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An automotive accessory that transforms the smartphone you already own into a portable head-up-display
An automotive accessory that transforms the smartphone you already own into a portable head-up-display
An automotive accessory that transforms the smartphone you already own into a portable head-up-display
1,894 backers pledged CA$ 154,374 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. John Tony James about 6 hours ago

      Like many other people that have backed this project I think we have been more than patient.
      I have now changed phones and cars and also have a system in place for my sat nav which means when (or if) I get this product it will now be redundant.
      I would like a refund and would appreciate if something could contact me to get this arranged (that's if the creators even bother to read these comments)

    2. Jun Otomo about 22 hours ago

      will we get to the to the thousand comments or the product first?

    3. MaxStarter 1 day ago

      @Hudify Inc, you're busy, but your posts state that updates will be forthcoming, and then nothing. When can we expect the videos promised, and the notifications for shipping?

    4. Missing avatar

      Ron Rea 2 days ago

      Just refund my money. Its been a year of Bull

    5. Missing avatar

      Mark Maplethorpe 5 days ago

      Personally I can wait a bit longer. I am sure this isn't a scam and we'll all get our units eventually.

      I've been using Sygic recently on my phone and can recommend that. It's often on offer and does have a heads up module for it. Worth a look if you're not convinced by Navmi

    6. Missing avatar

      Mayank Gupta 5 days ago

      It's a scam and we all funded it.

    7. Missing avatar

      Rellie Arguelles 6 days ago

      So, where’s the videos you promised 2 nights ago? Wow, can’t even get the dates correctly! Not that it would make a difference. UNBELIEVABLE!!!! And did your Turtle delivery service meet unfortunate bad weather interruptions?

    8. Theo 7 days ago

      I agree. You should.

    9. Hudify Inc. Creator on

      Hey guys! Just trying to finish up those videos for you today - its been a hectic week! Should have them up for you by tonight!

    10. Missing avatar

      Erica Rogers on

      It’s been a long wait. The pain and road blocks you’ve had on this road have been unfortunate. I hope it is a good product that is still useful. I had a 2011 Murano with a Nav system but with a dated 2011 map update at the time I backed this project, so this was a good idea. Since then I’ve bought a 2016 Murano with Nav system and a more updated map (2015-2016), and this includes directions in the front display above the steering column along with the map on the center console. It’s good, but doesn’t incorporate real-time data like Apple Maps or Waze that I also use, and static updates for the Murano cost $200+. I had an iPhone mount for my iPhone in the previous car, it made the use of Apple Maps or Waze easier and safer to use. I have not installed one in my new car yet because I’m waiting for my HUDify. I hope this provides a decent true HUD, real-time maps (like Google & Apple maps) including road closures, events, accidents etc

    11. Missing avatar

      Angry Sock Puppet on

      May I have a refund?

    12. Rickey Carmons on

      I need to change my address. Can you provide me the info for doing that?

    13. Missing avatar

      hameed parappil on


    14. Missing avatar

      Malachi Mart on

      Hello Hudify, I am requesting a refund.

    15. Theo on

      Michael Nicki: Invoking your rights will get you nowhere, I'm afraid, especially since the October 2012 terms of use are out of date. Hudify have not shown that they cannot fulfill their obligations. Failure to communicate and slow delivery seem to be their major faults, which are not grounds for a refund (though we might wish they were). In any case, I really believe Kickstarter is not worried about backers.

    16. Missing avatar

      Michael Nickl

      I invoke my rights under Kickstarter's Terms of Use:
      "Project Creators are required to fulfill all rewards of their successful fundraising campaigns or refund any Backer whose reward they do not or cannot fulfill."
      I demand an immediate full refund for my pledge amount

    17. Missing avatar

      Bao Tran on

      Backer #2,269
      This project Hudify a Transparent GPS is took over a year now!?
      I am wondering when my reward will be ship to US?!

    18. MaxStarter on

      #team Hudify, we were due an update at the end of last week, and it's now the end of the subsequent week. Surely an update could include a notification of further delay?

    19. Theo on

      To adapt the legal maxim of "justice delayed is justice denied," products delayed are products denied. You made a show of locking up addresses, which any reasonable person would interpret as a sign of imminent action, but there has been silence since then. Come on creator, do the right thing and let us know what's really going on.

    20. Missing avatar

      조규상 on

      It have been a month sine you lock the address.
      Where is the project result?
      It will be better to give update.

    21. Robin Pettit on

      I may be moving in September. No guarantee. I know you locked the addresses. I assume I will get my unit soon, like this month. Looking forward to it, BTW. You may want to post an update regarding shipping to keep us positive and looking forward to receiving units. BTW, I know other HUD units exist out there. I still believe yours will be a bit nicer, at least compared to any one that isn't a built in HUD. Trying to stay positive.

