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Borrowed Beams of Light are recording their new LP. Your pledges will guarantee its pressing, and serve as your pre-order.

Indie pop band Borrowed Beams of Light, from Charlottesville, VA are more than halfway finished recording their new, full length LP. A follow up to last year's well regarded self-titled EP, this new, as yet untitled, LP will be a further exploration of the nostalgic tones of late 60's baroque psychedelia, blended with hints of folk rock and glam. This time around, the songs have found a thematic anchor, of sorts, in a bit of intriguing, almost conspiratorial folklore. Much of the thematic content of this batch of songs is loosely based on a 500 year old, vellum manuscript known as The Voynich Manuscript ( The manuscript contains more than 200 pages of handwritten text, and ink drawings, which have been studied, categorized, sensationalized and conspiratorialized for the past half-millennium--and to this day, its code remains elusive; its meaning--a mystery. The theories as to the authorship and purpose of this puzzling document run the gamut--Franciscan monks' medical journals, a elaborate swindle in the court of Elizabeth I, the ravings of a mad nobleman, a grand hoax. The interest of the manuscript in regards to the Borrowed Beams however, is not one of conspiracy, or even academics. It is, at its core, an exploration of its aesthetics; the Beams have strived to give it our own narrative and re-imagine its history--with subtlety, we hope. This is not a rock opera! It's a pop album. We, the Beams, are asking for your support in regards to the expensive "finishing touches" pertaining to this project. We have recorded most of the album ourselves. But we would like to have it mixed and mastered elsewhere ($$$$$$$$). And we'd like to pay our wonderful artist, Thomas Dean ( what he deserves for doing the album art($$$$$$). And we need it to be pressed ($$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$). Thank you in advance for your support.

Adam Brock, Nathan Walsh, and all the Beams


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    12" LP or CD PLUS T-Shirt PLUS........ Album artist Thomas Dean will include an artists rendition of YOU!!! in the collage portion of the ALBUM ART!!! This will either be in the insert, or the gatefold, if we raise enough $$$ to get the gatefold!!!

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