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A fast-paced, free-for-all light war board game. Build an empire, seize oil, and launch nukes on a modern world map for 2-8 players.
A fast-paced, free-for-all light war board game. Build an empire, seize oil, and launch nukes on a modern world map for 2-8 players.
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    1. Badmojovoodoo on

      Non issue. Will sleeve, review and sort them anyway.

    2. Missing avatar

      Levi on

      Thanks for your attention to detail, but I second what others are saying: card order doesn't matter to me. I'm used to having to sort out the correct order in most every game I get. And I don't even mind it personally, because it gives me an excuse to sift through the cards and get a feel for them.

      Really, don't worry about it. It's only a one-time thing for the user and immaterial to the experience of playing the game.

      You've done a great job on this campaign and I'm glad to see things are actually going according to schedule. Great job on accounting for production and shipping times.

    3. Missing avatar

      Paul Cooper

      The card order is such a non issue. I'm just happy it appears you will be delivering the product as promised, unlike some other projects I've backed.

    4. Krepoort on

      Bad timing for me so I only donated and couldn't pledge for the game, but this looks great! I'm definitely going to keep an eye out if/when it hits retail.

    5. MadScientist

      Thanks for the update and for seeing the logic in shipping international orders from China and not just shipping it all to the US first like too many other KS projects do.

    6. Little Nuke Games Creator on

      Wow, thanks guys! I almost wish I had pretended to have the cards out of order on purpose now ;)

    7. Richard Robertson on

      This sounds great! I'm really looking forward to getting this game! I'll enjoy putting the cards in order, as it will give me a first look at them. Certainly no worries about that from me!

    8. Missing avatar

      Barry Kendall

      Thanks for the update. The most important thing is that you are pleased (heck, it sounds like you're DELIGHTED) with the component quality. If you are, we will be too.
      Don't sweat the card order. Experience has taught me to shade my outlook with measured pessimism (tempered optimism?) and prepare the worst (so if better happens, I can be pleasantly surprised) so the first thing I do is inventory components, and count every single card type to make sure each category is complete.

      So I'd be separating the cards and counting individually anyway.

      Your update is good news, thanks for sending and enjoy Christmas and New Year's. I'll have a "birthday vicinity present" to look forward to.

    9. MentatYP

      P.S. The game is looking so good! Man, I'm really excited to get this game soon.

    10. MentatYP

      As long as there are clear pictures of all the cards types in the rulebook and how many there are of each type, a few minutes sorting isn't a big deal. When I crack open a game my first shuffle is a pile shuffle anyway, so that's basically what I'd be doing when grouping the cards into the correct stacks.

      Incidentally this also happened to the designers of Trickerion who also used Panda to produce their game. The problem with Trickerion is the pictures of all the card types are scattered over the next few pages of the rulebook instead of all on the same page as the component list. If they had pictures with the list it wouldn't have been an issue at all, but it was an unnecessary additional layer of hassle to hunt down what all the cards look like in the rulebook.

      If there isn't already a page in the Spheres rulebook that lists all components along with pictures, it would be great if you could whip one up and put it on BGG or somewhere.

    11. Missing avatar

      Michael Körbis

      It's my game, so I like to sort the cards of myself! This is a part of the game ;-)! Thank you very, very much!

    12. Dale Williams on

      Without sounding like an echo to the previous comments, a few minutes to sort the cards isn't an issue (for me anyway) and only ever has to be done once. Can't wait to see it!

    13. Missing avatar

      Matt Mason on

      +1 to Julian's comment below. I enjoy going through a new game's cards and components anyway, so the extra sorting is not an issue for me.

    14. Julian Green on

      At least your cards don't need to be sorted like Legendary Encounters: Alien. THAT was a complete mess. Also, most of us like to savoir opening our game, organizing things, etc, before even thinking of playing. sweat!

    15. Vadim Deylgat

      The cards not being in order is just a tiny issue. Don't beat yourself up on it and consider this a lesson for the next production run or next game you design. Looks like a wonderful result. Can't wait to get my hands on it for my first game.

    16. Philippe Proteau on

      Hi Josh,

      From your description, I'd give this a rating of 0.00001% meh. Honestly, for me, I have seen that "issue" a couple times from games I have supported and it did not bother me at all.

      At least, look at it this way, if that is the only issue, then it is an easy one to fic for the next print run... ;P

      Sooo... Does this means I get my copy tonight? ;P

      Have a Merry XMas.

      And to all the backers too: Have a Merry XMas (or whatever is the name of the celebration you have in your culture at this time of year... sorry for my cultural ignorance).


    17. Missing avatar

      Brian Cross on

      Looks great! Can't wait to play it!

    18. Missing avatar

      Matthew Smith on

      It will be difficult, but I think that I will somehow find a way to live with the couple of minutes spent sorting the cards...

      Still looking forward to the game, sorting notwithstanding!

    19. Marshall Wilson on

      Schmexy. The new blue cubes look great compared to the pre-production run.

    20. Matthew Skinner on

      Looks amazing! Great job!