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Comparte este proyecto

Game Brewer, Tasty Minstrel, Dexker & Kronos bring to you "Gùgōng", by Andreas Steding, in a Kickstarter Deluxe Edition.
Game Brewer, Tasty Minstrel, Dexker & Kronos bring to you "Gùgōng", by Andreas Steding, in a Kickstarter Deluxe Edition.
4.955 patrocinadores contribuyeron 266.515 € para que este proyecto se pudiera realizar.
A Karthik Setty, Ron van de Graaf y 73 personas más les gusta esta actualización.


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    1. Désirée DragonsDream Greverud

      @Edwin: except that that can't use Forbidden City anymore

    2. Edwin Lam

      .... Forbidden city sounds better a lot than gugong. And this comes from a Chinese

    3. Gonetotheedge

      I prefer zijincheng 紫禁城 as is more accurate.

    4. Désirée DragonsDream Greverud

      I can't believe anyone would change their pledge based on the name. the game is exactly the same no matter what you call it. Either you want to play this game or not. That said, I would prefer the more accurate name Zǐ jìn chéng although mostly because it's easier for my mushy American mouth to pronounce

    5. Board Game Closet

      I must have missed a lot. Didn’t even know they were changing the name of the game. I honesty have no idea how to pronounce the new name. I can’t be the only one that will butcher this when talking about it or googling it.

    6. Barrett

      Good name choice. But with that name you gotta add the Chinese characters as well. Looks odd with out it.

    7. Craig Morley

      Hey mate, fancy a game of Former Palace?

    8. Craig Morley

      Basically, in English, this game is now called "Former Palace". It is odd and wrong.

    9. Igor Jeremic

      Forbidden Palace

    10. Falta avatar

      Per Nilsson

      Not a big fan of the font chosen but Im fine with the name. I would however add the chinese characters (故宫) as well. For marketing a subtitle of The forbidden city would help.
      Would also look cool to have the characters on the side of the box written from up to down as they used to write before.

    11. Falta avatar


      I don't mind the name too much, but a subtitle should be added it maybe redundant but in terms of selling the product it doesn't bring a good first impression for the random shopper if the average person who doesn't have any knowledge of Chinese would draw a blank on seeing the product name having no word association to go along with any potential guesses on what kind of game it is without closer examination. You may not lose sales from non-English speaking countries, but most likely will lose sales in English speaking countries. Just my two cent take it as you will.

    12. Falta avatar

      Jonathon broome

      I think it's a very good choice.

    13. Chris Smith (Smoothsmith)

      "If you guys are hard set on the name, you should at least add the Hanzi, 故宮."

      Now this I'm definitely agreed on!

    14. Yann Cardon

      Hey, Gugong is the suggestion I've made in the previous news !
      First time I'm naming a board game \o/

      I should have registered it ^^ (just kidding)

    15. Falta avatar


      I too would prefer Zǐ jìn chéng (紫禁城) over Gù gōng

      I just got my friend to try and pronounce Gùgōng, and he butchered it. Sounded terrible! He got closer with Zǐ jìn chéng.

      If you guys are hard set on the name, you should at least add the Hanzi, 故宮.

    16. Keith Pishnery

      Weird decision to me (because of accuracy), but I'm not going to debate that anymore since it sounds like your mind is made up and you want to move on.

      However, I don't think this name works well in this particular type treatment. Brush work combined with a "strange" word makes it harder to read. Dial back the looseness of it and give it a bit more refined look. Additionally, since you are using a font for this, it's very noticeable that the bottoms (descenders) of the "G/g" are all the same. Perhaps you could have someone handwrite this in a similar style and see what it looks like.

    17. Chris Smith (Smoothsmith)

      The issue /w rewriting parts of a comment is when you mess it up..

      I meant to say that Gugong works for me, then the bit about needing a subtitle ^^.

    18. Falta avatar


      I do not like it, sorry.

    19. Chris Smith (Smoothsmith)

      I still feel Zi Jin Cheng would be a better name for historical reasons as many others, but I still think it really needs a subtitle of 'The Forbidden City', otherwise many won't recognize the theme and may not bother looking it up.

      I'm not a lawyer, but I find it hard to believe that as a subtitle would cause any issues.

    20. MigF

      How about the "Imperial City",_Beijing

    21. Falta avatar

      Jaime Alexandre Sinclair Piedade

      I like Gùgōng. Yet, I do like Zí Jin Chéng better for historical accuracy reasons.

    22. Falta avatar

      Arthur Rutyna

      I agree with Noah & Kion below. I don't really care about the Chinese name, and will most likely mispronounce it. But I do think it wise to be historically accurate. Why not go with Zí Jin Chéng?

    23. Peter Loftus

      Sorry guys, hate the name. I am out.

    24. queerchameleon

      Immediately thought to myself “goo-be-gone”. Horrible name IMO doesn’t sound regal at all. Doesn’t peak my interest to pick up the box. Not flashy enough. Looks absurd.

    25. Marco Ghitti

      I like so much the new title.

    26. Dan Domme

      I like the suggestion of Zijincheng as others have mentioned below. It sounds as though they know what they are talking about.

