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If you missed out, visit us below to pre-order! Test your planning skills with 816 possible building objectives. Incredible replayability and pocket sized!
If you missed out, visit us below to pre-order! Test your planning skills with 816 possible building objectives. Incredible replayability and pocket sized!
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New Sprawlopolis Expansion and Button Shy Buzz

Posted by Jason Tagmire (Creator)

Hey Sprawlopolis Backers! It’s Matthew here, the Button Shy Support Guy with a an update to suit all your Sprawlopolis news cravings!

Shipping (Hopefully) Completed

I know this is a daring thing to say, but we think everyone’s rewards have been shipped. There are a couple of you with outstanding Support Tickets that we are working on (you should know who you are) and a few more international backers that have packages waiting in customs. If you have yet to receive or hear from us about your package, please email me directly at so we can check on the status and make sure you get your rewards. None of us here at HQ want anyone to miss out on this excellent game.

You Want MORE Sprawlopolis!?

One of the great things about Button Shy Games is the easy process for getting expansions. The Board Game of the Month Club (BGOTMC for short) is a fabulous way to get micro games, expansions to existing games, and even full wallet games. The reason I bring it up is because Sprawlopolis expansion material is coming to the BGOTMC, and soon too! The February BGOTMC package will contain a Sprawlopolis expansion that completely changes the way you play. That’s right, your city is hitting the Beach!

Sprawlopolis: Beaches turns your expanding city into a crammed beach town, with water on three sides of the map. One beach card is flipped and added to your scoring goals as a way to earn some bonus points. The other three are shuffled into the deck, and when you draw a beach card, you must place it on the North, South, East or West end of the map. Only one beach card can go on each side, and before you know it, you'll have set the borders, and cannot build beyond the water line. 

For someone that wants to stay on their toes with every draw, and shift their approach to map building in a whole new way, you'll want to check out Sprawlopolis: Beaches.

To ensure yourself a copy of this beauty, visit our Patreon site and sign up for the BGOTMC at the $10 level or above before February 1st. We expect to get the packages containing the Beach into the mail during the month of February.

Two other options are:

Pre-order the expansion by itself:

Pre-order the February package by itself:

Both of those don't get the extra goodies, discounts or the reduced shipping cost that you'll see at the club, but we wanted to make it as available as possible. 

We also have a Geeklist on where we post a Sprawlopolis Daily Challenge. Test your skills with specific combinations of cards and post your pictures and score to compare to others. There are over 70 Daily Challenges up there and a new one is posted every weekday. You can find it here.

Button Shy Buzz

We like to share other things that are going on in the world of Button Shy to help keep everyone in the loop. One game coming soon that may be of particular interest to Sprawlopolis players is called Chain Mail. It’s our 2019 Postcard game for the BGOTMC and it plays from 1-4 player co-op, just like Sprawlopolis. Supporting Button Shy at the $5 level or above gets you a new postcard sized map, enemies, and more each month! Details can be found at this Patreon post.

Gone are the days of sure footing. This part of the dungeon makes adventurers cautious with every step, for the next could be quicksand ready to swallow you up. As if that’s not bad enough, nets from the cave’s roof fall upon unsuspecting wanderers, trapping them beneath. Only a small number have explored the Shifting Sands entirely and those that have are either lucky or lying, but they have one thing in common - they’re all rich from its treasures.

Pledging today on Patreon will get you the February Package.  If you're interested in getting the January package for Chain Mail as well, you can purchase it on the Button Shy Website.

That’s all for now. Thank you for your support.


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    1. Matthew Mitchell Collaborator on

      @Joe that's all the information I have. We have yet to have reviews or anything and I have yet to even play it! We are all anxiously waiting on the January package so we can learn more!

      @Miko it does if you order the "Wallet Game Plus Wrecktar, Construction Zones and Points of Interest expansions" from the Button Shy Website for $16.

    2. Miko

      I was thinking of ordering another base game for my sister when ordering the expansion. Does the base game come with all cards released so far for this game (Other than the new beach cards.)?

