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The project's funding goal was not reached on Wed, November 4 2015 7:43 PM UTC +00:00
Lagrue LaurentBy Lagrue Laurent
First created
Lagrue LaurentBy Lagrue Laurent
First created
pledged of €19,000 goal
0seconds to go
Funding Unsuccessful
The project's funding goal was not reached on Wed, November 4 2015 7:43 PM UTC +00:00

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    1. Lagrue Laurent Creator on

      Hello Michael,

      Thank you for your support!

      My strategy is the following :

      */ To publish regular news here.

      */ I' have contacted dozens of blogs, websites, Press releases,... i have some results but if you have any contact you're welcome.

      */ Barry doublet, a Dice tower reviewer, will test a mecha 1945 prototype around the 24 october.

      */ I'm present on some forums and i'm still working on : Board game game geek, Dakka dakka (I just register on it), french forums,...

      */ Facebook, Google +, my website,...

      Any help is welcome for this project! If you have contact with influent youtube reviewer i can send quickly a prototype. Feel free to talk about the game on BGG or Dakka dakka for example...

      Mecha 1945 need your support!


    2. Michael's Cat Emporium on

      @Lagrue, Hey! To be honest, I'm not much into mechs, but I quickly backed your game -- so that must say something about the product you have here! =) I'm wondering what your strategy is to get more buzz/exposure for this game?

    3. Lagrue Laurent Creator on

      Thank you Jeff!

      I'm working hard for it.


    4. Jeff fearnow on

      So In.

      I already have HG Mechs for stand ins if need be, and stomping Manhattan is okay with me for reasons.

      best of luck and I hope this rolls on!

    5. Missing avatar


      Ok, I'm in. The game seems good. And the game designer is really enthusiastic and fully involved in his project. :-)

    6. Missing avatar

      cambillard on

      Good luck! It's a great game !

    7. KirillKuma on

      Thanks Laurent

      And same message from Fred and Julian Congratulations and good luck :)

    8. Lagrue Laurent Creator on

      Yep, Kirillkuma the KS exclusive content is a nod to H.P.Lovecraft universe. :)

      Merci Fred !

    9. KirillKuma on

      The KS exclusive content are inspired by cthulhu?

    10. Fred Berard on

      Bonjour à toi Laurent, je suis très heureux pour toi, car même si cette aventure à déjà débutée il y a plus de deux ans c'est ici finalement que tout commence...et je suis persuadé que cela finira bien. Alors en attendant courage à toi sincère salutations. Fred

    11. Lagrue Laurent Creator on

      L'équipe de Kickstarter ne m'y encourage pas même si c'est une pratique courante.

    12. Julian Stark

      Félicitations pour le Staff Pick, tu devrais mettre un petit écusson sur ton image de présentation.

    13. Lagrue Laurent Creator on

      Leonard > It's done, welcome New zealand !

    14. Leonard Raaymakers on

      @Creator - Yes, please. That would be great. Thank you very much.

    15. Lagrue Laurent Creator on

      Hello Leonard, the shipping price to new zealand is 30 €.

      I can add a a shipping category if you want.

      Thank you for your support ! :)

    16. Leonard Raaymakers on

      No shipping to New Zealand? Too expensive?

      Best of luck with the campaign! It looks great!

    17. Lagrue Laurent Creator on

      Ok Khoral (désolé ;p), c'est une bonne idée.

    18. Lagrue Laurent Creator on

      Mecha 1945 has been chosen by kickstarter staff !

      Mecha 1945 a été choisi par l'équipe Kickstarter !

    19. Khoral on

      Dans tes commentaires (et éventuels updates), tu peux séparer l'anglais et le français par une ligne de tirets. Ça aide pour lire :)
      Un peu comme ça :


      English version

    20. Lagrue Laurent Creator on

      Salut !

      Il y a un bug avec le premier pledge (celui à 45 €), normalement pour la France on vous propose des frais de port à 0 € et là c'est 5 €. C'est un bug !

      Dans tous les cas soyez assurés que les 50 jeux achetés dans la rubrique 45 € bénéficient bien de frais de port gratuits pour la France métropolitaine !

      J'essaye de régler ça.

      There is a bug with the first pledge. Shipping is 0 € for metropolitan France, not 5 €. I'm trying to fix this bug.

    21. Julian Stark

      Ah tiens si j'ai une question, il est écrit free shipping pour la France et ça m'a prélevé les 5€ de shipping.

    22. Julian Stark

      GL Laurent

    23. KirillKuma on

      OK it's good :) good luck

    24. Lagrue Laurent Creator on

      Bonjour, je suis sur le pont si vous avez des questions n'hésitez pas !

      Hello, if you have any questions i'm here ! I'll try to answer with my bad english but be sure that the game will be translate by a professional.