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An automotive accessory that transforms the smartphone you already own into a portable head-up-display
An automotive accessory that transforms the smartphone you already own into a portable head-up-display
An automotive accessory that transforms the smartphone you already own into a portable head-up-display
1,894 backers pledged CA$ 154,374 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Theo 2 days ago

      Creator, if you are in financial strife due to underestimating shipping costs, I would be willing to help you out by accepting a full refund of my pledge, with no hard feelings. I backed a Kickstarter project called Goosepod, in which the creator set the postage charge too low. He gave me a full refund. I daresay quite a few Hudify backers would help you out by accepting a refund, if indeed it would help you.

    2. Missing avatar

      Mayank Gupta 2 days ago


      If the project is delayed much more than anticipated delivery time. Can anyone please let me know if there is a way to cancel my pledge?

    3. Cary Andrae 3 days ago

      Almost a year late for something that is not even technological or any electronics design. A simple mechanical design that takes almost a year of delay....why exactly? It is not like designing for mars rover or something. There are already many iterations in the market from other mnufacturers and some even come up with projection based systems which are more complicated yet this one is almost 1 year delay. Seriously?

    4. Thomas Canty 5 days ago

      There has been no further updates since May 18 almost a month ago. In the May 18 post you mentioned that the units were getting ready to ship. We have not had any communications since then.

    5. Henry Westbrook 6 days ago

      We have not heard anything since April 28. When will these start shipping?

    6. Patrick Sennett on June 11

      Hey Hudify, what's happening. Almost a month has passed since the last shipping update, and we're still waiting.

    7. Mike Coultas on June 10

      I no longer need this product as it's literally been years since I pledged for it and I've since bought a car with in-built GPS. The last update sounded like people would start receiving products within a week - it's now been about a month and no update. It's absolutely unbelievable how long this has taken. Rest assured that as soon as this product finally arrives, I'll be returning it.

    8. light487 - Kickstarter Junkie on June 7

      Update please. What's the hold up now. Last update sounded promising but now no word for over a month.

    9. Chong McAfee on June 6

      I am a patient woman but this is taking way too long...

    10. Thomas Canty on June 5

      Update Please. We are coming up on 3 weeks since you said that they were going to be shipped.

    11. Missing avatar

      Mark Broleman on June 4

      Hmmm just saw an advertisement where you can get this same product... 3 units and software for $80. Or for $40/unit. It’s called VIZR. Wish I didn’t have all this free time over the past year to go look for things like this.

    12. Missing avatar

      Mayank Gupta on June 4

      We haven't heard back from you in two weeks as promised. Can we have an update?

    13. Missing avatar

      PERRY KOTZKER on June 3

      Did customs approve units? Have they been shipped out yet to backers? At least let us know the answers to the questions

    14. MaxStarter on June 1

      It's become a common Kickstarter pattern. Promised update/Silence/Delay.

    15. Chong McAfee on May 31

      Can I cancel my pledge and get refund? This has gone on long enough and I’m out of patience.

    16. Missing avatar

      Prash Patel on May 31

      there was supposed to be an update this week about buying them for less like before, where is that update and are they sent yet to the uk?

    17. Jay Goldberg on May 30

      Still waiting on the "detailed update next week".

    18. Chong McAfee on May 29

      Still waiting for mine. Has anyone received theirs yet?

    19. Missing avatar

      on May 26

      I still haven't received mine... is it coming soon?

    20. Missing avatar

      정경준 on May 21

      Good to hear the news.
      I just sent a DM to ask you to change my address. Please check my DM and reply me.

      Thank you.

    21. KickScammers on May 20

      Awesome :) and I can finally give my two cousins their xmas present :D

      Hudify well done and I'll praise you more when it's shipped to us.

    22. Hudify Inc. Creator on May 18


      All of the units are complete, packaged, and transferred to the logistics partners.

