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A deck of playing cards to help storytellers of all types: Gamers, Role Players, Writers, Artists, Children, Parents, Teachers & You!
A deck of playing cards to help storytellers of all types: Gamers, Role Players, Writers, Artists, Children, Parents, Teachers & You!
663 backers pledged $15,990 to help bring this project to life.

A game of Short Stories by John du Bois

We have passed the 75% mark! I would definitely consider us to be in the homestretch, but with lots of time to go. Right now, there is less than $2300 needed to reach our goal, which is so awesome! It feels wonderful to be within the grasp of funding and I can't thank everyone enough.

For the data fans, here's a screenshot of where we are right now. We've had huge bumps after press mentions and tweets/retweets, so I'm pushing forward to get the word out to everyone who might be interested in the cards. If you know anyone in a creative field, please spread the word!

We're going to revisit the Storyteller Manual again today, showing another one of the many games/activities you can play with the cards. Today's entry is Short Stories, an Improvisational Storytelling Party game by game designer and speech pathologist, John du Bois.

I met John at Gen Con last year where he was demoing his beer selling and purchasing game, Microbrew. The game had a very solid commerce system that left a big impression on me after the con.

John is also the designer of Bread and Circuses, a game that he created for National Game Design Month. It's a bluffing game in which 4-10 players are nobles trying to placate angry peasants with food and fun. Players gain more gold by offering something fewer other players are, but if the peasants aren’t offered both bread and circuses, they riot, hurting all players. You can play Bread and Circuses today, as it's available as a free print and play game at John's blog.

And now... here is John's contribution to the Storyteller Manual.

Short Stories
Short Stories is a short improvisational storytelling party game in which 3-6 players try to use the cards in their hands to make up a story that solves the problem the round’s Storyteller created.

John created a variant of the game as well. The variant, Collaborative Storytelling, was designed for use in small groups in schools, speech therapy, or other educational settings where the goal is to expand language and/or narrative skills, is designed to increase collaboration within the game. Both will be featured in the Storyteller Manual.

Thanks again John! Looking forward to Short Stories!

Also, a quick reminder. Everyone will receive a pdf of the Storyteller Manual. But if you are interested in a physical version of it, we've added it as an Add-On pledge. The details are below. Directions on how to use Add-Ons are here.

Thanks everyone! See you on Friday with the next update!


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    1. Felix Rios on May 24, 2013

      Loving all the games in the manual already!