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In Noon: 18 female dance & sound artists employing a structure that's novel, migratory and designed to make every $ stretch...

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In Noon is a new migratory dance collective gearing up for its first two intensive work periods this December and January. During eight intensive work days, three of our four choreographers will collaborate with sound-artists, writers, and dancers from all across the country to generate the first three performance pieces of our company repertory! 

Imagine a rustic, cozy room in an alpine environment, filled with blankets, chairs, and clocks...Our first three pieces explore the world of Edward Weston's photography, the insinuations of a contracting muscle, and more. They will form the foundation of a repertory that will be performed at the Shared Choreographer’s Concert at the Dance Complex in Cambridge MA, Feb. 4&5, in other venues this spring and summer, and at our first evening length company showing in June, location TBD.

We have arranged some studio space and all housing for the three choreographers, two sound artists and fifteen movers who are working on this project. We're looking to Kickstarter to raise $4200 to fund travel, technical support and remaining space reservation for these first two intensive work periods.

In Noon is a migratory dance collective with bases in Boston, MA, Ann Arbor, MI, Oberlin, OH and Portland OR.  We train and work independently, and come together to create pieces in short, intensive periods, then shelve them until the next work opportunity. We'll perform our finished repertory in short tours and residencies throughout the northern United States. We hope to form mutually beneficial relationships with our funders and weave ourselves into the fabric of our respective communities, engaging in a vibrant exchange that is both local and far-reaching.


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    A thank you audio message mp3 sung or spoken by company members!

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    A postcard composed by company members in the studio, and audio message.

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    The exclusive winter 2010/2011 In Noon silk-screened t-shirt, with postcard and audio message.

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    You will be listed as a significant contributor in our spring program and we’ll knit you or someone special a scarf in the color and texture of your choice, in time for Christmas. And t-shirt, postcard and audio message.

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    We want to meet you! Let our artistic directors take you out for lunch at Tory Row, a swanky new restaurant in Harvard Square. You'll be listed as a primary contributor in our spring program. If you aren’t local, our sound artists or poets (your choice) will create a masterful song or poem on a theme of your choice for you, or as a gift. And you'll get the t-shirt, postcard, audio message and truffles!

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    Our artistic directors will create a dance in response to concepts, sounds, colors or textures you provide, and perform it for you wherever you’d like, as an installation or site specific piece! If you are far away from company bases and touring paths, we will make an edited video of this dance for you, send you a copy and post it on our page. You will also be listed on our program as a primary contributor, and receive the audio message, postcard and t-shirt.

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    Let us wine you and dine you with impeccably prepared, delectable, local and organic fare prepared by us, and present your personalized dance piece to you after dessert! If you are far off the beaten path, we will come to you to cook and perform if you'll have us...and message, postcard, t-shirt, truffles and primary contributor status.

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