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Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Jun 22 2018

A Thief's Misfortune... (Canceled)

A Card Drafting and Engine Building game for 1-4 players

A Thief's Misfortune... (Canceled)

A Card Drafting and Engine Building game for 1-4 players

pledged of $20,000pledged of $20,000 goal
Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Jun 22 2018


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Nabbarah: A city full of wonders and stories to be told - a glimmering jewel in the middle of the desert.

You are a thief, always on the look for the next target to hit. You decide to sneak into the Royal Palace, break in its Treasure Room, and look for the mythical treasures rumored to be hidden there.

Among piles of gold, emeralds and precious jewelry you stumble upon a chest containing a mysterious Hourglass. As soon as you touch it you are filled with mystical energy and realize its true power: You are now able to see glimpses of your own future. By taking different courses of action, different paths unfold before you, allowing you to shape your future as you see fit. Unfortunately, everyone in the palace is now after you...

Will you manage to live your best possible timeline and take charge of your own fortune?

 Below you can check various details and elements of the game. More information on the storyline and the background of the game will be revealed through upcoming updates.

Rundown by Rahdo - Richard Ham

  Playthrough and First impressions by Slickerdrips - Tom Heath

A Thief's Fortune is a competitive Card Drafting & Engine Building game for 1-4 players that lasts 45 to 90 minutes.

The game revolves around a Thief who has just come across a mystical item that allows him to see glimpses of the future.

Each player represents a different timeline of that character and through the various choices and actions of each player, separate alternate paths are formed.

By visiting various Locations, interacting with local Characters and making sure that certain Events you have seen, will actually happen, you try to find the path that will lead you as far away as possible from danger and at the same time gather as much fortune as you can.

During the 5 rounds of the game, players gather Fortune Points with the player who has the most being the winner.

In front of each player there are 3 different and distinguishable spaces, starting from the right hand side to the left: the Future, the Present and the Past.

In the first two areas (Future and Present), cards should be put in one of three horizontal rows, depending on the kind of card they are. In the top row, the Location cards are placed, in the middle one the Character cards and in the bottom row the Event cards are put.

In the Future area, players put the cards they choose for their timeline, also putting the accompanied resources that the card shows on the top left section.

In the Present area, players put the cards that are active and can use their abilities for this round, and for as long as they are there.

The Past area has all the cards that were moved from their Present area and gathered in a single pile scoring additional Fortune points at the end of the game.

The game has 3 different Basic Resources:

  • Gems, representing the jewellery and treasures that you want to loot from the Palace, which will earn you Fortune Points or help you in convincing people in your timeline.
  • Swords, that count as fighting resources that you want to gain and spend to manage to both evade the Danger of getting caught by the Palace Guards and also get the highest possible Loot.
  • Lamps, representing all the cunning and witty tricks that you have to use to help you fulfil your best possible timeline, buying out Fortune Points and performing various actions.

You can use these 3 Basic Resources in your stockpile in various ways that will enable you to trigger specific actions and combos, to score Fortune Points and will also come very handy when you need to Bribe the right people to avoid getting caught.

Also, there are 2 more Resources in the game: Time and Danger.

  • Time is an extremely important resource, though it is not used similarly to the 3 Basic Resources. It represents the glimpses of the Future that you get upon touching the Hourglass. It cannot offer Fortune Points or used for Bribe directly, but it is vital to manipulate your Future into making it Present quicker, with the Spend Time Action (see below in the Action Phase Breakdown).
  • Danger shows the risk of you getting caught by the Palace Guards and all the hostile places, people and events that you will encounter within the game. The higher your Danger, the more Basic Resources or Fortune Points you will lose in order to buy out your safety. Your Danger Track has space for 5 Danger Tokens. The moment you exceed this amount you discard the extra Danger gained with an obligatory loss of 1 Fortune Point.

Each of the 5 rounds in A Thief's Fortune is split in 4 different Phases:

  • Planning Phase
  • Loot Phase
  • Action Phase
  • Bribe Phase

The Planning Phase

"Before going into the Royal Palace again and all the dangers that are in and around the centre of Nabbarah, it is better to use the Hourglass, see what is about to come, the places and people and stories my fate holds upon me.. I have to be prepared about everything that is coming my way, know my Future, so that I can choose the best of it to make it my Present...."

Each player draws 5 cards from the 3 available decks of Locations, Characters and Events, drawing at least 1 card from each deck.

After all players do so, each player chooses 1 card from their hand and places it face down in their Future Area. All players reveal at the same time the card they chose and place on it the accompanied indicated resources.

Then, each player chooses 2 cards from their hand and gives them to the next player.

Players repeat the process until all players give/receive their final 2 cards. At this point, they just choose one of those to put in their Future and discard the other to get the Favour indicated on its bottom left corner.

The Loot Phase

"The wandering in the Future of what will maybe become real and Present, seemed like it lasted for ever or only a few seconds.. But now it is done, I have to run around and speak with all these people and choose my next moves very carefully to manage to loot the Palace off its precious treasures. I have to start living in what is worth more for me, I have to start making my Fortune.."

