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An automotive accessory that transforms the smartphone you already own into a portable head-up-display
An automotive accessory that transforms the smartphone you already own into a portable head-up-display
An automotive accessory that transforms the smartphone you already own into a portable head-up-display
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    1. Hudify Inc. Creator 4 days ago

      Here's a copy of the video that will be included in the upcoming update:


      You'll notice that the hinge is now nice and tight - this ultimately keeps the reflector from closing when the car is running through bumpy roads or experiencing any road vibrations. This is a result of making the aluminum top hinge wider and using harder bushings to increase the friction of the mechanical hinge.

    2. Hudify Inc. Creator 4 days ago

      @정경준 @jessica @Daniel Shafer @Thomas Canty @Stephen @Angry Sock Puppet

      We want to thank you for your patience with this project. We know that it's taking longer than expected but you can be sure that we are not sleeping on this.We are doing absolutely the best we can to speed up the process but at the same time create a great product that you will find valuable.

      Unfortunately, complications do come up when creating a product from scratch. That goes with ANY product that's being developed. The best thing we can do on our side is solve those problems and keep working until a worthy product is ready to be used by each and every one of you. That's exactly what we're doing.

      We always make sure that we try our best to inform you what's going on behind the scenes, create videos when there are major updates available, estimate a timeframe on when the product will be finished, etc. Don't give up on us yet! We've come a long way already.

      As Bradley mentioned, we just a received a video from the factory at 4AM today demonstrating how the newest version of the hinge is performing. In his words, the hinge is quite perfect. The hinge is now in transit to us via the faster courier possible for further inspection but we don't see any problems with it anymore - that means we can move on to the large-scale productions of the remaining parts.

      We'll have the video of the hinge in action uploaded in the next couple of hours through an update . Stay tuned!

    3. Hudify Inc. Creator 4 days ago

      @Bruce Gilliland

      Thank you so much taking the time to test the HUD apps that we suggested. We do hope that have a tech blog/vlog of in some capacity - the way you compare products is quite comprehensive and insightful. We're sure a lot of the other backers here appreciate your comments.

      Regarding the iOS Navmii app, it's very odd that it's prompting you to pay for the HUD add-on. The latest "Navmii GPS World" app v3.6.13 (released on August 1, 2017) still features free upgrades. Please double check if you have downloaded the older version of their app which has the common naming convention that goes like this: "Navmii GPS USA, Navmii GPS Canada, Navmii GPS UK...". "Navmii GPS World" for is the consolidated and latest version for iOS.

      We're with your overall recommendation of Sygic being the best overall HUD app available as it is robust when it comes to creating accurate routes. Navier is a good option too and is getting better at a fast pace - the developers behind Navier have been releasing updates constantly for the past few months now.

      As you discussed in your comments, there are small quirks that comes with these HUD apps that take some getting used to. We will try our best to build a comprehensive guide on these apps available to everyone. It will include guides on how to use the interface, pros & cons, recommendations, etc. We will definitely be integrating a lot of your experiences with these apps in our guide for everyone to see.

    4. Bradley Abbott Collaborator 4 days ago

      @MaxStarter - on the contrary - I was being genuine in my expression of thanks! I have always appreciated consumers who are not only demonstrate the commensurate patience with the development process - but ALSO the have the courtesy to maintain a sense of humor and levity through it! As I'm sure you can imagine, not all consumers/clients/customers are so gracious. I truly appreciate you, and backers like you - and I'm quite sure the Hudify team shares the same sentiment! :D

    5. MaxStarter 4 days ago

      Apologies at my poor attempt at humour Bradley. I can see from your videos that you are very diligent, and determined to produce a great product. I'm confident in your abilities and the product that you are making. Thanks for your work.

    6. Bradley Abbott Collaborator 4 days ago

      Backers with other questions - I'm sure the Hudify team will be answering them in the next day or so for you!

    7. Bradley Abbott Collaborator 4 days ago

      @MaxStarter - thanks very much for replying with such courtesy and tact! We truly appreciate that!

      We just got the video back from the production facility today confirming the new hardware has the proper tension! This was the only part with any questionable performance, and it's now (as of 4am this morning) confirmed by video to be PERFECT!

      The Hudify team is preparing an update with the relevant information.

