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An automotive accessory that transforms the smartphone you already own into a portable head-up-display
An automotive accessory that transforms the smartphone you already own into a portable head-up-display
An automotive accessory that transforms the smartphone you already own into a portable head-up-display
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    1. Missing avatar

      Mayank Gupta about 4 hours ago


      Have you heard back from Navmii about the premium addons on Android. I am still waiting for an update on this. Hope this gets enabled before the units are shipped.

    2. Missing avatar

      Goshen 3 days ago

      Just saw this in is it different from huffy?

    3. Missing avatar

      Zion Shane Abatayo
      on June 14

      Any update on the Android navmii premium add-ons becoming free?

    4. Missing avatar

      on June 14

      Hey guys I am super excited for this product and appreciate all you are doing. I know you said that the plan if all goes well is to ship in july....I'm going on a massive road trip the last week in July and was wondering if there was any chance at all if I'd have my hudify in time for that trip.....again thanks for all you are doing.

    5. MaxStarter on June 14

      @Hameed, think people have posted on this subject several times? The fixing uses a magnetic because it's more capable of withstanding temperature changes.

    6. Missing avatar

      hameed parappil on June 13

      Hi thanks for the latest vediO update, I live in Oman which has temperatures coming up to 45 to 50 .hope ur product will withSTAND that heat .PLEASE REPLY.THANK YOU

    7. Hudify Inc. Creator on June 12

      Hi Thomas,

      Thanks for reaching out! We as a company will be avoiding the large administrative tasks involved in clearing the goods with Canadian customs. If we went with our original plan, we would have to ship all the North American packages from China to a commercial storage unit in Toronto. From there, would individually package the products ourselves and sent them out. This would take much longer compared to FloShip who has the workforce to fulfill everything in 2-4 days.

      This decision was based on the overall impact on our backers. Canadian backers only account for 7% of our total backers.

      We are also not using DHL, UPS, or FedEx to ship the packages out. Floship uses couriers like EMS and local postal systems. From our experience, there's a much lower chance of getting charged for duties and taxes. This is of course not guaranteed.

    8. Thomas Canty on June 12

      Hi ..I am say you are going to have Flowship in Hong Kon ship them to Canada. But yet you say your doing it avoids Canadian Customs...How? If it ships from overseas then it will hit customs for duties and taxes

    9. Hudify Inc. Creator on June 12


      We are still aiming to start the delivery by July. We made a few changes to our delivery plans that will be covered in the upcoming update.

      Basically, the original plan was to do a 50/50 fulfillment strategy wherein our team in Toronto will be responsible for shipping out all North American rewards and a fulfillment company in Hong Kong will fulfill the international rewards.

      We are now opting to have all the rewards shipped by the fulfillment company in Hong Kong to save time from shipping the units to Canada through freight (takes at least 3-4 weeks), dealing with Canadian customs, and shipping it out ourselves locally. The fulfillment company is located near our factory and can have every package out in 2-4 days.

    10. Hudify Inc. Creator on June 12

      @Andrew Wei and @Mark Broleman

      Of course! There's an update going out today - you can expect a separate email regarding this.

    11. Andrew Wei
      on June 12

      Yes! I would also like another update please! It'd be good to know what's happening :)

    12. Missing avatar

      Mark Broleman on June 11

      Any new updates?

    13. MaxStarter on May 26

      What's the delivery schedule now?

    14. Missing avatar

      Bruce Gilliland on May 2

      @ Creator - Thanks for the info. I downloaded the app to my phone to try it. It has some limitations. If I type in my home street address, I get an error message saying it does not exist or they don't have it. The street address has existed for 24+ years. I was able to set my home's GPS location as my Home favorite, but it took some work to figure out how to do that.

      I need to experiment with it more. I tried it one time but had no voice instructions. I later discovered that by default, the sound is turned off.

      In your list of options, what is "classic speedo" and "sport speedo"?

    15. Hudify Inc. Creator on May 2


      Navmii World for Android was recently updated a few days ago - April 25, 2017 to be exact. However, the free transition of premium add-ons were not implemented just yet. We're still waiting on a reply from the Navmii team on when they plan to make the premium add-ons free for Android just like how they did on iOS. Once they respond, we'll let you know what they said.

      Here's a list of free add-ons included for iOS that should be included for Android soon:

      - World Maps
      - Point of Interest
      - Classic Speedo
      - Head-up Display
      - Pioneer AppRadio Support
      - Sport Speedo (Blue)
      - Sport Speedo (Red)
      - Advanced Voice Guidance

    16. Missing avatar

      Bruce Gilliland on April 27

      @ Creator - What's the latest on the Navmii premium features for the Android version? What are those features?

    17. MaxStarter on April 13

      @Creator, Thanks for the info. I'm pretty sure I'll get a lot of use out of Hudify when I get it. May experiment with fixing options too.

    18. Hudify Inc. Creator on April 11


      We definitely understand where you are coming from. However, we designed Hudify around the magnetic system other car phone holders are using because we found it the easiest to use on a daily basis. The initial set-up might add an extra step or two but once you're over that, you easily just snap your smartphone on the mount - you can do this with one hand too.

