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An automotive accessory that transforms the smartphone you already own into a portable head-up-display
An automotive accessory that transforms the smartphone you already own into a portable head-up-display
An automotive accessory that transforms the smartphone you already own into a portable head-up-display
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    1. Mikaeel Imran Young on August 17

      Saw the update. Thanks for keeping us in the loop! No worries about any delays, most Kickstarters deliver late. A good product is worth the wait. Keep up the great job!

    2. Hudify Inc. Creator on August 16

      Update posted! The update was made by Bradley, the main person behind our manufacturing partner Connectable Designs. Lots of development and explanations involved. Be sure to check it out!

      It's almost 12:00 AM here in Toronto but we'll be online tomorrow the whole day to answer comments and messages. That includes multiple messages/emails we haven't replied to just yet. Thank you!

    3. Hudify Inc. Creator on August 16

      @Ruth @Debbie @Thomas @Jun

      Our sincerest apologies for having you wait for an update. We have an update coming up tonight or tomorrow morning the latest!

      We've made great progress on the reflectors and other components of the product. We have a video of the newest sample from the factory in action. We promise you, it's worth the wait! Thank you so much for your patience and support.

    4. Hudify Inc. Creator on August 16


      Great app choice!! We're actually stoked that you know of Navier HUD 3. It has a unique interface that mimics the $500+ standalone HUD systems like Navdy.

      We are a big fan of this app to the point where we actually prefer it over the Navmii app because it features a FULL navigation map instead of just arrows. It gives you a 3D overview of where you are going and what your surroundings are. It's FREE too.

      To anyone interested in this app, here's a video from the Navier HUD 3 developers:…

    5. Hudify Inc. Creator on August 16


      HUDIFY supports any HUD-based navigation app for your phone. If you go to your phone's app store and search "HUD" or "head-up display", the apps listed will most likely work for this product.

      As @Bruce already mentioned, Waze doesn't have an HUD mode. It's not compatible with HUDIFY. Hopefully they implement and HUD feature within the app but we heard that the Waze team only implements a feature suggestion if 90%~ of their users request them.

    6. Hudify Inc. Creator on August 16


      Great car you have there! In terms of clearance, it varies depending on the dashboard height and rider height. An adjustment of the reflector angle to accommodate for this variance would have some impact on the clearance.

      A good basis would be 4.5 to 5 inches (11.43cm to 12.7cm) depending on the angle of the reflector.

    7. Hudify Inc. Creator on August 16

      @Robert and @Bruce

      We agree that pledging for Kickstarter projects definitely come with a risk. Here are two findings that relate to this:

      - 75%-84%~ of Kickstarter projects don't ship on time
      - Average of 7-8 months delay
      - 9% of Kickstarter projects fail to deliver rewards


      Judging from your conversation, both of you are already well aware of this. While this project is past its estimated shipping date, we can assure you that this project will deliver. We are trying our best to avoid delays any longer but we are also making sure that the product we will be delivering is functional. We have an update coming up tonight or tomorrow morning (EST) discussing the progress with the reflector.

      Hint: It's almost done! The reflectivity is more or less optimal for day use. We have a video coming up.

    8. Jun Otomo on August 16

      delays must be accompained with updates to assure people that there is progress in the project, and some time has already past since the last update, we want to know how the schedule is going.

    9. Thomas Canty on August 16

      A update would be appreciated as its now mid August..

    10. Debbie Phillips on August 14

      How are things going?

    11. Missing avatar

      Ruth Nicol
      on August 13

      Any news on shipping yet?

    12. MaxStarter on August 9

      I plan to use the Navier HUD3

    13. Missing avatar

      Bruce Gilliland on August 8

      @ Aldo - Only if it supports Heads Up Display. Google Maps does not. I would be surprised if Waze does.

    14. aldo sebastian on August 8

      Can we use waze app?

    15. Missing avatar

      Bruce Gilliland on August 6

      @ Robert - It appears we have similar interests. I saw your name over on the Venturi Belt project.

    16. MaxStarter on August 6

      @Lewis, if you can afford a Mercedes SC300, then you can probably add one of these too.…

    17. Lewis C Pagano on August 6

      How much clearance is needed between the dashboard and the windshield for this to operate correctly, This us very important to me due to the size of my vehicle which is a Mercedes SC300 roadster.

    18. Missing avatar

      Bruce Gilliland on August 5

      @ Robert - The delay was what prompted me to build my own.

      But back to business. I wonder if the creators are still having production issues. We haven't heard anything in a while.

    19. Robert Lehnert, Sr. on August 5

      Three years is a reeeaaally long wait - I shouldn't be complaining...I built my own bug out bags because I don't like all the crappy little things that they always include like two alcohol prep swabs and four tiny band-aids - think about adding some Israeli bandages and a CAT tourniquet or two. Plus, they don't include a pistol and ammunition :)...Good luck with your TOC delivery

    20. Missing avatar

      Bruce Gilliland on August 4

      @ Robert - The project is the TOC Go Bag, a get away/survival bag for emergencies. As it turns out, the bag is scheduled to be delivered late this month. So I will get what I paid for, but it will be late by three years. If course, I have 4-5 projects I paid for will never get anything. My track record has gotten a little better this year, assuming this project delivers.

