them towards 3 main paths. When they reach the lab, the narrow corridors don't leave much space for manoeuvres. Big lines end up being formed with every new figure's move pushing a horde of existing aliens!  

On the other side of the board, the Alien Crash Site, a different story takes place. It is now daylight and as a result the Aliens are now much more cautious. To avoid the Project: ELITE team they tend to move in horizontal lines a lot, going around big objects in their path, so they can get some cover behind them. This time, the arrows on the board lead them into 4-5 different paths. However, as soon as they turn around the obstacles, they are now extremely close to their objective, forcing the players to drop everything else and try to deal with them. The open space is nice and it allows for some weapons to shine. However, it also results in the players spreading out, making it difficult for them to collaborate on some of the objectives.  

All in all, the two boards offer a quite different experience. The players will have to play many times to learn the details of each one, the values of all the paths, the tricks they can use and the strategies they will need to follow.  

But that's not all!

There are 4 different Objectives to try with each board and for each one there are 3 different difficulty levels. Not only these Objectives play differently from each other (requiring different strategies and tactical moves from the players), they also feel different when played on the two different boards. And don't make the mistake to assume that having mastered a level of difficulty on one side, will allow you to easily win on the other side as well. Phrases like "Oh my God, how did that guy reach us so quickly" are going to be a common occurrence on the table...  

But wait, there's more!  

In each game you start with different weapons and items. These will be the tools in your disposal - at least for the first rounds - which means you will have to act accordingly. In some games you will have ranged weapons shooting only in straight lines. That will force you to sit back and have other players bring the aliens in range. In other games you will be stuck with closed combat weapons meaning you will have to meet the aliens up close and personal in order to deal with them. Some weapons will be easy to activate but hard to get a hit, while others will be tough to fire with, but guaranteed to leave a lot of corpses when they do. Your strategy and your playing style is definitely going to change based on your guys' equipment.  

Moreover, after dealing with some Alien Bosses and fulfilling some objectives you will start getting access to Alien Technology weapons with very different (and more "splashy") effects.  

But we are still not done.  

There are Events in the game, happening every few rounds. They change the game in very dramatic (and pressing) ways for the players, making their lives more difficult. It's one thing to have to deal with hordes of menacing aliens. It's a different thing to have to do so with acid tokens appearing constantly on the board, movement requiring twice the effort and the round lasting 20" less...  

And we still haven't told you the best part!  

The Aliens.

The aliens that the players have to deal with are different in each game, spawning in different spots and in different quantities. Moreover, the Alien Bosses have so powerful (and game-changing) abilities that their presence has a huge impact in the game every time they are drawn. With so many different effects and abilities you will never know what to expect - only that they are going to mean a lot of trouble. All this variability in both normal Aliens and Bosses, means that you are going to have very different experiences each time. There will be games where you will be dealing with countless miniatures on the board, requiring you to be at 10 places at once. Other times you will be running like hell to prevent a single Alien Boss (with many many points of life) from reaching the end. Some Aliens you will have to shoot from afar, others you will want to get close to and others you will simply end up avoiding (and hoping they don't move too fast) due to the difficulty in taking them down.  

Not only are you going to feel like you are playing a different game each time, you are also going to have different stories to tell with your friends afterwards!  

"Hey, remember that time when Spawning Egg had gotten too close and Time Bender was so far that we had to run towards him, passing through acid and then hurry to the Objective tiles again?"  

All of the above, give you a rough idea on how big replayability is in the game. To sum up, let us just tell you this one thing: If one thing is certain of Project: ELITE, it is that you are going to be playing many many games of it for a long time to come! Our hundreds of playtests are a testament to that!

Thank you once again for your support.

The Project: ELITE Team

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    1. Missing avatar

      Tom on

      I'd really like to see a campaign or some type of progression(like Shadowrun Crossfire) or more missions or another board. Even just some short series of missions that you need to complete in sequence that you maintain your gear from the previous mission.

    2. Greatlich, Nightmare of Valoria

      I don't mind getting a printable new map in PDF...; P

    3. Rico S Mario Melchert on

      Ofc the game will be replayable, but it would be nice with another board. If only for the visuals.

      New mission... Same jungle? Again?
      The team lands. Ok this time lets disarm the Bom... What the? Same jungle? Really? :)

      Add on? Sure?
      If the game is supposed to be produced for Essen most of the stuff is probably done. Including box size.
      I can understand if putting another board in there is more or less impossible.
      But that said. Epic stretch goal. First expansion. Not delivered at Essen. Perhaps December? Another board. A couple of mission cards. Some rules for scenario play? Sure. Bring it :)

    4. woodhouse

      I also agree one more double sided board as a stretch goal!!! That will be more replayabile!!!!

    5. B.Glorie on

      Well i think i have to agree that an extra double sided board would make things allot more interesting, really like the idee sjeng had about a space station / ship map.

    6. Missing avatar

      Tom on

      I feel like the game is just begging for an FPS like campaign. Maybe with a Borderlands feel to it =P

    7. Leo Borg on

      I agree that everything in the game is really nice, but it would be good to have one more double sided board as a stretch goal.

    8. Missing avatar

      Kikizosan on

      I agree more maps, scenarios, and even game modes would all be very welcome, but we are also still already getting a lot of value for money. These additional things could easily become expansions if this main game proves to be successful.

      Maybe having some of these elements grouped into an expansion - as either stretch goal if possible, or add-on - would work? I mean, all us backers would prefer stretch goal, but it depends on what can be done.

    9. Greatlich, Nightmare of Valoria

      I am with Sjeng. Everything in this game is just awesome ! Especially the number of minis at this price tag. I found no reason not to back this. I agree that all those things above add to the replayability, no doubt about it. But we are still facing quite the same mission again and again. Extra maps would mean more scenarios and I guess we all love more of these.

      I understand that maybe extra map is not part of the plan. I guess I won't mind having them as an Add-on if you somehow decide to produce them.

    10. Skazz

      For sure another Double-sided board would be just awesome. Could be some epic Last stretch goal Or Even an Add-on. But if there is no Chance at all to get more boards it might be a good idea for the developers just to Point this out right at the beginning of the campaign so Nobody will be diappointed in the end.

    11. Sjeng [] on

      Well, I'm sure this game HAS a lot of replayability, but still, it's 2 maps. That never change.
      Let me compare: Escape the curse of the temple has small tiles, and they all look very similar, so basically a lot less interesting, but they make up for it with random map generation. Plus, there are several addons to make the game more challenging and diverse.

      So even though ELITE has many different monsters etc, you will ALWAYS play them on the given 2 maps. I for one would like another double sided board, with 2 more scenario's.
      For example: a space station or ship with lots of corridors, a power core, docking bays (where the aliens could enter), different rooms (medical bay, bridge, armory).
      Alien asteroid: caverns, alien tech on the walls, Queen's egg chamber, food storage chamber...

      Just some ideas off the top of my head.