    27. Anderson Butilheiro

      I really like the original name and have no problem with the fact that exist another game with this name. That said, I do not believe that the name chosen is ideal for several reasons already mentioned here, besides it did not look pretty in the box, haha. I personally preferred other names like The Forbidden Palace or Dragon Palace.

    28. Noah

      I agree with Kion. Zí Jin Chéng is a much better choice. Any Chinese name is going to be difficult to pronounce by those who don't speak Chinese, but at least it will be accurate. You can add into the intro how to correctly pronounce it AND have it be historically accurate.

    29. Falta avatar

      Jorge Sarda Lopez

      Ok I know now.

      IF there is no other option this will be fine.
      Although I would put it like this:
      Gugong (The Forbbiden City)

    30. Noah

      I completely disagree with this change. Just because it "sounds Chinese" doesn't mean it's good. It's just wrong and historically inaccurate, and you know it, and I find that insensitive. I lived in Asia for 15 years and have many Chinese friends and even my wife is Chinese. And of those I've asked about this, they've all said that when doing something historical about the temple, you wouldn't refer to it as Gùgōng.

      Gùgōng means "Former Palace" or "Old Palace", not "Forbidden City" or "Imperial Palace". It was not the name of the location until the twentieth century, over 300 years after the events in the game. Not to mention any English speaker who doesn't speak fluent Chinese is going to mispronounce it anyway, so the ease of pronunciation argument is right out the window too. Knowing how 故宫 is actually pronounced, I am sure most cannot pronounce 宫 correctly. Most are going to pronounce it /ɡɒŋ/ and not the proper /ɡoŋ/.

      I think this is just a very bad decision. I dislike it to the point that I am seriously reconsidering my pledge to this project.

    31. Kion

      As I said earlier, "Gugong" doesn't seem to be too authentic/accurate (it translates as the "Former Palace"), but it does sound cool, I have to admit :)

      I think if properly explained in the rulebook's intro (i.e. explain that the central part of the game is all about the former imperial palace, etc.), it should work just fine.

      I'd still like much more authentic/accurate name I suggested earlier - "Jin Cheng" (which I think sounds even better than "Gugong") or "Zi Jin Cheng" (a bit harder to pronounce, but still pretty cool), but I guess final decision has been made now, so it's too late to argue... :)

      Finally, I disagree with some of the folks who commented below about the font - I think it looks just perfect and needs no change at all! :)


    32. Falta avatar


      I love the new name - even better than the old. Plus the new deluxe cover with the babe looks awesome!

    33. Falta avatar

      Jaime Alexandre Sinclair Piedade

      I like the new name better. It does sound powerful, a clever choice indeed. Contrats to the one who came up with this.

    34. Falta avatar

      Jorge Sarda Lopez

      Whu not the forbbiden city?...
      I can't understand...

    35. Alexander Kermani

      I liked the old name better, but this one doesn't sound too bad. If the other one sounded bad in other languages, the switch makes sense.

    36. Falta avatar

      Heidi Schmitt

      I think it's great! Looking forward to the game.

      It's actually a gift for my husband. One of his absolute favorite books is "Tai-Pan", and he's always wanted a board game that feels similar. "Sometimes I just wanna sit down with some cubes and Chinese junks."

    37. Falta avatar

      Luyuan He

      Yep, as others have mentioned,gugong, as in 故宫 in Chinese, is the current name for this place. While in Ming dynasty, as in the game, it should be called zijincheng, as in 紫禁城 in Chinese, which translates to the forbidden city.
      For me, gugong is fine enough. But the font is so ugly, and I’d like to see the Chinese hanzi ‘故宫‘ in the cover too. That would be cool!

    38. Mathew Hill

      The name means nothing to me as an English speaking person. And I've been to Beijing and visited the place. Gave me chills to see worn flagstones knowing that they were worn down by people's feet over hundreds of years. But this name just doesn't mean a thing to me. I'm sure most people will think I'm being ridiculous but .. this just saved me 95 euros. Was going to buy a standard and deluxe copy as I wanted to the deluxe components but preferred the standard box cover.

    39. Ethan Garrow

      I was thinking about this over the weekend while playing Isaribi...good choice, I think this feels more correct.

    40. TinuZ

      Henning, the same I’ve suggested in the main comments, Gugong with the subtitle should be the best option ... but only if also the subtitle isn’t subject to Jumbo’s copyright

    41. Falta avatar

      Henning Bauer Westbye

      Gùgōng *

      Guess you can't edit these comments...

    42. Falta avatar


      The title looks beautiful on the deluxe box. Great choice. Same name, but different language.

    43. Falta avatar

      Henning Bauer Westbye

      I fear you will have second (third) thoughts and change it again, but I love the Chinese title. I was so disappointed when you changed it to The Forbidden Palace. Maybe you could use "The Forbidden City" as a subtitle: Gùdōng: The Forbidden City (even though they mean the same thing).

    44. Gábor Csordás

      I like it:)

    45. laycelin

      This name is the word of the present age, does not meet the background age.

    46. laycelin

      I don't like the new name. Gùgōng does not meet the background of the game!

    47. Falta avatar

      Fabiano Mothé

      I also did not like the new name of the game. For me, here in Brazil, the name Gujong looks like an abstract game and not a eurogame. I'm sorry but I do not approve of the name change. Forbidden City was perfect.

    48. Locou

      I like Gugong more than "The forbidden City". Well done :)