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Cornered Rat, independent game studio established in 1999 wants to complete it's new online tactical shooter for digital distribution.

get the game free with $25 donation
get the game free with $25 donation

Cornered Rat Software, an independent developer founded by online game pioneers in 1999, is in the later stages of developing a new, fast action PvP tactical shooter for the PC games market.

"CRS has more than a decade of experience developing simulation-style games. We're taking that strength to new, fast-action, team based games." -Dana Baldwin, Sr Prod

"Rapid Assault" (RA) is an online tactical shooter played in huge maps where infantry and armor populate the battlefields in action-packed scenarios built around historical WWII battles. |

"We are long-time fans of games like Red Orchestra, ARMA and World of Tanks and we're inspired to bring a new, combined arms tactical shooter to market with our own flavor." - Al Corey, Exec Prod

This project has been in development for 14 months and all core systems and features are complete. It is in early stages of Beta with 1,000 testers and our studio needs additional funding to complete the first content pack and final polish and to bring it to market.

How is "Rapid Assault" different from other games like RO and WoT?

RA blends simulation-style realism with fast action team play and does it by combining infantry and armor on iconic WWII battlefields. Our game engine is built with realistic ballistics and physics based damage and every vehicle is comprised of historically accurate, component based models. Players can choose to play single maps or join in campaigns of linked scenarios with player and team scoring carried throughout the campaign.

Put your spray and pray games away and jump into the PvP realism of Rapid Assault!

  • 1st/3rd Person PvP Tactical Shooter
  • Realistic Ballistic & Damage Models
  • Infantry & Tanks Share the Battlefield
  • Iconic Battles on Historically Themed Maps
  • Team Based Objectives
  • Personal & Team Scoring w/ Achievements
  • Death Match, Staged Capture & Defense, Movable Spawns & More
  • Single Scenarios & Linked "Campaigns"
  • Up to 64 Players per Map
  • Vehicle Command Control System
  • No Monthly Subscription

Quotes from testers

Fast paced, realistic tactical shooter. Best FPS experience I've had in a long time!

"The hardest PvP on the faster-action and more lethal!"

"RA combines the highly realistic ballistics, damage and weapon systems and mixes them with easy to find, fast, exciting action. This formula is pure win."

Why do we need the money?

Game Content- Maps, scenarios, more! more! more! We need to complete the first set of scenarios included in the "D-DAY" pack. This pack includes the iconic D-Day beach landing of U.S. forces and follows the fight up the Viervilles draw and inland. There are 6 scenarios planned and possibly more if we exceed our goal.

Art Content- Many of our terrain objects like buildings and cultural objects are leftovers from previous game projects and aren't up to our standard for a modern PC game. We plan on combining in-house talent with some outside contractors to upgrade or replace many of the game objects.

Infantry Animations- We have a pretty limited set of 3rd person infantry animations. We have the state engine to support many new animations like duck, jump and climb and we need talent and treasure to make it happen.

Weapons- We have several infantry weapon additions for the U.S. and Germany we'd like to add to help round out the weapon set and we have 2 more armored vehicles for each army that would be great additions.

Linked Maps- We have the basics in place to support both individual, instanced map sessions as well as allowing players to join a series of maps linked as a "campaign". This feature really shows itself off with our "D-Day" map pack that could allow players to experience "Dog Green", "Battle up the Vierville Draw" & "Assault on Vierville Sur Mer" as a single game experience. We need a little more time and polish to bring this cool feature to the game.

Future Releases

The first release of Rapid Assault, titled "D-DAY" is only the first of several packs planned for the game. Exciting new additions like naval and air combat will be combined with historic WWII settings that feature ground and air units from the U.S., Germany, Britain and France. Immediately after release we will announce the next pack, the setting and great new units to play.



$150,000 - At this point we get to add a couple of items on our "must have" list that we need budget to complete;

Manable gun positions- wouldn't it be cool to take over MG nests or AT guns you capture in battle? Us too!

More infantry classes- We think dedicated engineers who clear minefields, and build stuff in the game would be kickass and we bet you do too. Let's make it happen!


$200,000- If we exceed our goal and hit the $200k mark we can expand the already huge set of units and weapons and add to our "D-DAY" scenario pack;

U.S. Paratroopers-  We will add U.S. paratroopers to our library of infantry from four countries as playable units and expand future scenarios to include drops from transport aircraft onto the battlefields of France. Who wants night drops into intense combat action?


$300,000 - If we hit this incredible funding goal we will advance the introduction of PvP air combat we've had on the back-burner.

Iconic Fighters- We are developing a new flight model and control system to encourage fast, furious and skillful play. This flight model will be applied to our large library of aircraft like the iconic Spitfire, Hurricane, bf-109, Stuka and more.

Air Combat- New scenarios will be developed which pit pilots of like skill against each other over historic WWII terrain. New team and individual scoring & acheivements will be added to make for exciting and competitve air combat like no other.


Infantry and armor share the battlefields of Rapid Assault.
Infantry and armor share the battlefields of Rapid Assault.

Infantry & Armor

Rapid Assault combines infantry and armor on many of the available maps. Dash off Higgins boats and storm the cliffs at "Dog Green" with murderous German LMG fire all around. Command a Tiger against Shermans while keeping a sharp eye for American infantry armed with bazookas. It features many different terrains/maps which host various game scenarios. Some scenarios are built for instant action 8 vs 8 while others are multiple objective scenarios on huge maps that support up to 64 players. Many of the terrains are instantly recognizable as iconic WWII battles.

Play for the axis or allies in the historic D-Day landing.
Play for the axis or allies in the historic D-Day landing.

Fast Action

Fast action is at the heart of Rapid Assault. Jump into a game with our quick join and quick create functions. You'll be joined by other players in seconds for the map start. All scenarios are designed for fast action but they also provide a lot challenge and variety with 4 different game types.

Player-controlled U.S. armor rolls off LCTs as staging begins for an assault up the draw.
Player-controlled U.S. armor rolls off LCTs as staging begins for an assault up the draw.

Game Types

Multiple types of games are included with Rapid Assault including Death Match, Push, Capture and Defense objectives. Also featured are games with linked objectives which trigger stages of a scenario by modifying weapon lists, spawn locations and game timers. Some games have special objectives that provide a temporary advantage to one team.

Detailed Maps

The "D-DAY ARMOR PACK" will feature anti-tank weapons for German and U.S.forces
The "D-DAY ARMOR PACK" will feature anti-tank weapons for German and U.S.forces

Terrains are highly detailed in Rapid Assault for both infantry and armor play. Trees are now on the list of destructible objects allowing players to crash through forests to force an attack. This will also get you noticed by your enemy so beware. Play on the beaches of Dog Green sector, up the draw and even inland town to town fighting in the first Rapid Assault pack titled, "D-Day". Our first game pack will include 6 scenarios set around the iconic D-Day landing and the days following. Future packs will feature other famous WWII settings and battles.

Trees are among the growing number of terrain objects which are destructible in Rapid Assault.
Trees are among the growing number of terrain objects which are destructible in Rapid Assault.

Command Control System

Rapid Assault features both a 1st and 3rd person view system with a simple command control system for all armor. This system makes operation intuitive but mastering your tank of choice on the battlefield is a challenge with each unit built on accurate historical data and component-based damage models. All of our weapons utilize physics-based ballistic models making RA more realistic and rewarding.


Have a question? If the info above doesn't help, you can ask the project creator directly.

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