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A deck of playing cards to help storytellers of all types: Gamers, Role Players, Writers, Artists, Children, Parents, Teachers & You!
A deck of playing cards to help storytellers of all types: Gamers, Role Players, Writers, Artists, Children, Parents, Teachers & You!
663 backers pledged $15,990 to help bring this project to life.

Artist Kit - Description and a Challenge!

I just wanted to jump in and say a quick thank you to everyone who made the first day of this campaign a major success. Yesterday was my biggest day one on Kickstarter yet and really set a great pace for the campaign. Thanks again to all of you.

And just to give you an idea about these updates, I'm hoping to get a lot of information out to you via updates in order to keep the main page a little less overbearing. I promise not to drown you in updates though.

Artist Kit - Description and a Challenge!
One of the $25 pledge levels is the Artist Kit, which includes a printed notepad for playing the game that is known as the Comic Challenge. You can see the mock up on the main page... but I'm here to give you more information about it, an example of it in action, and a challenge for you as well.

The Comic Challenge was designed by Carey Pietsch, who created the art for my game ZombieZone as well as a world of awesome illustrations over at The concept was a full multiplayer game / activity where players work together make a comic as a group (similar to a comic jam), using the restrictions that were set in place. These restrictions start with the card that you draw and then the panel that is assigned to you. (NOT ALL PANELS ARE CREATED EQUAL!) Some panels have word bubbles, title spaces, and thought bubbles, further pushing the boundaries of creativity. I've watched this go from a card to a panel to (almost) a full comic, and now I want to share with you the endless possibilities of the Artist Kit's Comic Challenge, and present the challenge to you as well.

Carey started it all off by choosing the Astronaut card.

Carey rolled Panel #2 and completed her drawing. Setting the tone for the story in a big way.

She then passed it onto Ive Sorocuk who ended up rolling Panel #6. (Ive is the creator of the long-running webcomic, Comics Face.)

Ive passed it onto Marty Cobb who rolled Panel #4. (Marty is my brother-in-law and pixel artist for games like Pixel Lincoln: The Deckbuilding Game, Paper Route, and more.)

Marty passed it onto Luke Milton who had the tough task of bridging the gap when he rolled Panel #3. (Luke is the co-creator of Fruitless Pursuits and wrote the comic Glorious Bounty.)

And Luke passed it onto Campbell Whyte, who also had to bridge the gap that was Panel #5. (Campbell created the art for Storyteller Cards, as well as the 8-Bit Dreams series and much more.)

Which leaves us with a mostly completed comic. I almost jumped in to handle Panel #1, but instead of torturing you with my art, I want to see yours! What is the most interesting, coolest, establishing frame that you can think of? You don't need to be an artist, but since you are here, I know you have a creative side. This is a fun time to share it with the 68 other backers and myself.

  • CREATIVE CHALLENGE: Create the first panel for the above comic. Post a link to your image in the comments. Rules: Keep it family friendly, black and white only, use any restrictions set in place (in this case the text area on top), and make your original image full resolution.
  • Template:

Now, isn't the Artist Kit awesome? Although I'm a terrible artist, after seeing this in action I want to play. Even just to see the story where the story gets pinned and how we can find our way out of it . During and after the campaign we hope to do more of these digital comics (and eventually host scans of physical ones as well). If anyone is interested, please let me know and we'll get some more started.


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    1. David Miller on May 7, 2013

      This card made me think of galactic soccer and earth sending a team to play aliens. Created a very small story on twitter with #storycards and the link to this update. For the people who can't draw what is your short story for the card?

    2. Jason Tagmire 25-time creator
      on May 7, 2013

      @neil haha, sorry!

    3. Neil Ng on May 7, 2013

      Damn you, now i feel like getting the artist pad!