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Join the Maniacal Industries Minion Army today and help spread science awareness and geek comedy via our T-Shirt Propaganda Project!

My brand new company, Maniacal Industries, is embarking on a grand adventure and you can be part of it. Coming soon to an internet near you will be t-shirts, art prints and more that tickle your funny bone with geek and pop culture humor, while promoting science, critical thinking, rational humanism, and education. The goal is to create wearable inside jokes that make you laugh and think.

When you wear a t-shirt, you are a billboard. What message you wear will be seen by everyone around you. What if we wore shirts that made us giggle but also make us think about how freaking awesome science and geek culture can be. We have a freaking robot photographing freaking eclipses on freaking Mars! We cured a baby of HIV! We mapped the human genome! Let’s come together and celebrate what made those accomplishments possible!

For this project to get started, I need your backing. Several important pieces of equipment and some materials are required to get this party rolling. A successful Kickstarter campaign will supply the means for the first set of shirts. By supporting this project you will not only be helping spread the message of a better world through science, comedy, and rational thought, but you will score awesome swag for yourself that says “Hey, I’m part of the Maniacal Industries Minion Army, s’up?”

Take a stand for the humor. Take a stand for science. Take a stand FOR PONY! Back this project today!

Upcoming shirt ideas include:
• I (brain) science
• Resistance is Futile (also glows in the dark)
• Ockam's Brand Razors
• Pavlov's Pet Food Supply
• Computer Evolution
• Binary Land - "Where 2=10!" (Themepark)
• Edison vs. Tesla / Bell vs. Marconi / Freud vs. Jung (Boxing posters)
• Causation != Correlation
• Shroedinger's Pet Hospital

... and many more!

A few samples of our first shirts
A few samples of our first shirts

For your support you can score an Official Maniacal Original Minion certificate that’s, like, seriously official. Printed on high-quality parchment paper with frilly stuff, it will have your very own name on it as proof that you stand with Maniacal! Add to that a set of archival quality art/postcards suitable for framing or mailing and you’ve got some sweet swag my friend.

Step it up a bit and receive a limited edition Original Minion t-shirt in your size. Printed with ecologically responsible, water-based inks on a 100% pre-shrunk cotton shirt, you will be looking smooth. Every t-shirt backer receives the certificate and postcard pack as well.

Want to show your support even when the weather is chill? Take your backing up another notch and take home a limited edition Original Minion full zip hoodie for your awesomeness! Plus the t-shirt and the certificate and the art card set because, hey, we love you.

For the ultimate in support, become a top tier backer and you score the hoodie, the t-shirt, the certificate, the art card set and we will send you a t-shirt of each of our first thirteen (13) t-shirt releases as they become available. You will be swimming in gloriousness!

Oh, did I mention that shipping to the continental US is included in all levels of backer? Boom!

The Original Minion Limited Edition Shirt
The Original Minion Limited Edition Shirt

Let’s take a moment and consider what happens if you don’t back this project. Well, firstly there will be great sadness all over everyone’s bacon. And nobody likes sad bacon. Not even curmudgeons. But more importantly, I won’t be able to spread my hilarious messages of science to the world and will have to go back to the factory with no bacon. No bacon…. Now that’s sad. =(

Every backer will be invited to the Kickstarter Success Party in San Diego shortly after we hit our goal, where you can join the celebration and pick up your rewards. Or, if you prefer, we'll ship your rewards right to your door.

Be sure to fill out your size and address information!

Thank you for taking the time to read about this project and I hope you will become not only a backer of this project, but a herald of rational thinking in your world. Back this project today and let’s laugh together!

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

Every controllable detail about fulfilling your rewards is ready, already! I have calculated into the budget all conceivable material costs we need for a successful project. If any problems arise, you can rest assured that I will not sleep until you receive that delicious loot.

All shipping is expected to be completed by mid-May, 2013.


  • Absolutely! We plan on printing on both styles for our beloved backers. The mens is a standard t-shirt cut while the ladies is slightly more fitted.

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    Wear your colors! At this level of backing you score a sweet, limited edition, never to be printed again t-shirt declaring that you are indeed an Original Minion. The Official Minion Certificate and art postcard pack will be yours as well of course, and our enduing love! Shipping included!

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    Need more awesome? Add a zippered hoodie! At this level you will receive a limited edition, full-zipper cotton hoodie with Original Minion print on the back. Of course the t-shirt, certificate and art postcard pack are all included as well as our deep, abiding passion. Shipping included!

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    The Ultimate Devotion! At this level not only do you score the limited edition full-zip hoodie, t-shirt, certificate and art postcard pack, you also sign up for a baker's dozen (that's 13!) of our upcoming shirt prints automatically mailed to you as they become available, and we'll pay all shipping! We expect to have all of the first 13 shirts done by the end of 2013. That's right, all this killer swag can be yours if you are one of our beloved ultimate devotees!

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