      Since you were so tactful in your request - I thought I'd shoot a quick reply and let you know that the last remaining issue is all lined out, and that we're beginning large-scale production on the remaining parts THIS WEEK.

      We're STILL anticipate having them ready for shipping BEFORE Christmas!

    8. MaxStarter 4 days ago

      Hey Bradley, it's dark in here. Shine the Hudify green light around so that we can see what's going on. Thanks!

    9. Missing avatar

      Angry Sock Puppet 4 days ago

      Thanks for letting me down...

    10. Missing avatar

      정경준 5 days ago

      Any good news?

    11. Missing avatar

      stephen knight 5 days ago

      How much longer do we have to wait ?????

    12. Missing avatar

      Mitch Fallon 5 days ago

      I requested a refund 4 months ago which has not been responded to.

    13. Missing avatar

      Mitch Fallon 5 days ago

      My REQUEST for a REFUND has STILL not been responded to. This is beginning to annoy me.

    14. Thomas Canty 5 days ago

      Can someone please explain to me what is really happening. The date we were given for the project was July 2017. Now we are over 5 months later and we are no closer to getting what we supported. The last update from the sponsor of the project was almost 3 weeks ago. Now we are hearing in time before Christmas. Well that is just slightly over a month away. I backed this project as it was to be a belated birthday gift. It will so late it will be about time for it to be next years birthday gift.

      I am wanting a FIRM date as we are fast approaching the date that the campaign closed.

    15. Daniel Shafer
      6 days ago

      Honestly, I am surprised that this project is delayed. This product does not really seem that complicated. I'm sure I can't do it myself, but given that more technical and complicated projects that take less time to launch, this one seems to be poorly planned.

      I don't entirely think it's a scam. I just think this has been poorly planned.

    16. Missing avatar

      jessica 6 days ago

      Hey when are we expected to get the gps?

    17. MaxStarter on November 9

      Hi Bradley, thanks for the info.

      Pleased that the issues have been resolved. No more postal delays, reflective glass and plastic hinge problems to stand in the way of the Hudify green light.

    18. Bradley Abbott Collaborator on November 8

      @MaxStarter - I'm EXTREMELY confident that we'll have these into shipping in time for them to arrive before christmas. As the Hudify Team mentioned - when we replaced the old 1-piece plastic (with integrated hinge) with a 2-part assembly (plastic reflective panel + Aluminum Hinge), it solved all of the problems of reflectivity, surface deformations and imperfections in the see-thru portion of the product. However, as this was a first-run prototype to solve the problem, we found that the width of this new aluminum hinge needed to be about 1-2mm (very small difference) wider. Because it wasn't quite wide enough, the hinge could "sag" if you were to hit bumps in the road. The Hudify Team (in the interest of ALL backers) asked that we re-make the part as a prototype to test and PROVE that the increased width would solve this small issue. We're currently doing that and expect to have it ready to approve in the next few days. The good news is that the Hudify Team has agreed to approve it by video - instead of waiting for it to be mailed internationally for inspection, since all of the other elements are 100% on-point. They just want to be 100% SURE that all backers are receiving a perfectly working product, with no risk that it could have this imperfection.

      Even if it took us another WEEK (which I don't think it will) to complete and assemble a unit for video-confirmation to send to the Hudify team - we should STILL be able to meet the timeline for hand-off to the logistics firm with enough time to get it into YOUR hands before Christmas.

      I will post another comment (or perhaps even a full update) once we've confirmed for Hudify that this small change will fix the minor issue of "sag" in the hinge. Shouldn't take more than a couple days.


    19. Angela Mandarino on November 6

      Whoa, forgot all about this... Can I get mine in a holocrom cube? That would be awesome!!!

    20. Missing avatar

      Bruce Gilliland on November 6

      @ Mitch - The subject of refunds is not specifically addressed on the campaign page, but my experience is that most KS projects do not offer refunds as a rule. You pledged your money for a device and your money was spent to produce it. It has taken too long, but you should get what you paid for. Refunds are usually given when items are returned or if they are defective. Neither apply - yet.

    21. Missing avatar

      Mitch Fallon on November 6

      Hello my request for a refund has not been responded to, please how do I get refunded?

    22. Missing avatar

      정경준 on November 5

      HUDIFY team,

      Please make it clear when can you begin shipping items.
      I have nothing but waiting for your shipping news.
      Can you tell me ETD first? I am dying to wait for HUD...Thx.

