Storyteller Cards: A Playing Card Deck To Inspire Creativity

by Jason Tagmire

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    1. Chip Beauvais on

      This is a really neat idea. I like the combination of the flexibility of 1000 White Cards with the inspiration of StoryTeller Cards.

    2. Jason Tagmire 30-time creator

      @Charles 1000 Blank White Cards is a favorite of mine. It's one of those games that was certain sessions will be in my memory forever. Possibilities can create those same long-lasting impressions, especially if you have a creative gaming group.

    3. Missing avatar

      Bridget McKenna on

      "So we're offering the 5 starting cards and a deck of 52 blank playing cards as a $5 add-on."

      Do I add $5 to my pledge and hope someone notices? Or is there another way?

      Thanks in advance!

    4. Jason Tagmire 30-time creator

      @Bridget you will just add the amount to your current pledge level and I will send a survey when the kickstarter ends. The survey will allow you to type in any add-ons that you wanted to get with your pledge. Hope that helps. I think I'll do a full update about the add-ons tomorrow just to avoid any confusion. Also, thanks!!

    5. Marlena Harris

      I'll have to consider this add-on. I also might need to consider another regular deck. I'm not sure, but I will think about it.