In the Loot Phase players decide which Resources to collect from the cards in their Future and gather them in their Present Stockpile.

The order of collecting Resources is very important, as if a card at any point has no Resources on it, it instantly moves in the Present area.

Players can collect up to different number of Resources depending on the Game Round. It is important that any Danger Tokens collected, are immediately put in players' Danger Tracks.

The Action Phase

"It is time to make the most of it! I will use all my fighting skills and cunning and knowledge and versatility, as well as all my resources, both my trusted Friends, but also people that I would prefer to not meet again. All the exceptional circumstances and course of events that I foresaw will make my plan the most solid and will help me live through the best Present that can be..."

Action Phase is were players get to use the abilities of cards in their Present area. There are 4 different Actions they can perform:

1) Activate a Character

Activate a Character by turning him/her sideways and using their ability.

2) Activate an Event

Take advantage of an Event and move it to your Past.

3) Spend Time

Spend 2 Time tokens to collect 1 Resource from a card in your FUTURE.

4) Pass

End your round (the first one to pass becomes the next first player).

The Bribe Phase

"Ha, I knew that i would be too sneaky and sly for those fools, I managed to loot so much jewelry and weapons and valuable lamps.. Just when I am out this corner, I am free to enjoy them all!

Damn, I am trapped, there are guards all over, cannot avoid them now. Still, I have so many valuable items that I could lure them in forgetting that they saw me..."

During the Bribe Phase you must pay 1 Basic Resource from your stockpile for each Danger Token present in your Danger Track. If that is not possible, discard each Danger Token that you cannot pay but also lose 1 Fortune Point for it.

For more information on how to play the game check the video reviews below and the rulebook available for download. Also, more flavour on the Thief's story and details on the gameplay will be revealed in the upcoming updates during the campaign!


A Thief's Fortune is designed by Konstantinos Kokkinis and Sotirios Tsantilas. This is the designer duo behind  Project: ELITE , and this is their latest collaboration since this project.

Konstantinos Kokkinis is known for Drum Roll, Project: ELITE and New Dawn.

Sotirios Tsantilas is known for Archon: Glory and Machination, Project: ELITENew Dawn and Crisis.

Vangelis Bagiartakis, who was also involved in the development of the game, is known for Among the Stars, Fields of Green and Dice City.

The production of Α Thief's fortune is scheduled for autumn 2018.

The published product may have differences regarding sizes, quantities, colors and layout because of production limitations and/or adjustments.

Stretch rewards generated through this campaign will be given to all backers free of charge. Keep in mind that these Stretch rewards will not be exclusive and may become available to acquire in the future at an additional cost.

We expect to have the game delivered to backers within November 2018. Please keep in mind though, that there is always the chance of the production and handling process getting delayed for various reasons.

Our current shipping solution is very reliable, but DOES NOT offer tracking information. From past experience we already know that the percentage of lost items is almost 0%. However, If you require tracking information for your order, please contact us at support[at] and let us know. Please note that you will be requested to pay additional shipping costs since your order will have to be handled separately from our group shipping solution.

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If in the pledge manager you choose Essen Spiel 2018 Pick-up option you will be able to collect your game during Spiel 2018 fair (Essen, Germany 26th-29th of October 2018) from Artipia Games booth. If you do not collect your pledge during the fair, we will request additional shipping fees to send your pledge via mail.

IMPORTANT NOTE: A Thief's Fortune is scheduled to be released at Spiel 2018 in Essen-Germany in October 2018. Note that the only guaranteed way that you will be among the first to get the game, is to select the "Essen Spiel 2018 pick-up" option in the pledge manager. Since this is a Spiel 2018 release, several customers and retailers may purchase the game from the fair which means they will get it before our group shipment goes out to backers. However, the Stretch rewards will not be sold to retailers outside of this campaign.

Shipping costs will be collected after the campaign’s end, using a pledge manager. The calculation will be based on our past experience in previous campaigns’ fulfilment, taking into account the add-ons you have ordered and your shipping Country.

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* China, Macao, United Arab Emirates, Russian Federation, South Africa, Argentina, Chile, Mexico: Packages will be handled separately from the mass shipment solution. The total shipping cost for A Thief's Fortune, 33 USD, will be automatically added when you pledge.

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For Essen Spiel 2018 pick-up option just use the standard 'A Thief's Fortune' pledge level.

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A few days before the fair you will receive a unique code via email with which you will be able to collect your pledge from Artipia Games booth (25 - 28th October 2018, Spiel 2018 Essen, Germany).

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Fields of Green: Grand Fair and Kitchen Rush: Piece of Cake expansions are being produced and are scheduled for delivery on November 2018. Backers who have selected Essen Pick-up pledge level will collect their pledge at Essen Spiel 2018 fair on October 2018.
All other past campaigns have been delivered.

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Please note that all material depicted in this campaign is a work in progress. Various elements and layouts might change until the game gets produced.

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