    23. MaxStarter on November 1

      Has Bradley determined the timeline for delivery? Wondering if we'd get this before Xmas.

    24. Missing avatar

      Bruce Gilliland on October 29

      Let me correct what I said about Navier at the end of my previous post. Navier does have a toggle to reserve the image for HUD devices. It's in the lower right of the screen. It's dim so I overlooked it this morning while using the app. In Navier once you select a destination and a route is planning, all you see is the route line, direction arrow and data. You do see turn information as a you approach an intersection. You don't see the normal map info (roads, etc.) you would see in some other apps when not in HUD mode.

    25. Missing avatar

      Bruce Gilliland on October 29

      I tested the Navmii HUD feature. It worked fine, displaying distance to next action/turn, speed, direction arrow, distance remaining and time remaining to destination. Tapping the mph icon on the map screen brought up the HUD display. Tapping the screen and then selecting the correct button reversed the image for HUD viewing. Combined with the voice directions, I had no problem following the app's directions.

      In fact, it did a great job recalculating my route when I changed from the proposed route. I had the fastest route option set, but I knew current traffic conditions would not be the best so I took an alternate route. The app quickly made changes to keep me going.

      However, I still have a major issue with the app. It will not recognize and find an address that has been in use for decades. The addresses it did give me were anywhere from 2-5 miles off. Both Navier and Sygic were able to find and locate the desired address when I did a search. Of course, I could tap on the map in Navmii and it would give me a location to plan a route to. But if I can find the location on the map, why do I need the app?

      Since I can't have a reasonable assurance that I can find a good address using the app, I cannot recommend it. It certainly would not be my sole source of navigation. This is unfortunate because I like just about everything else about it - offline maps, good route planning with 2-3 alternate routes, good HUD display, plenty of options for configuring the app, speed limit warning.

      By the way, on the Navier HUD app, to get the reverse HUD display needed for HUD devices, you have to select it in the navigation settings. I could not find a way to toggle between normal navigation map and HUD as I can with Navmii and Sygic.

    26. Missing avatar

      Bruce Gilliland on October 28

      @ MaxStarter - Thanks for the tip. Google Maps is a very good app. I use it on my phone and iPad all the time to look up things.

      You said that Navier uses Google Maps. That would make sense as there are no downloaded maps. But when I ran Navier I don't see the normal GM. I assume it's still running in the background, but I wonder how much data, if any, is used once the route is planned and driving starts.

    27. MaxStarter on October 28

      @Bruce, I use Google maps for navigation. Set the destination before I leave and it's fine for the duration of the trip.

      I also check distances between two places and the travel time between the two. Just change the 'My Location'.

    28. Missing avatar

      Bruce Gilliland on October 28

      Let revise something I said last night. Apparently the HUD feature did install on the Navmii app. I just did not know how to access it. I had installed Navmii on my wife's iPhone to check it out. Visual tips displayed on the first use. One told me to tap the mph indicator to see the HUD. Sure enough, when I did that on my Android phone, the HUD appeared. Tapping anywhere on the screen brings up buttons to reverse the image or to exit back to the app. I still need to test it. There are a couple of different screens to display. Also available are various speedometers, but those are additional purchases. By the way, on the iPhone, I kept getting a prompt to unlock the HUD for $4.99. So, it may not be free after all.

      I tested the Sygic HUD. It shows your mph, the speed limit, the estimate time of arrival (which is revised as you drive), an arrow to show straight ahead or a turn, and the distance to the next turn. You still get the voice commands.

      I also tested the Heads Up Nav app. As noted, it sits on top of Google Maps. You can select two different items to display, one one each side of the screen - time, distance, duration, time of arrival, etc. But the main display shows only speed. To me, this is a minimally useful add-on to Google Maps. But it's not enough to make it my go-to app. I sometimes use Google Maps around town, but not for long distance trips because of data limitations and lack of coverage in some areas.

      Speaking of long distance trips, my wife and I drove 5,500 miles in three weeks over several states. I used a GPS app to plan the various legs of the trip. The app allowed me to select any location, not just my current location, to plan a route. As far as I can tell, none of these apps support this feature. You can select from a list of saved locations (favorites), but you have to start from where you are. Of course, that is how 99% of users would use these apps. For long distance trips, I could build a list of saved locations

      Speaking of selecting locations, the Navier app gives you three ways to do this. You can use voice input (which kept interpreting my 645 as 657), type in a search field, or select from a location on a map.

