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An expansion to Fields of Green
An expansion to Fields of Green
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Fields of Green - Grand Fair






The Grand Fair expansion

It is time for the annual Agricultural Grand Fair where all aspects of a farmer's life are celebrated! Farmers all around the area are coming to see the attractions, watch the festivities, take part in competitions and get information on the latest news in the farming industry.

Grand Fair is an expansion for Fields of Green. It introduces the Grand Fair Attractions which let the players interact with the Grand Fair in many new and exciting ways! It also includes additional locations, objectives, components for a 5th player and rules and material for solo game.

Come visit the Grand Fair, enjoy its attractions and get to experience the life of a farmer to the fullest! Here are some more details on what the expansion has to offer:  


The Grand Fair Attractions are square mats that are drawn at the beginning of each game and placed on the table, next to the players. Each of them depicts a happening at the Fair that interests the players. The players have tokens (wooden tractors) that use them to interact with the Attractions, but each Attraction utilizes them in a different way. Some offer players a mini game that they play while advancing their Farms, others offer them more options when building locations and some even add new actions for the players.

In Agricultural Market for example, you reveal a location of each type at the beginning of every round and you may swap a card in your hand with one in the Attraction, giving you more options on what to do.

In Tractor Race, whenever you build a location of a specific type, you move one space forward. Depending on your position at the end, you will be getting extra points at the end, with the player finishing first getting even more points!  

The expansion will contain 8 different Attractions (with 3 used in each game) that will allow for many different and exciting combinations!

New Locations

Grand Fair comes with new locations of all types. Grow Oats and Cherry trees, raise Bison and Llama, build Shearing Sheds, Chapels and Tanneries!

With 12 different locations, you will be getting many exciting new abilities, cool interactions and more strategies to discover!

Competitions (Player Objectives)

The annual Grand Fair features many Competitions for the local farmers! Prove to your fellow farmers who grows the tastiest Vegetables, who raises the healthiest Livestock and who has the most efficient Buildings!

Competition cards are revealed at the beginning of the game and list a goal for the players like "Build the most Vegetable Fields" or "Have the most Equipment". At the end of the game, the player who best fulfills the goal, will gain additional points! With 12 Competitions included in Grand Fair, each game is going to be different and each decision you will be making is now going to be much more crucial!

Solo Rules

The Grand Fair expansion allows Fields of Green to be played by a single player! You can now get to experience all that the game has to offer, even when the rest of your play group is not available!

Using the corresponding section in each Competition card, you set a series of specific goals for the game that you need to meet in order to win. Then, you draft cards in a specific way, unique to the solo game, and build your Farm as normal. After 4 rounds, you check to see if you met the goals you had and if you managed to reach a minimum score of points (based on the difficulty level).

5th Player Components

Included in Grand Fair you will find additional cards, tokens and markers that will allow you to add a 5th player to your games!

Now the only thing you will be needing is a bigger table!

About the Base Game

Fields of Green takes place in the middle of the 20th century. Players take the role of farm owners trying to expand their property and business. By adding fields, livestock and facilities they build an economic engine that will bring them closer to victory.

Fields of Green is played over 4 Rounds (years) during which players draft cards and add them to their ever expanding farms. At the end of each year comes the harvest season where they must water their fields, feed their livestock and pay maintenance costs, in order to receive valuable resources that will allow them to further expand in the next year.

Through various means, players eventually convert their wealth to Victory Points and the player who gathers the most by the end of the 4th year, is the winner.

People wrote about Fields of Green:

  • "Αbsolutely a noteworthy release due to solid strategic depth with an exceedingly simple and straightforward rule-set" - charlest
  • “Fantastic evolution of the basic card drafting game into an engine builder.” – zhstalt
  • Superb tableau/engine-building game with card drafting that really matters.” – Numskull
  • I really enjoy drafting. I especially liked how you could customize the starting hands to have a certain number of the different types of cards.” – rodenbeckb
  • A charming engine builder where you have to puzzle out the best places to lay your fields, livestock, etc. as you expand your farm.” - hojusimpson
  • Fast-paced, not overcomplicated, yet interesting and rewarding.” – Yttrenolv
  • Lighter than some farming games, but able to deliver lots of complexity in a simple, strategic but non stop manner with very little down time.” – bonobogamer
  • The rules are simple to learn and the re-play ability is high as you can pull different variations of buildings, farms, constructions, and animals each turn.” – LassKerr
  • One of the things that I appreciate the most about the game is that it has a relatively short play time, but it has enough depth to elevate it over filler.” – Spamin76

You can find more quotes in this review by Ender Wiggins.

You can check out some of the many video reviews for Fields of Green base game.


 You can find more video reviews here.



  • 12 Field Cards
  • 12 Livestock Cards
  • 12 Construction Cards
  • 12 Building Cards
  • 4 Equipment Tokens
  • 8 Attractions
  • 12 Competitions
  • 15 Custom Wooden Tractor Markers
  • 12 Food Tokens
  • 10 Water Tokens
  • Additional Water Towers, Silos & Player Aid (for the 5th player)
  • Additional Coins & VP Tokens
  • 1 Scoring Pad
  • 1 Rulebook

A draft version of the expansion's rulebook is available here.

To include any add-ons to your pledge, just click on the "Manage your pledge" button on the top right corner of this page and increase your total pledged based on the prices below.

After the end of the campaign you will have access to our pledge manager where you will be asked which add-ons you would like to add to your reward. You will also be able to add more items at that point. 




The game features illustrations from the following artists:

Gong Studios (box cover)

Naomi Robinson (location cards, attractions, equipment)

Grzegorz Bobrowski (location cards)

The production of Fields of Green: Grand Fair is scheduled for Summer 2018. The game will be produced in Germany's largest board game manufacturer ensuring a high quality product.

