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A fast-paced, free-for-all light war board game. Build an empire, seize oil, and launch nukes on a modern world map for 2-8 players.
A fast-paced, free-for-all light war board game. Build an empire, seize oil, and launch nukes on a modern world map for 2-8 players.
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They're heeeerrreeeeee

Posted by Little Nuke Games (Creator)

Hey everyone,

Great news! So the USA/Canada games have finally cleared customs, arrived, been unloaded from the truck, and are in the process of being packed up right now for domestic shipping. My goal is to have these out by tomorrow, or worst case scenario by Monday, which means you'll likely be receiving your copy next week if you're in the states. If you live in Canada I'll be driving to Canada next week, and I'm hoping to arrive there on either Wednesday or Thursday to mail these out (for those of you I'm going to meet there, I'll send you a message in the next couple of days letting you know more precisely). For a certain number of you who are on my path, I'll be dropping those games off by hand.

Well anyways, its been a long journey, but its finally coming to a close! Thanks for your support, you guys have been awesome.

I will build the world's greatest fort with these boxes!
I will build the world's greatest fort with these boxes!
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    1. Jim Roots on

      Congratulations on a great Kickstarter and a great game. We've played already and love it. Can't wait for your next game.

    2. Missing avatar

      Levi on

      Just got it yesterday and played it right away. It was a great experience; you did not disappoint, both with a great ruleset and great components. The first comment I got on two occasions was "that's a huge board" and I think that really adds to the experience.

    3. H Sparks on

      I got my copy with the special two factions yesterday. Production quality is top notch. When can I get the additional faction cards? I want them already.

    4. Little Nuke Games Creator on

      @David Siskin: No, they're just alternative factions that you can use in place of the other colors. Of course, if you were to get cubes for them, you'd certainly have the ability to play an up to 10 faction match.

    5. David Siskin

      Were there supposed to be pink and teal cubes for the two deluxe factions?

    6. Little Nuke Games Creator on

      @Lee - Yeah I made some rounds today, because of the traffic in the area my timing was crap, so I was bummed I didn't get to say hi. Next time ;)

    7. Lee on

      I guess I'm on his route, because I'm looking at my copy right now(!). Wow! It really is a thing of beauty in person. Cannot wait to dive in. Thanks Josh, I'm sorry I missed you (I'm usually home in the afternoon).
      @Andrew - When you said "This has been a tremendously well run Kickstarter", you are so right. It's projects like "Spheres of Influence" that set the standard (to me, anyway) for how a Kickstarter Project SHOULD be run.

    8. Missing avatar

      Paul Cooper on

      Just got my Deluxe copy. Amazing quality for a first time publisher.

      Tip: If you got the Deluxe with the two extra factions, run on over to the Boardgamegeek Store and get some more cubes. Now I got enough for a 10 player game. Snag some Rattlebones prototyping dice as well for great special dice proxies.

    9. Missing avatar

      Andrew on

      Josh, I am so excited to be able to hold this wonderful game in my hands; I cannot wait to play it with all my friends! This has been a tremendously well run Kickstarter, and the product you have delivered is absolutely beautiful. Thank you for all the hard work you put into this wonderful game :)

    10. Missing avatar

      Paul Cooper on

      So how do we know if we are getting a personal visit along your route to Canada?

    11. Little Nuke Games Creator on

      @Björn: Thats looks like a crazy match... White's positioning in Europe and Cairo are crazy.

    12. Julian Green on

      ZOINKS!!!! Josh must have had a big grin on his face unloading that truck. Let us know where in Canada you'll be passing by!

    13. Björn on

      I am happy for you all. Luckily we Europeans are able to play already.…

    14. David Martin on

      This is awesome! Looks like I will be taking the world by spheres in Canada this March Break. I've even taken the liberty to set up large speakers in my gaming area to play the soundtrack from the risk 2 pc game intro. It's going to be EPIC!

    15. Philippe Proteau on

      OMG OMG OMG OMG!!! All excited. So cannot wait to play this game. :D

    16. L Warble

      If I get enough advance warning, I could have a hot home-cooked meal ready to exchange for our copy... :)

    17. Little Nuke Games Creator on

      So it looks like we might be getting games out sooner then I said. Just dropped off about a 100 at USPS, will definitely be dropping off the rest before tomorrow ends.

      @H Sparks: Great minds... great minds ;)
      @Mike: Oh definitely. I'm pretty sure my wife's never going to see me again.
      @Vadim: Thanks!

    18. Mark Fisk on

      Can't wait to get my greedy, world-dominating hands on this! To world domination and global supremacy!

    19. H Sparks on

      I have that same rug.

    20. H Sparks on

      Great Job on keeping us up to date throughout the entire process.

    21. Missing avatar

      Levi on

      Woot woot! Great update; thanks for the pictures too!

    22. Jake Waltier

      So excited!

    23. Missing avatar

      Mike on

      Please build multiple forts in the living room, over a carpet that is also a map, using your extra cubes as projectiles for desktop Trebuchets and post pictures.

      On a serious note, congratulations! I hope that you're enjoying how far you've successfully driven this campaign. Please don't rush, keep up your same steady pace for the final leg of your journey.

    24. Vadim Deylgat

      Have a good road trip next week and drive safe. Be sure to post some pictures of you handing of some of the games personally. The world will get conquered many times starting next week :)

    25. Bonham on

      Look forward to getting this on the table next weekend!

    26. Missing avatar

      Andrew on

      Going to need pictures of said fort STAT