    3. Joe Daley on

      Hey Button Shy, the art and theme of Chain Mail has caught my attention. Enough so that I'm considering joining the BGOTMC. I've read the blurbs here and on the Patreon site. Is there any more info you can share about the gameplay, rules, mechanics? Sprawlopolis was my first wallet game, so please pardon my ignorance about how Chain Mail relates to your other titles, and about how much info you guys release about a game before it ships.

    4. Matthew Mitchell Collaborator on

      @Aubergine McGee isn't it great?!? We do have a solution for that! Here's a link to the Pre-Order for a generic empty Button Shy Wallet on the website:

    5. Aubergine McGee on

      Any more expansions and the wallet isn't going to be able to hold them all!

    6. Missing avatar

      Jeroen Driehuis on

      $13 shipping to the Netherlands, I'd love to have the expansion but yeez that's a lot for a $4 game

    7. BernieTime

      Really hope Button Shy makes it to Origins in Columbus, OH this year.

    8. Matthew Mitchell Collaborator on

      @Robbus stock permitting, yes. Historically, Board Game of the Month Club content (like this) hasn't been stocked in our webstore. We only print enough for pre-orders and BGOTMC members. This may be different but we haven't decided yet. The best way to ensure you get a copy would be to create an order on the Button Shy Website rather than wait for a future kickstarter.

    9. Francis RAKOTOARISON

      I'm waiting for the PNP version :)

    10. Missing avatar

      Robbus on

      So if I'm reading this correctly that means if I back a future Kickstarter project, I'd be able to add the Sprawlopolis expansion to it? That seems like a good option. I hope to see such a great game as Sprawlopolis on Kickstarter again soon then :)

    11. Jason Tagmire 35-time creator

      We don't have a great system for shipping a single expansion (and as a result haven't offered single expansions outside of the base games previously). If shipped in an envelope, it requires something else to keep them from shifting around and bending. By the time you put that in, you're at a non-machinable level, so it's a little more.

      But this is really best as an add-on item to another order. It won't cost any more to ship this plus another game, than it would to ship on its own. We also offer free shipping when you hit $25 US, $50 INT, or coupon codes to add onto Kickstarter shipments of other games and not have to pay extra.

      Those are the best options we have for now.

    12. Michelle on

      The entire game + shipping was $12 and a 4-card expansion + shipping is $7? That's a bit steep for shipping when a stamp would be 55 cents and maybe even $1 for a cardboard sleeve and the stamp.

    13. Missing avatar

      Robbus on

      $13 shipping costs to ship it to the Netherlands. Ouch!

    14. Jorge García on

      Will be posible to get it for european backers in a reasonable way? (not playing $13 in shipping just for this).
      Maybe pledging another future project or something like that?

    15. Missing avatar

      Roger Schiavoni on

      I love this idea and really wanted to order this for $4, but not with $3 shipping. I was thinking it would be $1 or so. Couldn't these just go in an envelope with a 50c stamp?

    16. Matthew Mitchell Collaborator on

      Hey Drawler! Check down about 5 posts. We will have this option a little later on!

    17. Drawler on

      Hi! I backed for the PnP version.

      How do we get the PnP version of this expansion? (I don't know what is BGOTMC)


    18. Matthew Mitchell Collaborator on

      @Richard Fuss It will not be. I may be off by a month (I'll double check with Jason), but your six months would put you through November. This package is for February. So it will not be included.

    19. Twan

      Beaches! yay!!!!

      new game YAY!!!

    20. Missing avatar

      Richard Fuss

      Is this expansion included in the 6 months of games for those who pledged at that level?

    21. Missing avatar


      The beach cards look great. Really adds a new dimension to the game!

    22. Matthew Gasper

      Done!. I should have signed up for the Patreon last year, but this update finally pushed me over the edge. Now to back order the January package...

    23. Matthew Mitchell Collaborator on

      Re: PnP, yes it will. This will be available for the BGOTMC at $1+ and we will have a Pre-order link from the website as well. I'll post that when I have it available for you.

    24. Missing avatar

      mikezasch on

      Hi Buttons,

      will the Beach expansion also be available as PnP?