      We split the units into 2 groups:

      -North American Units (primarily USA/Canada)
      -Everyone Else (international units)

      The North American shipment is on it's way to the USA (by air shipping) as we speak. It's scheduled to land and be cleared through customs next week (barring any delays in import). From there the units will be segregated by backer and shipped individually by my team here in the USA.

      The International units are currently in domestic shipping across China to our Fulfillment partner in Hong Kong. From there they will be processed and shipped to individual backers. The fulfillment partner has very strict (and tedious) packaging and marking requirements, so we're working with them to ensure everything is seperated and properly identified to avoid any delivery issues. We expect to have individual units for these backers shipping out in the next 1-2 weeks.

      I will be posting a detailed update next week, as well as confirming all addresses and other information, which will be posted publicly so that everyone gets a notification of it. We will give everyone a brief opportunity to send in any address changes before any individual units leave the fulfillment facilities.

      Next weeks update will also contain information regarding the opportunity for BACKERS to purchase additional units at a discounted price, as a courtesy and "thank you" for the patience most of you have exhibited during the extensive development process we've been through together.

    23. Missing avatar

      Steven Payne on May 18

      Any updates on shipping?

    24. Thomas Canty on May 14

      Good Evening. Can we please have an update as to the status of the project as the last update was over 2 weeks ago. This was to be a Birthday present for my partner In 2017 now another year has passed and we are fast approaching June which will be 17 months since funding. I would like to tell them that its finally shipping.

    25. MaxStarter on May 9

      Google updates maps to make the use of HUD more compelling

    26. Missing avatar

      Bruce Gilliland on May 3

      @ Mayank - I doubt we will get the “free” premium features for Navmii that were planned when this project started. Hudify acknowledged some months ago that Navmii had backed away from their commitment.

      After testing Navmii (I paid for the premium features) and three other apps that Hudify recommended, i concluded Navmii was not the best for me. For example, it could not find a well-known address that had existed for decades. I will try find my notes I posted earlier this year.

      But the cost is not too much. Its a one-time fee I believe and a lot less than a tank of gas.

    27. MarkR on April 30

      Bradley, I’m not sure you meant that answer for me. I never said anything about being “off track” or even said those words. Nor did I ask about competitors products available now in stores.

    28. Missing avatar

      Mayank Gupta on April 29

      Hi Bradley, Thanks for the update. Could you please let us know how we will get the Navmii HUD plugin on Android ?

    29. Missing avatar

      SubsRam on April 29

      Thanks for the update. Thanks for keeping at it and trying to deliver a high quality product. often times, we start things off but personal issues crop up and they should always take precedence. So all the best to your family and hope they are all doing well. look forward to receiving the product. while this has been delayed, have had terrible experiences with some other products ... i am willing to wait to get something good.

    30. Brendan Polk
      on April 29

      Hey, just wondering how I can check what address I gave you, I have moved and am not sure if what I gave you is correct or current?

    31. Hudify Inc. Creator on April 28


      I'm not sure what you mean. We ran into a QC issue during production, corrected it, and re-ran the parts. They're ALL complete, 75%+ are assembled, packaged and ready to be transferred to the logistics firm handling shipping. The remainder are being assembled/packaged and will join the rest when complete. There are no problems and the product is functioning properly (and has been QC'd as such).

      -Everything is manufactured
      -The vast majority are assembled and packaged
      -The small remainder are being assembled packaged and will be complete literally in days
      -Shipping will commence

      I'm not sure how this is anything AT ALL like the prior updates... But perhaps I'm missing something.

      @Robert Lehnert
      Thanks for the kind words - I appreciate it very much.