    29. Missing avatar

      Bruce Gilliland on October 27

      I used three of the recommended apps to plan and drive routes today. In all cases, I knew where I was going, so I could tell if the app picked a good route.

      I decided to give Navmii another try. I was able to enter an address and plot a route. It was accurate and the voice directions were good. BUT I still cannot recommend Navmii. I bought the HUD option ($6.28), but it does not shown up in the app. And I could not find a way to contact the developer. A lot of recent reviews were negative for the app. It does not tell you when you have arrived at your destination.

      Navier has its HUD built in. Just tap a button to switch. The image is reversed for display on a screen. You will see the route as well as other key data. One problem is that Navier does not have route planning options to choose from fastest vs. shortest routes (Navmii and Sygic do). As a result, an out-of-state route that I am very familiar with was plotted using back roads instead of 4-lane roads. It was shorter, but it was not the best route.

      Sygic did plot the route more accurately. One feature I liked was that as I approached an intersection, the app would tell me to go straight through if I was not yet at a turn. Once you have a route, you can select the HUD display from a menu. But I didn't drive with it, so I can't say what it will show.

      Both Sygic and Navier warned me if I was exceeding the speed limit by about 5 mph.

      In spite of its much higher cost for premium features such as HUD, Sygic would be my choice, mainly because of the downloaded maps, and better long route planning. It has a seven day trial period with its premium features.

      So, even without the Hudify device we can test the software to see which is best for our needs.

    30. MaxStarter on October 27

      @Teresa, the Navier HUD uses Google maps. Just projects a HUD display for the visuals

    31. Missing avatar

      Teresa Groves on October 27

      Can I use Google Maps with this? I use it now with no problems and like it better than others I've tried.

    32. Missing avatar

      Bruce Gilliland on October 26

      @ Stefan - First of all, let me apologize. I should have followed my own advice first. My response would have been different had I done so.

      @ Hudify and Backers - There is no free lunch. All the apps I tested require payments of some type for HUD and/or other features. And two of the four apps I checked use online maps which could have an impact on your data plan.

      Navmii - Download maps for off line use. $5-$6 for HUD. But I typed in a street address that Google Maps can find and Navmii couldn't show it. That's a deal breaker for me. There may be another way to do it, but it was not obvious. I was using the Android version. I can't say how well the iOS version works.

      Navier HUD - The HUD appears to be built in, but it appears to use online maps. There doesn't seem to be an off line feature. There is a $10 one time cost for premium features such as more widgets and themes, and to get rid of ads.

      Sygic - They actually have a couple of different versions, one that works with a car's built in screen. The app uses downloaded maps so no data issues. But the premium features, such as HUD, are expensive - $22 or more.

      Head Up Nav - This is just an extension or overlay on top of Google Maps, converting data into HUD display. Of course, Google Maps is easy to use, and you can download sections for off line use. But that requires extra steps. The app has some minor "premium" features for $.99 which I paid just to see the features - information bars, color schemes, etc.

      I still need to drive using the apps to see how easy it is to set a route and then navigate it.

    33. Missing avatar

      Bruce Gilliland on October 26

      Hey, Stefan - I understand you want to argue from a moral or ethical position (keep your promises). You think that because Hudiy promised the free feature, you should get it regardless of the cost to the company.

      Let me raise a practical point. If you can't afford a $5 purchase, I don't think you can afford to travel anywhere, let alone anywhere you would need GPS. Are we being "penny wise, pound foolish"?

      And to be honest, I tried Navmii and I was not impressed. That's why I asked for the list of alternatives. Why don't you try some of the ones Hudify has suggested. Who knows, you might be able to come down off your high horse.

    34. MaxStarter on October 26

      @Creator, I've got the Navier HUD app on my phone, and it looks good. Waiting for my Hudify before I try it.

    35. Hudify Inc. Creator on October 26

      To anyone who want to try other HUD Android apps, here's quick list to get you started:

      #1 - DigiHUD (image: / download:

      - DigiHUD is quite simple. It's a digital speedometer app and it has only one main function. You guessed it... it's to display your current speed and help you stay within the speed limit. It's our go-to app for when we want to use something quick and easy.

