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An expansion to Fields of Green
An expansion to Fields of Green
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A closer look at Solo game and Competitions! (includes 5th player color results)

Posted by Artipia Games (Creator)

Hello Fair visitors,

We hope you are all doing great, at the very least!

A lot of you have commented that you were missing additional information on what new Grand Fair brings to the table, and we could not overlook this. We have already commented accordingly and we are going to release a draft version of the rulebook next week.

"Wait! We have what you want!"

You can now check the main campaign page, as it is now updated with much more descriptive information.

Then Vangelis Bagiartakis, our game designer, as a proper savior, intervenes and starts explaining more things about the Grand Fair Solo game and the Competitions:

" One of the first things I worked on when I started designing Grand Fair was the Solo Game. I enjoy playing games solo very much and I know there is a growing community of players who is interested in single-player games. In fact, the ability to play the game solo was something that we got a lot of requests for even during the main game's campaign.  

Since then, there was a variant uploaded on BGG by user GladiatorGR which became very popular. My idea was similar to what was suggested in that variant but I wanted to add something to it. First of all, I didn't want your objective to be just points. I wanted you to have a specific goal in mind and build towards that. I also wanted to simulate somehow the unpredictability of a multi-player draft. For example, you may choose no Buildings for your starting hand in a round but get passed one from another player that is super useful in your Farm. I wanted you to have moments like this which meant that there should be some unpredictability in the locations you would see.  

The idea of having cards with specific goals for the solo game, was similar in a way to "objectives", found in many games. In fact, in another game I had worked on (The Pursuit of Happiness), the two were combined in a very successful way. There were objectives for the multi-player games, which also included a clause for use only in a solo game. Since Fields didn't have objectives yet, it was a perfect opportunity to combine them!  

Thus, I am happy to introduce to you, Grand Fair's Competitions:  


These are objectives that are revealed at the beginning of a game (as many as the number of players) and award points to the players who get to fulfill them. One may require a player to build lots of Cereal Fields, another one may ask for the most Buildings while another one may be looking for the most Equipment. Follow the instructions and you get extra VP at the end of the game, simple as that! Keep in mind though that you will be facing competition from all the other players, so choose the ones you will pursue carefully!

In the solo game however, things become slightly different. If you turn a Competition card sideways, you can see information on it that applies only to the solo game. More specifically, a goal that you need to reach. The way the solo game works is that you draw 4 Competitions and you choose 3 of them. This way, you have 3 different tasks that you need to achieve before the end of the game. On top of that, you need to get at least 60 VP.    

"Wait, what? Isn't 60 VP a bit too much?" the crowd argues intensely.

"Well, for a normal game they are. In the solo game however you end up playing a few more turns, the way its draft works. Here's how: At the beginning of each round you draw 6 cards, choosing among the 4 piles like you normally do. Then, you draw 2 extra cards out of each pile (without looking at them) which you shuffle with the rest, ending up with a pile of 14 cards. You then draw 3 cards out of that pile placing them in front of it. You choose one of those cards to perform your action for the round, one of them to keep in front of the pile and one to discard. Your perform your action and then you reveal 2 more cards. Once again, you choose one to play, one to keep in front of the pile and one to discard. This goes on, until the pile runs out and you have only 2 cards left - you play one and you discard the other. 

This way, you end up drafting 7 locations per round allowing you to enjoy your solitaire farm even more!

Depending on the Competitions you will be drawing, each game is going to feel very different since you will be aiming for different things. Also, being able to choose which 3 Competitions you will be keeping out of the 4 you drew, also helps you form your strategy

So far, both me and other playtesters have enjoyed playing Fields of Green solo and I can't wait to hear your thoughts on it!

Vangelis Bagiartakis"

We hope the Competitions breakdown and the Solo Game explanation are a good treat to feed your hunger for more Grand Fair information for now and we will soon be coming back with even more!

Before we end this update,

After a fair and democratic procedure of the poll on, the 5th player color will be ....(drum roll, but not Artipia's Game, the normal one)...... PURPLE!

As always, thank you all for your great support!

Artipia Games

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    1. Lee on

      The people have spoken but if you add another colour please make it black rather than putting it to a poll. Being aware of colour blindness should be something that all game publishers are now and there are several apps to help with the process.

    2. Missing avatar

      Jared Bartels

      Super disappointed we didn't get orange. How about a 6th player? Haha.

    3. Gretchen Ingram on

      I don't mind purple... but don't forget you can always paint the tractor if, like me, you were hoping for orange

    4. Missing avatar

      Fiomtec on

      I don't really mind Purple, but some folks were saying (in the original thread) that it was the worst possible colour for color blind people.