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pledged of $15,000pledged of $15,000 goal
Funding Unsuccessful
The project's funding goal was not reached on Fri, June 1 2018 4:00 AM UTC +00:00


Every bridge player wants to share the game they love with the people they love!

My goal is to raise the funds to make available for sale 250 Bridge in a Box games for the Summer North American Bridge Championship in Atlanta, Georgia July 25 thru August 5th. At the present time there is no physical product (other than books or cd's) in a store that a consumer can purchase to learn bridge; no product that a bridge player can buy to gift to a friend whom they want to try bridge.Bridge in A Box provides new players an organized way to learn the game of bridge via a Video tutorial with a workbook or via an App created by Great Game Products -one of the premier Bridge App providers.

This game is designed for people who know nothing about bridge, but can also be useful for those who played many years ago and need a refresher to feel comfortable coming back to bridge. They can choose to learn at the table with their friends and family or by themselves via the app.They can learn by using their phone, tablet or computer.Best of all they can learn to play in their own home and at their convenience.

The game includes a Quick Start option if someone wants an simple introduction to bridge; no bidding, just card play and some of the strategy. Or, for those who want to learn the full game of bridge, the video tutorial and App teach bidding, scoring, play and strategy. Bonus tutorials are included to show the basics of play of the hand.

Bridge in a Box is an alternative option for people who are not ready to spend hundreds of dollars to attend class or not willing to search the Internet looking for videos trying to piece together the information they need.

Risks and challenges

The two biggest hurdles we face in launching this project are first, consumers have busy schedules and ever-increasing demands placed on their time. Also, time (not money) is a highly valued commodity—whether people are still working or retired. And second, we need to change the perception that bridge is an old, slow game.

According to Facebook, 41,000,000 people are interested in the card-game, bridge. Unfortunately there are few Millennials and Generation Z new players learning to play.

Marketing to Millennials and Generation Zs requires creating methods to learn that are compatible with their lifestyles. Once Bridge in A Box is available in one box we should be able to reach them. They can learn by alone or with friends, online and at their own pace on their via an iPad, tablet or phone.

Time issues are solved for those people whose lives are too busy to block out 8-to-10 weeks to attend classes. With Bridge in a Box, people can learn at their own convenience.

The second hurdle, the perception of bridge as an old, slow game… an ‘old folks game’ will be solved by virtue of the boxed game itself. Once bridge is learned and played, new players will recommend the game to their friends and get them interested in playing.

Bridge is a game of mathematics, logic, strategy, skill and intuition. It is elegant, interesting and FUN.

There are 176,000 ACBL bridge players that we are targeting to sell Bridge in a Box. All bridge players know someone, who might be a good prospect for a bridge player if it were easily available.

We have designed a ‘friend to friend’ marketing campaign targeting existing bridge enthusiasts who will likely buy the box to give to a friend.

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