      We did try out the clamp mechanism you mentioned earlier in the development process but it quite awkward to use given that the mount for a head-up display smartphone mount is facing upwards instead of a normal car mount which faces the driver. In that case, we always had to take out the cradle from the magnetic dashboard mount, clamp the phone, and mount it back again.

    19. Hudify Inc. Creator on April 11


      Unfortunately, your tablet simply won't fit - the reflector will be too small for smartphones/tablets with 5.5" screens or bigger - you could get away with a 5.7" like the Note 3/4 but that's already pushing it. All the head-up display apps we know about doesn't allow for adjusting screen size through software as well.

    20. MaxStarter on April 7

      @Creator, most car phone holders use the plastic and foam vice grip. Even a cantilevered clip could work. Not sure why the magnet option was considered best.
      Moot point at this late stage.

    21. Hudify Inc. Creator on April 7


      Thanks for reaching out!

      Our assumption is that while your phone is mounted on the Hudify's magnetic cradle, it won't be charging wirelessly since it doesn't have that capability. Were you planning on using your wireless charger and Hudify at the same time? If so, how are you planning on doing that?

    22. Missing avatar

      David "Handlebar" Kingsley on April 7

      I don't actually have a smart phone.
      I do have the Verizon Ellipsis tablet, which does have 4G LTE service & so I use that with Google Maps instead of the Cell Phone.
      This means that I have a much larger 5" x 8" device
      I figured I'd mention this to see if the software or reflector could take the device or if the app could be adjusted to use only the available part of your screen

    23. Missing avatar

      Cynthia Willis on April 6

      Will the magnet interfere with the wireless charging for the Samsung phones?

    24. Hudify Inc. Creator on March 31

      @Ron Leonard

      That's definitely a mistake on our part. As we mentioned in our updates, we are still on track with our manufacturing timeline here on Kickstarter. In terms of shipping, we are still estimating to start around June or July.

      The factory just finished the tooling this week. We will be sending out an update regarding this milestone in the next few days.

    25. Missing avatar

      Ron Leonard on March 31

      What's our shipping date? I just saw an ad on indiegogo promising shipping in 10-15 days...

    26. Hudify Inc. Creator on March 31


      Just sent you your personal BackerKit link through a private message. We also re-invited you to visit the link through your email. Hope this helps!

      To anyone who wishes to update their shipping address, @Bruce is definitely right. Just visit and enter your email address so you can retrieve your personal BackerKit link. From there, you'll be able to update your information.

    27. Hudify Inc. Creator on March 31


      Thanks for helping out as well. We appreciate it!

    28. Hudify Inc. Creator on March 31

      @Bruce Gilliland

      Thank you for continually helping us with answering questions here on the comments section. Our team really appreciates it!

      If you want to try the Navmii app for Android now, you definitely can. It's just the premium add-ons that are not available just yet - this includes head-up display add-on that. Other than that, the app is completely functional and ready to be used.

      Installing other HUD apps from the app store before getting your Hudify unit might be a good idea as well so you can figure which app works best for you.

    29. Hudify Inc. Creator on March 31

      @Bruce Gilliland

      Thank you for continually helping us with answering questions here on the comments section. Our team really appreciates it!

      If you want to try the Navmii app for Android now, you definitely can. It's just the premium add-ons that are not available just yet - this includes head-up display add-on that. Other than that, the app is completely functional and ready to be used.

      Installing other HUD apps from the app store before getting your Hudify unit might be a good idea as well so you can figure which app works best for you.

    30. Hudify Inc. Creator on March 31

      @Chairman Wang

      Happy to answer your question!

      The reason why Google/Apple Maps aren't supported is because it does not have a head-up display mode which reverses the image projected on your phone's screen. Since Hudify reflects your phone's screen, the navigation app being used has to deal with the mirror image effect.

      Quick definition of the mirror image effect from Wikipedia: A mirror image (in a plane mirror) is a reflected duplication of an object that appears almost identical, but is reversed in the direction perpendicular to the mirror surface.

      To simply put it, try to reflect your phone in front of a mirror. You'll notice that the text reflected on the mirror is reversed. Hope this helps shed some light on the matter!

      We recommend that you try Navmii out yourself. Just search Navmii either on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Let us know what you think!

    31. Missing avatar

      Bruce Gilliland on March 28

      @ Benson - I stand corrected. The Hudify website ( does not have a support link. If you have no luck at, come back here. Hudify checks in from time to time.

    32. Missing avatar

      Bruce Gilliland on March 28

      @ Benson Cameron - You should be able to since shipping appears to be some time off. Just go to and you can retrieve your survey from there.

      If for some reason, you cannot update your address, you will need to go to Hudify's website and contact their support staff.

    33. Missing avatar

      Benson Cameron on March 27

      Can I change my address

    34. Missing avatar

      Bruce Gilliland on March 27

      @ MaxStarter - Thanks. I will look at it. Currently, I use CoPilot for extended travel because by default, it uses downloaded maps. It's been around for years. But it doesn't support HUD right now.