    22. Missing avatar

      Rellie Arguelles on

      Yo.Theo!!!! You know, that’s really not my problem, is it? By the time I get it.....IF and that’s a BIG IF !!!!!! It will be USELESS!!!!
      Technology is leaving you behind!! I’m thinking, even the slowest turtle probably won’t take this long to DELIVER after shipping! Oh? Turtles are delivering them to the Post Office, UPS, or FEDEX to be shipped? Hot Diggity Dog! My Bad!
      Yes! I have turned into a __ITCH!!! Sorry, Y’all

    23. William Hogan on

      Can I get a refund? In the very long time since this product was supposed to ship I have changed phones and cars and no longer need or want this. Had this shipped when it was supposed to it would have been nice.

    24. Theo on

      Rellie: On April 28 this year the creator wrote: "We have easily taken a pretty major loss when you consider the time, effort, labor, and expense that's been involved. That being said - no matter the difficult [sic]- we will ALWAYS make sure our customers get what they've ordered. " So you see, it's on record. The creator has staked his team's reputation on it.

    25. Missing avatar

      Rellie Arguelles on

      Have we all been scammed????

    26. Missing avatar

      Mary on

      Really....We need an update with shipping info

    27. Missing avatar

      Alyssa Ulrich on

      Is there going to be an update on the shipping of our items?? I'm at the point where I'm going to request a refund of my items. It was been over a month since addresses had to be confirmed and almost a month since the last updates were accepted.

    28. Missing avatar

      Mayank Gupta on

      Any updates on shipping or you will disappear for weeks as usual?

    29. Missing avatar on

      I still haven’t gotten the product...has anyone gotten there’s??

    30. Missing avatar

      stephen knight on

      How much longer do we have to wait for this item to be dispatched ?

    31. Missing avatar

      Sachintha Gurudeniya on

      An initial promise of the project was that we would be able to use Navmii with this unit for free, which no longer appears to be the case. So where does this leave us? If I wanted just any other navigation system with traditional views instead of turn-by-turn, I'd just use Google maps. In case we won't be able to use Navmii, there's very little use for me for this product, and will I be able to get a refund?

    32. Barry E. Wiley II

      Any update on shipping ?

    33. MaxStarter on

      @Hudify, thanks a lot, they'd make great gifts 👍

    34. Hudify Inc. Creator on

      @Patrick Sennett

      Let's just say that @MaxStarter isn't the only one ;)

    35. Patrick Sennett on

      @Hudify Inc. - I feel discriminated against. I was nice and supportive, too!

      Just kidding. On with the show.

    36. Hudify Inc. Creator on


      We actually just had a meeting this morning, and are putting that update together for posting this week for you! Also, let me say that the patient, understanding nature of your tone and posts has been extremely appreciated through this project. Your obvious willingness to answer community questions and level straightforward nature is amazing and very much recognized. I'm planning on sending you SEVERAL extra units, as a thank you!

    37. MaxStarter on

      A month ago this update was posted. When can we expect see that update in action?

      There will be several small updates to follow, including a link to a video with unpackaging and usage instructions, as well as other information items (like a discount code for original backers to purchase additional units at the aforementioned discounted rate), so keep an eye out for that!

    38. Theo on

      Definition of heads-up: a message that alerts or prepares. Ironic, isn't it, that we get so few messages from this product's creator? Also, this device is designed to make it easier to navigate. Many of us feel that this campaign has well and truly lost its way. I still have hope, however, that we will get there.

    39. Missing avatar

      Mayank Gupta on

      Are we ever going to receive it?

    40. Patrick Sennett on

      Copy @Bruce Gilliland, good info about Navmii. I was kind of hoping Waze or Google Maps would have a HUD mode now because that's what I tend to use the most in traffic, but I'm not yet seeing that.

    41. Jun Otomo on

      at least give us a report of how things are going dont just disapear

    42. Jun Otomo on

      really??? reallly? how long do we have to wait for this?

    43. Shawn Guo on

      @creator alternatively, please just send me the unit without the packaging. I’ll be throwing it away anyway. Save cost for you.

    44. MaxStarter on

      Originally they had a vision of launching this as a commercial product, with professional packaging.
      If its a quality product, that may still happen. Have to wait and see what packaging our reward comes in to determine its future.

    45. Missing avatar

      Mayank Gupta on

      @Creator You give an update and the disappear for weeks. To be fair I am not sure why there is so much delay.

    46. Theo on

      Winslow Joy: No, this did not show up being sold somewhere else, but now there are similar products on the market, usually with "hud" incorporated in the name.

    47. Missing avatar

      Winslow Joy on

      I’m really beginning to think this is vapor ware... didn’t this show up being sold somewhere else?

    48. Thomas Canty on

      Now halfway through July. The addresses were locked up on July 3... Has anyone received theirs yet or even a tracking number?

    49. MaxStarter on

      @Bruce, lots of cars have Satnav built in now, my car does as well

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