    21. Robert Lehnert, Sr. on August 3

      @Bruce - that wouldn't be Flag or Tap Device, or PowerMag, would it? The Tap Device creator hasn't sent an update since October 2016, and the Flag creators haven't updated since being blasted on Shark Tank back in April...

    22. Missing avatar

      Bruce Gilliland on July 29

      @ Robert - To be more precise - August of which year? I am waiting on a KS project that will reach three years overdue in August.

    23. Robert Lehnert, Sr. on July 29

      @Bruce're correct of course...I just like more precision when people give estimates :).

    24. Robert Lehnert, Sr. on July 29

      Thanks! No problem at all with late August, I was just curious...

    25. Hudify Inc. Creator on July 26


      Follow-up: To be safe, end of August is more realistic.

    26. Hudify Inc. Creator on July 26

      @Mikaeel and @balsamo

      Thanks for reaching out! No problem at all. Please check your inbox! We've sent the instructions there.

      To anyone else who wants to change their shipping address, just visit All you need is to enter the email address associated to your Kickstarter account and you should be able to change it from there.

    27. Hudify Inc. Creator on July 26


      Thanks for understanding, Robert!! While we do try our best to reach the estimated target date we set at the beginning of the campaign, things do come up almost every time and we just have to deal with it as best as we can.

      In our case, we're not too far off! We're so thankful that we have such a great community behind this project.

      Fun fact: More than 80% of Kickstarter projects delivery late and 9% fail to deliver. More stats here:

    28. Hudify Inc. Creator on July 26


      Our apologies for this! Priorities shifted as we want to focus on getting mass manufacturing up and running first since it takes the longest to finish.

      We are still sponsoring the HUD add-on for Navmii World Android for a limited time. This will give backers that have Android devices 1-2 months to download the add-on. This will most likely be in the months of August to October or something similar to this time frame.

      Negotiations have not gone bad that's for sure. It will be easy for the Navmii team to just set-up a promotion making the add-on free - like flipping a switch. However, we do know that you deserve to get more information on this. We promise to put out an update as soon as the deal is finalized. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

    29. Missing avatar

      Bruce Gilliland on July 24

      @ Robert - always assume the worst. Better to be a pessimist and be wrong than be an optimist and be wrong.

    30. Robert Lehnert, Sr. on July 24

      No problem with the August delivery date - would that be around August 1st or August 31st?

    31. Missing avatar

      balsamo on July 22

      I have a new address, and I would really prefer that my item be sent to this new address. Who and how do I contact about this?
      Thanks much!

    32. Theo on July 21

      Did I miss something? Three weeks ago (on July 1) you posted: " . . . we are exploring an option of HUDIFY sponsoring the HUD add-on for a fixed number of months so that our backers who are using Android devices can download the add-on for free. We are still finalizing the details of this. We are putting out an update discuss this issue either today or tomorrow." Have negotiations gone badly?

    33. Mikaeel Imran Young on July 18

      Hi, I saw the latest update. Great job!! The August shipping date is fine, however I am moving to a new apartment in the same city on August 2nd. Where can I change the shipping address?

    34. Robert Lehnert, Sr. on July 18

      Thanks for the update! Waiting until August is not a big deal - I've been waiting for some Kick and Indie projects for a year past their delivery dates, and some that will never happen...

    35. Hudify Inc. Creator on July 18


      We haven't tested it for those specific temperatures but the adhesive itself should be capable of up to -40 F (-40 C).

      If you want to read the specification sheet provided by 3M, you can do so by clicking this link:

    36. Missing avatar

      dana swanson on July 18

      Was the 3m double stick tape tested at -20 to -30 degrees F?

    37. Missing avatar

      Nikos on July 14

      Hi guys, since it is middle July it would be nice to have an update on the shipping status. As @MaxStarter said: Is July still good for go? Thanks

    38. MaxStarter on July 12

      Hi Guys, it's a month since the last update. Is July still good for go?

    39. Hudify Inc. Creator on June 30


      Thanks for reaching out! Your question has been asked on the comment section a few times already. If you scroll down a bit, you should find a few discussions about this.

      To answer your question, I'll refer back to one of our previous comments. Hope this helps:

      "Thanks for reaching out. To answer your question, we made a quick video just for you! We'll show you Hudify, MPOW, and UVISTAR HUDs side by side and explain why Hudify is better than both.

      It's night time here in Toronto but we wanted to respond to your right away so we simulated the scenarios using an LCD screen. Here's the video link:

      Here's your explanation:

      UVISTAR's optical combiner is so short, it only reflects half of your screen. It completely renders it useless. That's the biggest design flaw it has. You can't see any information that utilizes the top part of your screen.

      MPOW HUD has a huge footprint. It's about 1.5x-1.75x bigger than Hudify and it wastes a lot of space. It's not functional space either. Because of this, their optical combiner reflects unnecessary objects and takes up a lot more of your view of the road when it doesn't have to.

