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A fast-paced, free-for-all light war board game. Build an empire, seize oil, and launch nukes on a modern world map for 2-8 players.
A fast-paced, free-for-all light war board game. Build an empire, seize oil, and launch nukes on a modern world map for 2-8 players.
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Quick note for my Canada backers

Posted by Little Nuke Games (Creator)

Hey Canada!

So I just got back from your great country and wanted to give you all a quick heads up:

1. So since I went into Canada and mailed the games from within, no one will have to pay any additional VAT now (at least, thats how I think it works - being a US citizen, I only know about VAT from what I've read online). When I launched the campaign, only the EU was "customs friendly", but by doing this I think you've all been covered by when I had to pay duty upon entering the country.

2. When I got to the post office I quickly realized (to my horror) that it was quite a bit different than how our post offices are set up. They really don't have any boxes on hand (they only had 3 on sale that would actually fit the game). Here in the US, if you go to USPS, there are tons of boxes in a variety of sizes that you can use - flat rate boxes and priority by weight - and this is what I used to ship my US copies. So anyways, I didn't have much time to figure this out, as I was only going to be in Canada one day (and I had already arrived there late) and the store was eventually going to close. [In case you're wondering why I didn't have the boxes pre packed before entering Canada was because I needed to allow Customs to search the games as I entered, and didn't want to create any trouble with them since they could have jeopardized the whole process). Anyways, so we went to every nearby store looking for a solution in terms of how we were going to wrap these games. So when you get your copy, if you're wondering why its so unusually wrapped its because the solution we came up with was definitely improvised.


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    1. Missing avatar

      Liam on

      I just received my copy today. Thank you for the wonderful campaign. I just can't wait to try it out.

    2. Little Nuke Games Creator on

      @Mark Fisk: Christmas came early! Or late... depending on how you look at it :)

      Seriously though, I'm glad you liked it!

    3. Mark Fisk on

      Canadian backer here! So I got my game on Friday, the bag was hilarious and awesome by the way (I have a pircture!), it felt like I was getting a late Christmas present from an old aunt. I busted it out and drooled over how great the components look, refreshed my memory on the rules, and sadly put it away as I had no one to play with on Friday. Saturday my wife and a buddy of mine played our first game and boy, was it riveting. One of my factions had most of North and South America and my buddy's faction had all of Africa and part of South America. We ended up tied for spheres and capitals going into the last round. I was able to attack him from the sea with my other faction in Asia and land in Mozambique area and he was able to attack from Brazil and stop me from keeping my central America sphere. I pushed in to central Africa having broken two of his spheres but with his last dice roll and last eligible attacker he was able to reclaim it. We ended tied for spheres and capitals and decided to call the game there rather than go into extra rounds. It was an extremely satisfying game and a very intense ending. Everyone had a great time.

      I played one 2 player game with my wife but I think I had a better grasp of the strategy going into it and she didn't stand a chance. She is still excited about playing it again though. I can't wait to play it with a bigger group.

      You have designed a fantastic game. It is everything I wanted Risk to be but Risk just couldn't live up to. I will support the expansions in the future and I look forward to seeing other creations from you.


    4. Little Nuke Games Creator on

      @Francois Lavoie - Ahh man, that would have been sweet. Sorry I missed you!

      @L Warble: We'll see... probably within a couple of months.

    5. Missing avatar

      François Lavoie on

      It was just like when grandma sends stuff to the kids.
      Funny that my game was mailed from 10 minutes from where I live...
      We could have arranged pick-up ;-)

    6. L Warble

      Wow! That's a big difference!!

      So, when are you running the KS for the expansion? :)

    7. Little Nuke Games Creator on

      @L Warble: I estimate that it saved me a little over a $1000, which includes everything (the cost of driving, the food we ate on the way, the tolls, customs, Canadian mail service). The reason is, its actually insanely expensive to mail something at this weight into Canada (a little over $50 to mail something at the cheapest level I could get it).

      @Philippe: Awesome man!

      @Bonham: I was too embarrassed to take pictures ;)

      @Stephane: Haha, glad you liked it!

    8. L Warble

      Curiously wondering if the combined cost of the road trip and the duty you paid was comparable to what extra you would have paid for shipping.

      Glad for our Canadian neighbors not having to pay extra to get their games!

    9. Philippe Proteau on

      I confirm having recieved my copy last night. :D

      I had no taxes to pay. Thanks! :D

      Everything was good. One corner got a bit damaged but nothing to cry about... :D

      Looking forward to my first play... :D

      Thanks and have a great one.


    10. Bonham on

      You didn't take pictures???

    11. Stephane Brochu

      Love the bag... everything was in great shape!