The published product may have differences regarding sizes, quantities, colors and layout because of production limitations and/or adjustments.

Stretch rewards generated through this campaign will be given to all backers free of charge. Keep in mind that these Stretch rewards will not be exclusive and they may become available to acquire in the future at an additional cost.

We expect to have the game delivered to backers within November 2018. Please keep in mind though, that there is always the chance of the production and handling process getting delayed for various reasons.

Our current shipping solution is very reliable but DOES NOT offer tracking information. From past experience we already know that the percentage of lost items is almost 0%. However, If you require tracking information for your order, please contact us at support[at] and let us know. Please note that you will be requested to pay additional shipping costs since your order will have to be handled separately from our group shipping solution.

All orders will be shipped from Greece (EU member). If you have any concerns regarding customs and import taxes for large cost orders, please contact us at support[at] and we will assist you on that.

In order to keep shipping costs as low as possible, we always try to find the most efficient solutions for mass shipping of games/items. Please note that you may be receiving the games/items you pledged for in more than one package.

If in the pledge manager you choose Essen Spiel 2018 Pick-up option you will be able to collect your game during Spiel 2018 fair (Essen, Germany 26th-29th of October 2018) from Artipia Games booth. If you do not collect your pledge during the fair, we will request additional shipping fees to send your pledge via mail.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Fields of Green: Grand Fair is scheduled to be released at Spiel 2018 in Essen-Germany in October 2018. Note that the only guaranteed way that you will be among the first to get the game, is to select the "Essen Spiel 2018 pick-up" option in the pledge manager. Since this is a Spiel 2018 release, several customers and retailers may purchase the game from the fair which means they will get it before our group shipment goes out to backers. However, the Stretch rewards will not be sold to retailers outside of this campaign.

Shipping costs will be collected after the campaign’s end, using a pledge manager. The calculation will be based on our past experience in previous campaigns’ fulfilment, taking into account the add-ons you have ordered and your shipping Country.

The following estimations are for our main unregistered mass shipment solution. If you require tracking information for your order, please contact us at support[at] and let us know. In that case you will be requested to pay additional shipping costs since your order will have to be handled separately from our mass shipping solution.

Estimated Shipping for Grand Fair + Stretch Rewards:

  • United States - Canada - EU - UK - Luxembourg - Switzerland - Iceland - Norway: 5-8 USD
  • Rest of the world: 7-10 USD

Estimated Shipping costs for Grand Fair + Stretch Rewards + Fields of Green base game (2 packages): 

  • United States - Canada - EU - UK - Luxembourg - Switzerland - Iceland - Norway: 13-18 USD
  • Rest of the world: 17-21 USD

Italy, Chile: Due to delays in previous campaign deliveries to backers in Italy and Chile caused by local postal services, we strongly recommend backers from those countries to contact us to arrange registered shipping. If not, please be aware that your package may arrive much later than it will in other countries.

Brazil, China, Macao, United Arab Emirates, Russian Federation: Packages will be handled separately from the mass shipment solution. The total shipping cost will be automatically added when you pledge as follows:

  • Grand Fair + SR: 19 USD
  • Fields of Green + Grand Fair + SR: 52 USD

Greece: The total shipping cost will be added when you pledge as follows:

  • Grand Fair + SR: 3 USD
  • Fields of Green + Grand Fair + SR: 5 USD


In the pledge manager there will be a choice for Essen Spiel 2018 Pick-up option with no additional shipping cost.

A few days before the fair you will receive a unique code via email with which you will be able to collect your pledge from Artipia Games booth (25 - 28th October 2018, Spiel 2018 Essen, Germany).



Risks and challenges



All other past campaigns have been delivered.

Items shown in this campaign might differ in the final product due to supplier/manufacturer error. In addition, the production may get delayed due to various reasons. Supplier shortage, holiday traffic and weather conditions are just a few of examples. Artipia Games should not be held responsible for delays caused by third parties.

If after receiving your whole order, there are missing/damaged items please inform us by sending an email at support[at] including some photos of what was damaged. We will send you replacements for the missing/damaged items as soon as possible.
Unfortunately, we are unable to send replacements for damaged inserts/trays.

We will re-send any packages returned to us undelivered after we will inform the backer. If a package was not delivered due to a backer's fault (wrong address given, backer didn't claim the delivered package from their post office, etc), we may request additional shipping fees to re-send the package.

Estimated delivery is November 2018. However third parties involved with the production of items needed to fulfil the campaign may cause unpredictable delays. Also, after sending the packages, further delays may occur due to your local customs and postal services traffic that are out of Artipia Games control. Please note that delivery dates that involve shipping refer to the month we expect to dispatch the items.

After the campaign is over you will be requested to complete a survey including your shipping address. Please provide us a shipping address that will be valid around November 2018. If after filling the survey you wish to alter your shipping address, please send us a message at support[at]

Please note that due to weight limitations in the shipping methods we use, your order may be delivered in multiple packages. Even though all of your packages most probably will get shipped at the same time, there is always a chance they will arrive to you several days apart. This may occur due to each country's postal service sort-and-dispatch system.

We generally do not offer refunds unless we are completely unable to deliver the project. We will not offer refunds because of delays in delivery or changes/adjustments to the game's components, layout etc. or for damaged components that we are able to replace. We will examine any request for a refund separately and may refund only the cases we feel the request for a refund is justified.

Through this campaign you may receive updates on Artipia Games’ other upcoming projects. Such updates will be rare.



Please note that all material depicted in this campaign is a work in progress. Various elements and layouts might change until the game gets produced.

We thank you for your support!

Artipia Games

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