      #2 - Head-Up Nav (image: / download:

      - Head-Up Nav is quite special. It's the only app out there that integrates with Google Maps and it's only available for Android devices. It takes all the basic information from the route you setup on Google Maps and displays it in a typical head-up display UI.

      #3 - Navier HUD 3 (image: / download:

      - Navier is unique in a way that it's the only HUD app that allows you to customize and create your own screen layouts. You have multiple screen elements to choose from and you just simply drag and drop it to your screen. This feature is quite useful since it puts you in charge of what information you see on your head-up display.

      #4 - Sygic (image: / download: )

      - Sygic is no doubt one of the stronger and more popular navigation apps out there. It functions as a social navigation app just like Waze and Navmii where other Sygic users around you can report real-time traffic incidents that would help you find a faster route. It gathers its traffic information from 500,000,000 users worldwide.

    36. Hudify Inc. Creator on October 26

      @Stefan Knöchel

      We've sent you a message. Thanks for supporting us!

    37. Missing avatar

      Stefan Knöchel on October 26

      Navmii was a big point in the decision to support Hudify. It's sad that you promised without having a contract with Navmii. I think we should talk about a refund if you can't deliver the premium access. I'm sorry.

    38. Hudify Inc. Creator on October 26

      @Stefan Knöchel

      We're simply explaining our situation. We understand your frustration. The $5 is a one-time fee for lifetime access. The fee quoted to us was structured by the Navmii team themselves, not by us. If it were up to us, it would be free for our backers because we spent a lot of effort trying to promote them in all our campaigns.

      We try our absolute best to deliver on our promises but just like with every product developed from scratch, sometimes things don't go to plan and we adapt to it as much as we can. We are still trying. For the mean time, we highly suggest trying out other HUD apps available for your phone - there are great alternatives available.

    39. Missing avatar

      Stefan Knöchel on October 26

      Hi Hudify team, are you trying to tell me that you won't deliver the premium access as promised? Instead you expect your backers to pay $5/month in addition. The primium access is something we have already paid for.
      And I hope to live and drive for another 35 years. The extra cost will be more than $2.000 then.
      And if you tell me now that it's a one-time fee I ask myself why it's not a one-time fee for you too.

    40. Hudify Inc. Creator on October 26


      How's your experience with Navier HUD 3 so far? We're such a big fan of that HUD app.

    41. Hudify Inc. Creator on October 26

      @Stefan Knöchel

      Hi Stefan! We definitely did not forget. To give you some background, we were supposed to be the exclusive partner for Navmii's HUD feature - ultimately helping them promote the newly launched and revamped Navmii World app. They had plans on making the premium features free on the Navmii World for Android just like they did for Navmii World for iOS to expand their customer base. That was the original plan anyway.

      In return for promoting the Navmii World app for Android, we would be able to provide promo codes to our backers so they can access the Navmii World app's premium features for free months before they transition the paid premium features to free ones. This plan has changed drastically over the past few months and we've noticed that Navmii hasn't been focusing on their mobile app lately - they have other new projects.

      After Zoe, the CMO of Navmii, left the company we got in touch with Peter, the CEO of Navmii. To our surprise, he was charging us more than £2,500 a month to get access to the HUD add-on for each and every one of our backers that have Android devices. Like most Kickstarter companies, we are cash-strapped and still operating at a loss. The main goal was to get enough funding for startup cost, inventory and getting the word out to gain exposure. The fixed cost of £2,500 a month is something we simply can't afford - that comes up to ~USD $3,303/month or ~USD $39,636/year. We would pay that fee in a heartbeat if we had the funds because our backers are our priority.

      This doesn't mean we are not trying anymore. In addition to Navmii, we are also trying to get a discount for the Sygic app as an alternative to our backers. No guarantees but we are trying to get those types of deals.

      In the event that we can't work it out with the Navmii team and Navmii is still your preferred app for your Android phone, the basic functionalities of the app are still free (live traffic, offline maps, speed limit notifications, etc.) and the HUD add-on as mentioned by @Bruce Gilliland is only around $5.

      Note to iOS users: You are not affected by this. The Navmii World app for iOS offers all the premium add-ons for free.