      Thanks - but to be frank with you (no offense intended) but we really haven't been "off track". Every single product on the shelves of your local retail store went through these same complications, corrections, and scrutiny. The difference is, the end-consumer isn't involved (in the purchase) until AFTER all of that tedious, difficult, frustrating work is complete. You just walk into a store and purchase it off-the-shelf (or order it online), oblivious to the hurdles that were jumped along the way (the "track" of development and production manufacturing). In the case of Kickstarter, backers become a part of that process and are subject to the primary "risk" associated with said "track" (the unknown/unexpected timetable). Hudify has been a particularly "detail oriented" project for us that has come with VERY unexpected bumps and bruises (for something seemingly so simple). That being said, unlike MANY Kickstarter Creators, we have the resources, time, and wherewithal to ensure that the project is seen through to delivery (despite the work, expense, and frustration involved - it's a labor of love for us). I assure you there has been NO "windfall" for us when it comes to this product. We have easily taken a pretty major loss when you consider the time, effort, labor, and expense that's been involved. That being said - no matter the difficult - we will ALWAYS make sure our customers get what they've ordered. Some people simply don't understand or accept (the above) as it relates to the inherent difficulties (that they sign up to weather with the creator). I obviously wish this had gone more quickly, but I'm not (nor will I ever be willing) to accept delivery of a subpar product, in exchange for a FAST dev cycle. Thanks again (to you and everyone else who mentioned them) for your patience and understanding, and kind words regarding my family - they are truly appreciated!

    32. MaxStarter on April 28

      Thanks for the update, but it's virtually the same update as update 23 from last October.

      The original Hudify team should have brought this Kickstarter to a satisfactory conclusion, and sold it after. This would have allowed you to develop the brand with a finished product.

    33. Robert Lehnert, Sr. on April 28

      Thanks so much for the update! Looking forward to delivery - when it happens, it happens. Thanks for being so conscientious about your product, too.

    34. MarkR on April 28


      While I do appreciate the update, it really should have come sooner when you realized the issue with the hinge. That being said, I am happy that you are back on track.

      You did not address several other outstanding issues such as address changes, the additional unit purchases and the promises and the guarantees you made back in December, prior to your wife's illness (which we all hope and pray turned out well!) Can you please update these issues as well?

    35. MaxStarter on April 28

      @Bradley, in January you had to post,

      Explanation for the unexpected "radio silence":

      Now nearly four months later, weeks after your last schedule for delivery, and the best part of a year of overdue delivery, we are back to silence. An update is required.

    36. Pasquale Riccio on April 25

      @Bradley, how are things at home? Hope your wife is doing much better.

      Just following up to also see how the project is moving forward.


    37. Missing avatar

      Frank Gagnon on April 23

      Very anxious for this product.

    38. Missing avatar

      martin on April 23

      Where is the product? What about the mentioned update? Guys, please deliver! Crowd funding seems to going down the drain...

    39. Missing avatar

      Dina on April 22

      Please send the product. It’s been ages!!!

    40. Missing avatar

      Simon Mawdsley on April 20

      Will it be arriving at all ...? :(

    41. Missing avatar

      PERRY KOTZKER on April 17

      At this point just looking for an update. Please advise.

      Thank you

    42. Missing avatar

      Rellie Arguelles on April 14

      The update “shortly” has not come. What does “shortly” mean? I bought this for my daughter who will be getting her license next month. Will it come before or after?

    43. Luca Luk Bellone on April 14

      Hello where is my item? At today i have not received yet nothing!

    44. Missing avatar

      Angry Sock Puppet on April 12

      I moved. How do I update my address?

    45. Missing avatar

      on April 11



      54 days
      12th request to Kindly check your DM !



    46. MaxStarter on April 10

      @Bradley, thanks for the info. So delivery is starting next week?

    47. Bradley Abbott Collaborator on April 9


      That's Correct. All of the parts are complete, and we are currently assembling and packaging the units. I expect to be posting an update shortly regarding logistics (shipping).

    48. MaxStarter on April 9

      According to Bradley's last post, production should have finished and he's going to update us this week, either way. Should be on their way asap. ➡️

    49. Missing avatar

      on April 8

      Are we EVER going to receive our perks???

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