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A deck of playing cards to help storytellers of all types: Gamers, Role Players, Writers, Artists, Children, Parents, Teachers & You!
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Only 2 days left for Storyteller Cards: Fantasy on Kickstarter

Posted by Jason Tagmire (Creator)
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Hey everyone! 

I just wanted to pop in one last time and remind you about our campaign for the second deck of Storyteller Cards. You may already know about the campaign, and many of you have already backed it, but we're nearing the end and we just need a little push to make it happen.


Thanks again everyone! This will probably be last update until I push Campbell to do a superhero/supervillain deck next year, but first we need to fund this one. :)

Storyteller Cards: Fantasy is live on Kickstarter!

Posted by Jason Tagmire (Creator)

Hello friends,

I wanted to touch base and let you know that Storyteller Cards: Fantasy has launched on Kickstarter! This is the next deck in the line of Storyteller Cards, bringing us deeper into the adventuring side of our stories. These are great for gamers, role-players as well as writers, artists and everyone who enjoyed the first deck.

A deck is just $10, and as you know we need your help to push us over the edge. We couldn't have done it without you the first time, so we would love to have you back again.

Here's the link:

 And here are some of the awesome cards that Campbell has illustrated so far:

 Thanks again everyone! 

Catching up PLUS Storyteller Cards: Fantasy news

Posted by Jason Tagmire (Creator)

Hello friends!

It's been a few crazy months around here and I figured it was time to touch base, say hello, and let you know about what is coming down the line.


First things first, if you did not receive your Storyteller Cards, let me know. There were a few returned packages and a few international shipments lingering out there, so if you still have not received yours please send me a message through Kickstarter and we'll straighten it all out.


We put together an all new website for Storyteller Cards. Instead of the blog format, this is one that's geared towards retail. We've been selling the cards direct to customers since they came in, and wanted to push the website further in that direction. It's finished and live, but will be ever-evolving as always. Any feedback is appreciated and if you can share the link online, it's always a big help. Check it out at

Storyteller Cards: Fantasy

This is the big news. For the past few months, Campbell and I (along with some wonderful game designers) have been putting together the next version of Storyteller Cards. We've teased it before here, but now we have some solid dates and a few things to show off.

We'll be bringing Storyteller Cards: Fantasy to Kickstarter on Wednesday April 2nd. It's going to look and feel similar to the previous campaign, but with a few new tricks. We'd love to have all of you back for the next set. The illustrations will now feature a race and class (Gnome Thief), with a weapon (Longbow) completing an action, with an item, in a location. The icons will still include the rank/suit for traditional card games, but we added coins, 20 sided dice, and swords/shields/scrolls to help resolve conflicts. It's can get pretty nerdy, if you're into role playing games. But if you aren't, it's an all new fantasy-based setting to tell your stories and continue the adventures we established with the first deck. 

I'd love to see the Storyteller Cards line continue with more and more themes, but as always, we'll need your support. A big day 1 launch on Kickstarter will mean great things for the lifespan of the project. I'll post an update here when we launch.

Launch Event

To coincide with the launch, we've made a Facebook virtual event for those who are interested. I'm hoping to host a local launch party for the deck, and share the fun with all of you who aren't lucky enough to be in South Jersey/Philly.

Here's the link:

Other Events

I've been hosting some events around here, and I know others have done the same, so if you have anything coming up where you will be using Storyteller Cards, please let me know! Or if you have already had an event using Storyteller Cards and you took pictures, let me know. Here's a great example from Brian Kolm of Atomic Bear Press using the cards as inspiration at the Cartoon Art Museum's Mini Comic Day in San Francisco.

Thanks again everyone, hope to see you on April 2nd!

We have shipped!

Posted by Jason Tagmire (Creator)

This is a quick and simple update, letting you all know that all of the rewards have shipped out! The only exception would be the 8 people that haven't completed their surveys (please complete them and I'll ship your stuff!) and one that had a question pending. Other than that, everything shipped from 12/6 to 12/18. So you may already have your rewards, and if not, they are heading your way! 

Please remember, if you share your creations, remember to tag @StorytellerCard on twitter, or tag me @JTagmire. Email me us StorytellerCards2013 at Gmail, or comment at I'd love to see what you do with these cards. 

Also, big thanks to Kevin Kulp and Mike Mullins for helping out with the fulfillment, and my family for remembering me when I came home after 10 long, long nights of packing up boxes. It was quite an adventure and I'm glad to be moving on to the next step.

Speaking of the next step, Campbell sent me some images for the upcoming Storyteller Cards Fantasy deck. We don't have a concrete date yet (because we've both been very busy), but I would expect to launch our next campaign within the next 30-45 days. Stay tuned for more info, and here is a teaser of some in-progress artwork. 

Thanks everyone!

Resuming Shipping This Week!

Posted by Jason Tagmire (Creator)

Hey everyone! Just a quick update to let you know that USPCC told me the replacement card and bonus card are shipping out today. This means I will have them within the next 2-3 days and can resume shipping!

It took a little longer than I hoped, especially with the Thanksgiving holiday in there, but we're back on track. Shipments may be going out as early as Thursday, which is very exciting.

Once again, I'd like to apologize for this snag that we had. I'm glad it's almost behind us now.

And since you'll be getting the decks in soon enough, I wanted to share the Storyteller Manual pdf.

Here's the download link:

And once you get your cards, please share your creations with us at and on twitter @StorytellerCard. 

Thanks again for all of your patience!