      Google Maps supports downloaded maps, but you have to know the area you are going to be in and then download the map area(s) you need. It would work better in a local area such as a city. I think we will have to do some experimenting with apps - when we get the Hudify.

    35. MaxStarter on March 27

      @Bruce, For Google Maps use the Navier HUD app

    36. Missing avatar

      Bruce Gilliland on March 27

      @ MaxStarter, @ Chairman Wang - Actually, Hudify's comments on Feb. 21 don't discuss Google Maps or Apple Maps. The comments address the availability of Navmii's premium features in the iOS and Android versions. It's possible Hudify answered the question at some point in Comments, but not since Jan. 31.

      I suspect the reason Google and Apple apps aren't mentioned is that they do not yet support Heads Up Displays (HUD). That's the key here. The offline availability is needed, but that is not the question here. There was a post some time back that did discuss other apps that support HUD.

      As to the quality of Navmii, I cannot say. I have not installed it yet because I have an Android phone. I am waiting on the upgrade.

      But I think this is a good place and time to talk about Navmii. Without a good app, Hudify is just a nice piece of glass and metal.

    37. MaxStarter on March 27

      @Chairman Wang, you are correct, it was answered in the comments on the 21st of February

    38. Chairman Wang on March 26

      So maybe this has been answered before, but why isn't Google/Apple maps supported? Reviews for the navmii app aren't too promising... The one guy at work who tried it uninstalled it as soon as google maps offline went live too.

    39. MaxStarter on March 24

      @Creator, glad you liked the links. Re the NanoGrip, I've bought some and will trial them out.

    40. Hudify Inc. Creator on March 24


      Thank you for these recommendations!

      Regarding NanoGrip - This was our first options. The material used is similar to silicone/friction dasboard mats for cars. The biggest flaw of this type of material is that it loses its "stickiness" when it becomes really hot (melts) and the temperature goes below freezing (hardens). In short, it's not effective in extreme conditions and it only sticks to smooth surfaces.

      Regarding the bike mount shown in the video you shared - this is quite interesting. It's smart actually. We'll look into this more.

    41. Hudify Inc. Creator on March 24

      @Bruce Gilliland

      Thank you for helping the community out! We appreciate it.

    42. Hudify Inc. Creator on March 24


      Just sent you a message! I've included your specific BackerKit link. You should be able to update your address from there.

      @Bruce is also correct. At any time, you can visit to retrieve your BackerKit survey link. Once you have your link, you can update your address from there.

    43. Missing avatar

      Bruce Gilliland on March 23

      @ Vikram Geevanathan - See Update #12, March 3, where it talks about going to your survey. Try this link to access it. You will need your KS account email.

    44. Missing avatar

      Vikram Geevanathan on March 23

      I want to update my address how can I do that

    45. MaxStarter on March 23

      Interesting smartphone mount used on a bike. No magnets required:…

    46. Missing avatar

      Bruce Gilliland on March 14

      @ Karel, @ Andy, @ Andrew - Since I was the one who asked the question about attachment, back on March 4, let me comment again. When I saw the videos, it was obvious that that was no clamp or other device to mechanically attach the phone to the Hudify cradle. That's why I asked the question. The phone was not going to sit there all by itself. I agree that it would have been good for Hudify to have made that more clear from the beginning.

      Yes, there are other ways to connect a phone to a cradle. Hudify took what I call a simple approach that allows for quick attachment and detachment. We should note that Hudify is not the only device that uses magnets and steel plates to attach phones.

      If you get a new phone (and a case) every year, this might not work for you - unless Hudify will sell extra plates an an inexpensive price. My approach might not work for you, but when I upgraded to my current phone a couple of years ago, I kept the old phone. It is now my GPS device. I used it extensively last year on a 5,500 mile trip across the U.S.

      If you don't want to attach the steel plate, at least initially, try some strong double-sided tape until you have had time to test the device and see if it is going to work for you. That is the bigger issue for me.

    47. Theo on March 13

      Concerning magnetic plates: I have one of those unusual cameras (the Sony Cyber-shot QX-10) which resembles an interchangeable lens. You use your smartphone's screen as the viewfinder. I don't need to attach the QX-10 to the phone, but if I do I can either use the Sony clamp which comes with the camera or a modification I saw on Youtube - a strong magnet which attaches to the back of the QX10 and a thin metal plate either attached to the back of the phone or on the inside of the case. It works wonderfully well. Here's my point regarding the Hudify: Honestly, the metal plate is hardly noticeable. it's very thin and the bond is secure. It's a simple and elegant solution to attaching a phone, and the wafer-thin plate in no way affects the phone's performance.

    48. Hudify Inc. Creator on March 13

      @Andrew and @Andy

      We are very sorry for the misunderstanding regarding the magnetic plate to your phone. We absolutely never meant to mislead you in any way possible. Your satisfaction is our TOP priority. We have already messaged you both. Thank you for being understanding.

    49. Missing avatar

      Andrew Cook on March 13

      Well that's crap, and has just rendered this device useless to me. I've been back through the initial campaign, and while it mentions magnets are used to hold the phone in the device no where does it specify the need to stick anything to the phone permanently.

      Permanently sticking things to my phone is not an option. I feel very mislead.

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