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Frank Castle's story as it was meant to be told . . . darker, grittier and packed full of intimate violence. A short film for the fans.
Created by

Chris Warner

106 backers pledged $6,695 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Creator Roger Gonzalez on August 11, 2012

      Looks Great Chris!!! Good luck can't wait to see it!

    2. Creator Manny De La Rosa on August 11, 2012

      Awesome! Just like everyone else, been checking constantly the last few days! Congrats Chris, this is gonna be great!

    3. Creator Jennifer Sinclair Hardy on August 11, 2012

      Yee Haw! Been watching the numbers all week! So glad you're getting your chance!!

    4. Creator Caveman on August 10, 2012

      Congrats Brother!

    5. Creator Stephanie Ferguson Golka on August 10, 2012

      Wahoo! Great job! You did it! Step one done.

    6. Creator Lee & Dawn Hames on August 10, 2012

      This is going to be awesome !!! Best of luck with the project.

    7. Creator julia pennington on August 7, 2012

      I'm impressed with how much you guys were able to do on next to nothing. It does look great. I didn't find the audio as much of an issue as the person below, but I was also watching it with the understanding that it is meant as a teaser of what you can build on with some funds. Great job. I rooting for you guys.

    8. Creator Chris Warner on July 27, 2012

      We shot the promo on a paper thin shoestring budget with a very limited crew just to give a small taste of what's to come. We do have a professional sound crew already set for the actual film shoot. That's where donations like yours come in to make sure we do have the appropriate crew. Thanks again for supporting the project.

    9. Creator Michael Petersen on July 27, 2012

      I'd invest in a sound crew. The clips so far look great, but sound awful. It sounds like you filmed it in your basement with handheld cameras - inconsistent volume, muffled, hard to hear, etc - it comes across as very amateurish. Just MHO.