    42. MaxStarter on October 26

      Wouldn't worry about Navmii. The two alternative options are fine, and I planned to use one of them anyway.

    43. Missing avatar

      Stefan Knöchel on October 26

      Hi Hudify team, I like to remind you. The pledge says:
      "You'll receive ONE Hudify package + full access to the premium Navmii World app for your iPhone or Android device"
      It's not part of the pledge that Hudify gets the premium Navmii World app for free. It says that the backer gets full access. You should send vouchers within the Hudify package.

    44. Missing avatar

      Bruce Gilliland on October 25

      @ Creators - Thanks for the comments. You took care of one request with your suggestions for other apps. Even without your device, we can evaluate the software in terms of ease of use and usefulness.

      My wife and I had to postpone our annual long road trip this year for health issues. But next spring I want to travel many roads in several states. I want to have tested your device well before then.

      Other than that, I am good.

    45. Hudify Inc. Creator on October 25

      Apologies for the low-quality photos attached below! Just wanted to quickly show everyone that we've received the samples and it's working well.

    46. Hudify Inc. Creator on October 25

      @Stefan Knöchel @MaxStarter @Thomas Canty and everyone else wondering what happened to the latest sample with the updated hinge design:

      As mentioned by Bradley, the first package sent to us was lost in transit. Good thing Bradley always makes two samples at a time. He had to send another package and it arrived a few days ago. Here are a couple of quick indoor shots of the latest sample from the factory:



      The reflector is PERFECT. It's crystal clear - right amount of tint/reflectivity and there are no distortions at all. While this was the main cause of delay, we are very glad that Bradley and his team put in a lot of effort to find the perfect reflector coating. This is exactly what we were looking for.

      As mentioned in the last update, the only real "issue" is that the new aluminum hinge needs to be a bit wider, to create a larger amount of tension in the "rotation" of the screen (so that it doesn't shift during bumpy driving). This is not all that surprising, since this part is a replacement for the molded plastic hinge, which was likely "expanding" a bit after molding (thus taking up a bit more space, and being a bit more "tight-fit"). We're simply going to add a fraction of a millimeter to the overall width of the aluminum part, which should clear up the slight "loose-fit". In addition to that, we will also use harder o-rings to add more friction to the hinge.

      Other than that, Bradley has the green light from us to start production! They have been doing so for the past week and he will be back with an updated timeline.

      That's about it folks! Watch out for a video of the latest sample in action in the next few days. We want to show you how it looks at night and during daytime again. Cheers!

    47. Hudify Inc. Creator on October 25

      @Bruce Gilliland

      The team wants to thank you for answering multiple questions on behalf of us! Please let us know if there's anything we can do for you. You rock!

    48. Hudify Inc. Creator on October 25

      @Mark Richardson

      Unfortunately, Navmii changed their plans on providing the free plugins for their Android app. We believe there has been a lot of restructuring going on within their company.

      Zoe, the former Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of Navmii, was the person we were directly in contact with in terms of creating a partnership. Everything was going well but she ended up leaving the company due to management conflict and financial problems. We are still trying to get a deal going but communicating with them has been difficult.

      Good news is that other HUD apps on the Android Play Store have been improving quite a lot. We actually prefer them over the Navmii HUD add-on. Here are two of Android HUD apps we recommend:

      1. Navier HUD 3 - This the only HUD app that offers 3D maps. You can actually see the road you are driving on instead of just arrows and street names. It offers premium features for a FREE app! Check it out here:

      2. GPS Navigation & Maps by Sygic - They have more than 1 million reviews and 4.4 stars for a reason. All the Sygic navigation apps offer much more than your basic navigation app. Check it out here:

    49. Hudify Inc. Creator on October 25


      This is a great question! We have yet to test if the metal plate will interfere with phones that have wireless charging capabilities. Luckily, we have access to an iPhone 8. We will be picking up a wireless charger in the next few days to test this out. Watch out for the comments section for the results. Thank you!

    50. Hudify Inc. Creator on October 25


      Hi there! Thanks for reaching out. We haven't sent any packages just yet. The great news is that we've virtually solved all the problems we had in terms of the product design. We've already received the latest sample with the redesigned hinge and we're quite happy with it. We should be producing the final parts soon and delivering the final products after that.

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