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Game Brewer, Tasty Minstrel, Dexker & Kronos bring to you "Gùgōng", by Andreas Steding, in a Kickstarter Deluxe Edition.
Game Brewer, Tasty Minstrel, Dexker & Kronos bring to you "Gùgōng", by Andreas Steding, in a Kickstarter Deluxe Edition.
4,955 backers pledged €266,515 to help bring this project to life.

2 Unlocked Stretch Goal & Title change to "the Forbidden Palace"

Posted by Game Brewer (Creator)

Hi everyone,

Another 2 Stretch Goals were unlocked overnight, almost at the same time! 

We're happy to include wooden decree tiles with heat transfer print in the Deluxe box!

The social Stretch Goal has been unlocked as well. It contains 6 extra Travel tokens!

Normally we wouldn't include extra gameplay content in the Deluxe box only and people have reacted on this on BGG. We understand these reactions. Please allow me to explain why we do this now...  

Three of those Travel tokens will be included in the Brettspiel Adventskalender this year. And the other three we'd like to print as extra promo material for gaming conventions. But as these tokens are made of cardboard, they're not compatible with the Deluxe version, hence the social stretch goal with extra wooden Travel tokens. Normally Brettspiel demands exclusivity, but we've explained the situation to them and they allowed us an exception for the Deluxe version only.

We will include the three non-Adventskalender tokens in the Standard edition as well though, only for backers of this campaign. The only way to get the other three tokens as well, will be to purchase the Adventskalender or to wait untill we can offer them as a promo after October 2019.

Title Change

The 2 Stretch Goals are not the only important announcement for today...

As many of you already noticed, a new game by Reiner Knizia will be published this year by Jumbo, with the same name as our game:

We actually knew this already for several months. But after discussing this with some of our main distributors and Andreas Steding, we decided not to do a name change. It wouldn't be the first games with a similar name. And Jumbo's game has a different target audience (8+ family game) and furthermore they use different distribution channels than we (and in Europe only), which means that the 2 games won't even appear in the same stores most of the time.

But recently Jumbo has discovered our game as well and they've contacted us with the announcement that Jumbo legitimately filed the title of their game as a registered trademark in the category board games, in the territory Europe. This came as a big surprise to us, as it's not common practice to protect new board game names. 

But this means that we're forced to adjust the name of our game. After a new brainstorm, we pretty quickly came up with a new name: the Forbidden Palace.

We know that people will have to get used to the new title name and that the whole situation is unfortunate. In the upcoming weeks we'll change the name on all platforms. By the end of this Kickstarter campaign, everyone should know about the Forbidden Palace.

Please let us know what you think about the new name in the comments or on BGG. We're even open to other name ideas, but we'll have to act quickly now. The sooner everyone can get used to the new name, the better.

Thanks for understanding and as always, for your support of this campaign!

the Game Brewer Team

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    1. Missing avatar

      Jorge Sarda Lopez on

      The Forbbiden Palace is good name...very similar to the original. I Like It

    2. Missing avatar

      Michael Below on

      The problem with the name of the game did not hinder me to enter this kickstarter.
      Hope you will find a proper name soon.

    3. Titochals on

      Zijin Cheng
      (The Forbidden City)

    4. Craig Morley on

      @Kion "1570: The Forbidden City" - good suggestion

    5. Kion

      @Andrew Brochin: "Gugong" does sounds nice, indeed; but it seems to be inaccurate from the authentic point of view: it's how people call it in China *now* (it translates as the "Former Palace"), but obviously it's not how they used to call it back in 1570.

      @GameBrewer: btw, based on the game intro from the rulebook and assuming this trick would avoid copyright infringement, couldn't you simply go with "1570: The Forbidden City"?

    6. Missing avatar

      Andrew Brochin

      I vote for "The Forbidden City: Mickey Mouse Superbowl CocaCola Edition". That should solve your copyright issues.

      On a much less snarky note, the "Gugong" naming idea seems pretty cool. It keeps with the spirit of the game and avoids any legal complications. Plus, it would simplify the changes in the art and styling.

    7. TinuZ on

      Please be smart and name it : The forbidden city (and small, under) of Ming Dynasty.

      Copyright of a name is pure bullshit

    8. Kion

      @Craig Morley: I agree, it sounds nice, but isn't authentic/accurate...

      "Jin Cheng" is though! (I think) :)

    9. Craig Morley on

      Just to reiterate: "Gugong" as some have suggested literally means "Former Palace". It is a modern day term, describing what it used to be. This would be inappropriate given this game is set in the Ming Dynasty.

    10. Missing avatar

      Daniel Galarza on

      Gugong: The Forbidden City is my favorite so far.

    11. Gary Evans on

      I really dislike the forbidden palace, forbidden city has a nice mysterious ring to it, forbidden palace just sounds pretty boring to be honest. I wouldn't be happy with that being the name.

    12. Kion

      "The Forbidden Palace" just doesn't sound appealing to me for some reason...

      "The Purple Forbidden City" probably makes sense, but a bit too long for a game title, IMO.

      "The Imperial Palace" sounds better, just as "The Imperial City" does.

      Options with "Gugong" sound interesting too... "Let's play Gugong!" - sounds nice, should work fine, I think :)

      But if it has to have "forbidden" word in the title, how about: "The Forbidden Heritage"?

      Not sure how much sense this would make (the idea is that the Forbidden City has been the China's cultural heritage for many centuries), but I like how it sounds :)

      But if I was the one to pick the new name, I'd probably go with "Jin Cheng" (which, as far as I can tell, is basically the "Forbidden City" in chineglish :)) - it's kinda authentic, sounds really nice, easy to remember, and there's nothing named similarly to that out there!

    13. dajebriza

      "The Forbidden Palace" is not a good name.

