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A fast-paced, free-for-all light war board game. Build an empire, seize oil, and launch nukes on a modern world map for 2-8 players.
A fast-paced, free-for-all light war board game. Build an empire, seize oil, and launch nukes on a modern world map for 2-8 players.
618 backers pledged $43,268 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Little Nuke Games Creator on

      @H Sparks - Hey your comment spurred me on to post an update! The quick summary is: The US/Canada games are still in customs and so they haven't arrived yet, but they should be getting her soon. Some other people are getting their games earlier since the international orders were handled different than the US copies.

    2. H Sparks on

      I've been very happy with the communication on the project to the backers so far. And it looks like it's getting out to people within scope of the project. If I get mine soon I'll definitely give praises online. I'm a U.S. North Easterner. I haven't seen my copy yet. Anyone else get theirs? NJ, PA, DE, NY, CT... ? Tracking #'s emailed?

    3. Missing avatar

      Matt Mason on

      @Julian: I agree, I wish we could somehow rate our satisfaction with a project. This has been a very well run KS.

      @Josh: You'll have to settle for my group toasting you over bourbon and our first game of SoI.

    4. Little Nuke Games Creator on

      Here's a link to the French translation of the special cards for anyone interested. Thanks again Maxime Bechu for your hard work:…

    5. Little Nuke Games Creator on

      @Julian: Haha, hey I might take you up on that offer!

    6. Julian Green on

      If Josh is anywhere near Toronto, I'd take him out for dinner after he visits Canada Post. This has been one of the best run Kickstarters yet. Too bad KS doesn't have a "praise" page.

    7. Little Nuke Games Creator on

      @Cory: Thanks man!
      @Northernism: 34

    8. Northernism

      I'm curious! How many Canadian backers did you have? Couldn't be that many if you're just traveling here to mail them out.

    9. Bonham on

      If you feel amateurish then there are a whole lot of KS creators that ought to feel like complete invalids. The game looks good, you upgraded when you didn't really have to, you created one of the best game demo's I've seen to date, and you're going to fulfill pretty much on time from the looks of it. Overall one of the best KS projects I've pledged with (43 backed that funded).

    10. Little Nuke Games Creator on

      @Vadim: Thanks for the vote of confidence! I've definitely felt very amateurish at times through this process (you should have seen me fumble when I've talked with Panda about interacting with the international shippers early on... at that moment you would probably have had no confidence in me whatsoever and would have demanded a refund, ;) haha), but I feel like I'm slowly getting there. Thankfully, I've had a couple of people help me out along the way who've managed to compensate for my shortcomings.

    11. Little Nuke Games Creator on

      @Cory: Yeah your definitely right about the customs thing. The average time to clear ocean freight is 3-5 days. However, if my game is randomly selected for an "intensive exam" it could add another 5-10 days. If there's any problems with the paper work or anything like that, it could easily get stuck there for weeks! What I ended up doing was having Panda handle all of the paper work and import stuff entirely - I figured they've been around the block with this thing, so hopefully it doesn't run into any issues (though this doesn't eliminate the odds of being chosen for the exam). I've definitely read horror stories where things get stuck for multiple weeks or longer... I can't image how stressful that is.

      In terms of the assembly on our side - luckily there isn't too much we have to do - we don't have that much variety of product thankfully (I can only imagine what certain campaigns go through where every single order is unique). Though I'm sure its probably more involved then I'm guessing. That said, I have a good friend of mine who runs a business that does a lot of shipping. He's promised to help me out and make sure I don't drop the ball. We've got most everything ready - just need to print out the shipping labels and box the games up once they arrive. My goal (and maybe this is too ambitious) is to have everything ready to go within a day of the games arriving at my place, so we'll see. But you're definitely right, its very easy for things to quickly add up, and for there to be compounded delays at every step.

    12. Bonham on

      Oh yeah... a month or two late on KS is nothing. I've had stuff run over a year late for, mostly, legitimate reasons that were largely outside of the creators control. Sometimes simply being overly successful on your KS can cause an automatic delay simply due to logistics. If you raise 6x what you thought and have to produce 6x more product your manufacturing might have just gone from a month to six right there. Then there's assembly, labeling and shipping. It can add up in no time at all.

    13. Vadim Deylgat

      Getting it this close to the original estimate is a feat in its own which I haven't seen many companies achieve (small or big). I have several KS pledged that where collected months before this campaign ended and with no delivery in sight. Even if you have a slight delay, you still make some others here on KS look like amateurs.

    14. Bonham on

      Just as a cautionary comment...

      My experience with other china made games I (and friends) have received via KS tells me expect a month on the boat, two weeks in customs, and a week shipping (and if sorting is required on the USA side before the final shipping add another week or two).

      Don't mean to be a negative Nelly... but this has been the time frame on multiple KS I've pledged to. If this is, say, an anniversary gift and your anniversary is in mid March, you might be cutting it close.

    15. Little Nuke Games Creator on

      @H Sparks: Haha, don't give me credit yet. I still a little paranoid the boat might sink, or be hijacked by pirates ;)

    16. H Sparks on

      Great Job! This is one of the few projects I've backed that has made their deadline.

    17. Little Nuke Games Creator on

      @James: I don't want to make any promises, but I'm definitely interested! I won't know the exact date I'll be in Canada yet, or my schedule entirely when I'm there, so I'll have to wait till closer to that time before I could let you know. I'll send you message as we get closer.

    18. James Drury on

      Not sure where in Canada you're heading... but if you end up in the Montreal area feel free to drop me a line. We can get coffee and/or play a game or two.