      Hudify's optical combiner is optimized to reflect 100% of your phone's screen and not your phone's bezel or anything beyond it. It's also shaped that way (thicker at the bottom and slimmer at the top) because the UIs available are more information heavy at the bottom part of the screen.

      MPOW HUD also has a curved optical combiner which distorts the reflected image. This is similar to HUDWAY. It doesn't mimic higher-end HUDs that project a natural flat image.
      MPOW HUD is 15-20% darker than Hudify.

      It's harder to see the road and objects ahead of you. You'll see that Hudify's tint is a much better balance of tint darkness and reflectivity rate.

      It's also important to note that both MPOW and UVISTAR only come with a non-slip pad to keep your phone still while HUDIFY utilizes a much stronger magnetic system."

    40. Hudify Inc. Creator on June 30

      @Zion, @Mayank, and @Theo

      Regarding Premium Add-ons for Navmii World Android, there has been a change of plans. It turns out that Navmii World for Android is not making their premium add-ons for free anymore. Not to worry though, we are making sure that you have access to the premiums HUD add-on.

      In the past few weeks, we have tried to persuade the CEO of Navmii to make it available for free for HUDIFY users. We are in direct contact with him and we are exploring an option of HUDIFY sponsoring the HUD add-on for a fixed number of months so that our backers who are using Android devices can download the add-on for free.

      We are still finalizing the details of this. We are putting out an update discuss this issue either today or tomorrow.

      In terms of who we keep in contact with from Navmii - From the middle of 2016 up until February 2017, we were in direct contact with the CMO of Navmii, Zoe, until she had to leave the company. We established our marketing partnership with her. Now that she's not there anymore, we are directly dealing with Navmii's CEO, Peter.

    41. Hudify Inc. Creator on June 30


      We are absolutely stoked that you're excited to receive your HUDIFY! We are working our hardest to deliver it in July.

      In terms of product design, we truly are in the last stages of making sure everything is working perfectly under any condition. We have to make sure that the components we are working with work in extreme heat/cold, can securely hold your phone in different driving conditions, etc. We are taking our time to make sure we are delivering a high-quality product and sometimes that takes more time than planned.

      We should know in the next week or so if July is still a viable target date for delivery. We wish you a safe trip and we hope you have the time of your life!

    42. Hudify Inc. Creator on June 30


      Thanks for reaching out! Regarding your concern, the product itself shouldn't be a problem. The components we are using right now can easily withstand 40-50 degrees Celsius (104-122 degrees Farenheit) you mentioned.

      However, we would advise making sure that your AC/climate control is on to help regulate the temperature inside the car - this will help keep your smartphone from overheating. We would also advise that you avoid leaving anything on the dashboard when parked under the sun without any air circulation as this creates a "greenhouse effect". More on this topic by clicking on the link below:

    43. Theo on June 30

      Hello. In a February update you wrote: "There will be a Navmii World update in the future that will make all the premium add-ons free including the head-up display and speedometer add-ons. The iOS version is already out and Android will follow soon after. " Do you have any more information on when the charges for premium add-ons will be dropped? Do you have any influence with Navmii, or a formal agreement?

    44. Missing avatar

      Mayank Gupta on June 28


      Have you heard back from Navmii about the premium addons on Android. I am still waiting for an update on this. Hope this gets enabled before the units are shipped.

    45. Missing avatar

      Goshen on June 25

      Just saw this in is it different from huffy?

    46. Missing avatar

      Zion Shane Abatayo
      on June 14

      Any update on the Android navmii premium add-ons becoming free?

    47. Missing avatar

      on June 14

      Hey guys I am super excited for this product and appreciate all you are doing. I know you said that the plan if all goes well is to ship in july....I'm going on a massive road trip the last week in July and was wondering if there was any chance at all if I'd have my hudify in time for that trip.....again thanks for all you are doing.

    48. MaxStarter on June 14

      @Hameed, think people have posted on this subject several times? The fixing uses a magnetic because it's more capable of withstanding temperature changes.

    49. Missing avatar

      hameed parappil on June 13

      Hi thanks for the latest vediO update, I live in Oman which has temperatures coming up to 45 to 50 .hope ur product will withSTAND that heat .PLEASE REPLY.THANK YOU

    50. Hudify Inc. Creator on June 12

      Hi Thomas,

      Thanks for reaching out! We as a company will be avoiding the large administrative tasks involved in clearing the goods with Canadian customs. If we went with our original plan, we would have to ship all the North American packages from China to a commercial storage unit in Toronto. From there, would individually package the products ourselves and sent them out. This would take much longer compared to FloShip who has the workforce to fulfill everything in 2-4 days.

      This decision was based on the overall impact on our backers. Canadian backers only account for 7% of our total backers.

      We are also not using DHL, UPS, or FedEx to ship the packages out. Floship uses couriers like EMS and local postal systems. From our experience, there's a much lower chance of getting charged for duties and taxes. This is of course not guaranteed.

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