    14. Missing avatar


      The Purple Forbidden City +1, this is the real name for the place that all Chinese know that.

    15. Missing avatar

      Frank B

      I like palace better!

    16. Missing avatar

      Stormparkiet on

      Not a fan of 'The Forbidden Palace', I would much prefer "Gugong: The Forbidden City" as suggested earlier.

      Either way, it's not a big deal for me.

    17. Nathan Tolman on

      You could name the game after one of the palaces in the complex "Palace of Heavenly Purity," a sufficiently ironic title given the game is about corruption.

    18. Game Brewer 3-time creator on

      Thank you all for the encouraging words!

      Just to clearify: Jumbo registered the name before they knew about our game, in February 2018. The same name is purely accidental and just bad luck for both parties. We're glad that they phoned us first before going to court. We had a very friendly contact with them. No hard feelings towards Jumbo, it's there legal right to register the name.

      About the new names: I actually like "Gùgōng" with "the forbidden city" as subtitle.
      The imperial palace is also ok.

      Please let us continue this discussion on the general comments page (to prevent double posts) or on BGG.

    19. Missing avatar

      François Rabeau

      My suggestion is to keep the name "Forbidden City" and just add something to the name such as "Tales of the Forbidden City", "Forbidden City : The Golden Era", "Forbidden City Dynasties" or whatever. If not, I think that "Imperial Palace" sounds better than "Forbidden Palace".

    20. Equilibrium on

      Maybe The Forbidden Dynasty

    21. Lars Fotland on

      I definitely vote for Imperial Palace, like Quentin suggest.
      There's no such thing as the "Forbidden Palace", please don't use that name.

    22. Missing avatar

      Bret Swanson

      Sorry to hear about this forced change, I'd have agreed with your initial direction. Same/similar names happen in creative media, ffs.

      I feel like subtitling is the easiest way to get around these kinds of issues, so I like the "Gugong: The Forbidden City" suggestion best. Forbidden Palace is okay too. I don't know how linguistically appropriate "Imperial Palace" is but I like it. Personally I don't much like Purple Forbidden City -- it might be the literal translation but it sounds awkward.

    23. Baret C on

      I like The Forbidden Palace is the best of all the suggestions thrown out there so far.

    24. Craig Morley on

      I don't like the new title either. I'm not sure if Chinese backers want to pile in, but Forbidden Palace is not an English nor a Chinese name of the place.

      "Gugong" as some have suggested literally means "Former Palace", which would be inappropriate given this game is set in the Ming Dynasty.

      I vote for "The Purple Forbidden City" (its official name), "The Imperial Palace", or "The Imperial City".

    25. Missing avatar

      Barbara Jeffers on

      Understand you need to do this quickly but I don't like "The Forbidden Palace", it seems a mix match of different terms. Other ideas
      Imperial Palace
      Purple Forbidden City (actual translation it appears)
      Acess to Ziwei Star (being the abode of the Celestial Emperor)
      Longqing (after the specific emperor - who needs a descriptive title anyway)
      Imperial Gift Exchange (basic but description)
      Forbidden Gift Exchange

    26. Etienne Bruwer on

      Forbidden Palace takes away the majesticness feeling in my regard. The game encompass more than just a palace and concepts that span across territories and a legacy.

      The Forbidden Empire
      The Forbidden Dynasty
      The Forbidden Trade

      Longqing era name was known as "Great Celebration".... some concepts around this could be of interest to consider.

    27. Missing avatar

      JHL on

      A new title. What a pity. But it wouldn't be the first time that Knizia goes to court.

      I do not like the title "The Forbidden Palace", because it is not a common name. I would prefer a title including "Forbidden City" - something like "The Quest for the Forbidden City" 😉

    28. Pieter-Jan Debever on

      I like the thought for impirial palace.

      But also like the forbidden palace

    29. Que Parker on

      How about Imperial Palace?

      The Forbidden City used to be the imperial palace in the Ming and Qing Dynasties, and ordinary people were not allowed in without permission.
      Imperial Palace still goes with the theme of the game. But that's just my thoughts.
      Game Brewer you still have my support regardless of the decision.

    30. Marlon (El Crosso A boardgame life) on

      “Purple Forbidden City” ? It's an official name it's also given in occasions?

    31. Yann Cardon

      And what about "Gùgōng, the forbidden city" ?

      There are also other good name ideas on the Wikipedia page:

    32. Sebastian On Board

      Here some idea(with or without "the"):

      1) The legend of the forbidden city/Place
      2)The legendary City/Place
      3)The Forgotten City/place
      4)The Prohibited City
      5)The Forbidden Citizens
      6)The City Of Wonders

      Pd i do not know the game in depth to say whats note appropriate, just throwing some ideas at glance

    33. Danny van Holten on

      We do not like Jumbo! :( We’ll Just not buy their game ;)

    34. Missing avatar

      BERNE on

      I understand the problem. Sure, The Forbidden city was more appropried but Forbidden Palace is a good idea.
      So you also take another direction, for example, The Ming Gift or a title with Gift.
      Good luck.....

    35. pagoda79

      I wonder if you should drop the "The" though and just call it "Forbidden Palace"? Just a thought.

    36. pagoda79

      Forbidden Palace is a term less common than Forbidden City, but they are associated, and I think it works.

      Sorry that happened to you guys. That's a crappy move on the other company's part, especially since the two games seem to be nothing alike.

    37. Brent Williams

      Wow. That really surprises me on the name change and what Jumbo has done. Kinda turns me off of their game initially as that just seems highly unusual or almost intentional against this particular game. Regardless, you have my support of any name change, not that my support matters in all of this but just want to be positive and encouraging.
      Thank you for the consistent updates and transparency.

    38. Shaoly on

      New name ideas
      The Forbidden Country
      The Forbidden Empire