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Disposable cameras fastened to benches in NY's lovely & bustling parks with a note attached, asking people passing by to snap a shot.

ALL sets are on my Tumblr page. UPDATED 12/3 - TOKYO!!!!!!!!

New York-specific launch locations have been pinned on this map.

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(11/26) -- I still have the final 10 cameras out (Tokyo, Berlin, Denver, Singapore, Munich, The Netherlands, Sydney to name a few places), and will be receiving them back AFTER fundraising has come to an end. The funding period will be terminating in ten days, but this doesn't mean New York Shots will be coming to a halt. I will upload all remaining sets to Tumblr.  With an Art Show in the works for late Feb., there is more project potential if we continue sharing/supporting/"Liking"/Tweeting this project. If you are able to make a pledge, I will mail you a little package created with love and care! Check out the new Reward brackets, below.

My project made the front page of on 11/16! (NPR's Picture Show)

Project featured on Kickstarter's Blog! (Video) (Thank you, Kickstarter!)

Story in LA TIMES by Mary Forgione

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A piece in I Love the 'Burg

Disregard Reward panel on right side (cannot be edited). Please remember that 8-10% of my funding will be returned to Kickstarter and Amazon for their services. (Allremaining money will go towards the ART SHOW I WILL BE HAVING! As well as, international camera launches/postage fees [I'm receiving launch requests and need to buy and send cameras constantly], frames for prints, producing high quality chromogenic color prints for the show, film developing, and purchasing the rewards for you! I am appreciative of very single dollar pledged.) 

$1: "Thank you, Thank you!" Your name listed under "Donors" on my Tumblr.

$10: Limited edition (out of 250) project sticker, and a handwritten Thank You note, snail mailed.

$15: Limited edition (out of 250) project sticker, a handwritten Thank You note, and five prints from this project, snail mailed.

$20: Limited edition (out of 250) project sticker, a small candy bar, a handwritten Thank You note, and five prints, snail mailed.

$50: Limited edition (out of 250) project sticker, the entirety of prints from one launch, a handwritten Thank You note, map of NYC pointing out where launch took place, a candy bar, and a "new york shots" canvas/eco TOTE BAG!

$100: A framed print from this project, the entirety of prints from one launch, a candy bar, a "new york shots" canvas/eco TOTE BAG!, map of NYC pointing out where launch took place, a hand written Thank You card, and a limited edition project sticker.

The "Imagine" tile Mosaic at Strawberry Fields

International launch in Stockholm, Sweden!

There I am! About to rig up a camera!


This started off as just a weekend project. After friends and family viewed the photos from my camera launch, they suggested I make this a more serious endeavor! 

I have recently been placing disposable cameras in New York's lovely parks (the last two parks being Brooklyn Bridge Park and Prospect Park). I also include a note, stating that if passers-by would like to be a part of this ongoing project, they should snap a photo of themselves. The way they choose to shoot the photo is up to them, though, the more faces on film, the BETTER. 

So far, the results are incredible. What I've noticed about the subjects in the photos is that they look HAPPY, interested, and excited to participate. This is so rewarding to me. 27 shots-worth, of complete strangers all sharing a common theme on film: They're ENJOYING THEMSELVES!


Here's the serious stuff: If I really would like to make this project a success, I would need some help. Film is not cheap here, so I can always buy in bulk online. Also, developing comes with a hefty price, though if I have photos developed and digitally transferred to CD, the price is more manageable. Prints are fairly cheap, if using an online service like Snapfish. These steps are part of the process, and are necessary. 


This could turn into something extraordinary. If my requested funds are FULLY met, I am making a promise to myself to HAVE AN ART SHOW! Without the funding, however, this option is NOT possible (I am still working "on the cheap.") Until then, I am posting results on my Tumblr (link below). 


If this project really "gets going" in terms of pledging, I will shift the rewards appropriately! I was thinking of giving a tote bag, or a t-shirt -- things with more substantial value; I just need to see what kind of progress my project makes. I hope this is understandable.


I am going to try and make this project as user-friendly and interactive as possible, so if you'd like to participate, please shoot me an email and we'll work something out.


Check out a sampling of the photos on my Tumblr page.

Thank you, Katie (


  • Hi, folks! Recently, I've been messaged the following questions. I figured I'd list my answers in the FAQ section of my Kickstarter page.

    How do I affix cameras? I use heavy-grade hemp twine. First, I wrap camera in twine as you'd wrap ribbon around a box (creating a T shaped pattern). Then, I affix another long piece of twine from T shape to the physical bench. I make sure the camera can be handled/moved around three feet from bench. Some wiggle room, I suppose.

    I leave cameras in parks for roughly 2-3 hours, depending on how busy the park is. Sometimes, my roll is completely shot within one hour.

    To make sure the cameras are not stolen, I affix them in extremely BUSY parts of the park (main walkways). I also stay nearby (though I force myself to walk away). I'll walk by my camera around 3 or 4 times, just to scope things out.

    Hope this helped you! Thanks for checking out my project!

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