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A fast-paced, free-for-all light war board game. Build an empire, seize oil, and launch nukes on a modern world map for 2-8 players.
A fast-paced, free-for-all light war board game. Build an empire, seize oil, and launch nukes on a modern world map for 2-8 players.
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General Schedule and Some Other Stuff

Posted by Little Nuke Games (Creator)

Hey everyone, 

Just wanted to give you all a sense of where we're at.

  • It looks like mass production is going to finish somewhere between late December and early January. The manufacturer will be sending me a final proof in the next couple of weeks which will be my last chance to change anything before all the boxes are completely sealed (I don't anticipate any changes) - I'll post some pictures of it once it gets here.
  • After that the games are basically going to a couple of different places - the European copies are going to be air shipped to a fulfillment center in Germany, who will turn around and mail the EU copies out (this is so that my EU backers don't have to pay the VAT tax) - it looks like we're going to be using Stella International unless something major changes. The other international copies are going be sent to Agility, which is a fulfillment center who works out of China (I initially thought about using Send From China, but even communicating with them proved to be a nightmare, and I had read some recent horror stories where they really dropped the ball).
  • The US and Canadian copies are going to be freight shipped to me, which takes a couple of weeks since its by ship, and then I'll turn around and mail them out via USPS. Mailing the games to Canada turned out to be considerably more expensive proposition than I thought... so there's a chance that I'll drive up to Canada and mail those copies out from within Canada myself (field trip!). That is, unless I can find another option (which is definitely possible, I'm looking into a couple of other things right now).

All of that said, the cut off date for changing your address is going to be December 20th. After the 20th, if your game gets shipped to the wrong address because you didn't change it, thats on you. I really want you to get what you paid for, so please take the time to make sure you're address is current. In case you missed the previous update, here's how you can change your address in Kickstarter:

  • When you're signed in to Kickstarter, click on your profile icon. 
  • It'll open up a drop down menu. In the left column, under My Stuff, there is "Backed Projects", click on that 
  • You'll see a list of all the games you've backed. Find the game you want, and then click on the blue "+" icon on the far right. A window will pop up showing the game and what you've pledged. There are some tabs here, click on the one that says "Survey" and then click on "Edit address" (it should be blue).

I'll post about changing your address one final time as we near the deadline, but please don't put it off.

David Siskin, a backer of the campaign, had asked to see the cubes, so I wanted to post that for everyone:

I only physically have the old blue cubes, so at the bottom of the picture I inserted a photo taken by the manufacturer of the new blue cubes.
I only physically have the old blue cubes, so at the bottom of the picture I inserted a photo taken by the manufacturer of the new blue cubes.

In David's comment he had mentioned 10 factions, but to be clear there's only 8 factions that come with the game. The Deluxe and Supreme alternate factions are just that - alternate factions. They are faction cards that are used in place of the other factions (so Pink, for instance, might be a substitute for Purple or White). 

As I had mentioned in an earlier update, we're going try to release an expansion sometime early next year. Among other things, the expansion is adding faction abilities. To make sure that the Deluxe and Supreme backers got faction abilities for their alternate factions, and as a preview and thank you to those backers, I included their faction ability cards plus an instruction card, with the 18 other cards that they're receiving. Below is a mock up of the front and back of the Teal faction ability card:

If those backers never get the expansion, thats totally fine, just throw extra cards out, but this way, if they do get it, their extra factions won't be left out. If you're curious to see more about faction abilities, or want to contribute thoughts/ideas, you can take this link to board game geeks and see our discussion thread there. Also, for those backers who are using the PNP materials, you'll see that most of the factions have undergone a series of changes for the purpose of game balance/usefulness, so check them out if you've already been using that stuff (all the images there are sized for printing):

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    1. Little Nuke Games Creator on

      @Cory: Yeah, I've heard that can be a monster... hopefully it doesn't get stuck there too long.

    2. Bonham on

      Don't be shocked if the ship takes month and you're stuck in customs for two to four weeks (which in some cases they had to pay for storage while waiting).

    3. Little Nuke Games Creator on

      @MentatYP: Yeah, I got some red flags from them. Trying to contact them is a needlessly prolonged process, and they didn't respond to any of my emails for a while (unlike all of the other fulfillment companies who immediately responded). After about a week I finally had access to their system so I could finally begin to assess whether or not I even wanted to use them (at this point I still hadn't received a quote or a price guide), but their system is the least intuitive, least user friendly thing I've ever seen. In trying to figure out how to interface with it, I started to reach out to other developers who had used them, and then began to read horror stories of how they packed stuff. For instance, instead of boxing some products (which is just the assumed default standard procedure - its something you shouldn't need to ask for) they would just put the objects loosely in a plastic bag and mail them. You can imagine how damaged those games were by the time they were delivered. Evidently, there's way to get them to work right - and there's incentive, since they're apparently the cheapest option for handling a number of countries - however, ultimately I'd rather spend a bit more and insure the integrity of the product.

    4. MentatYP

      Good choice going with Agility. Stonemaier Games uses them. I can't recall specifics but "Send From China" triggers an association with "train wreck" in my brain, so I'd say that's one disaster averted.

    5. Little Nuke Games Creator on

      @Liam: Yeah, I eventually want to get the game into retail. Apart from going store to store, the only way to realistically do it is to go through a distributor. That said, for this first run of the game we only had enough funds to do the minimum order of the game (1500 copies). Of that, we've got a little over 500 copies that need to be fulfilled, meaning we have 1000 left over to do what we want with (a number of which will get shipped out to reviewers). At this point, we the amount of interest we had, I could go to a distributor and potentially sell them 200-600 copies (they typically buy for half of whatever they think it will retail for). If those sold well, they would come back and place further orders.

      What I'm thinking about doing instead (which I think is more financially sound) is this: during the next campaign I offer the expansion, the game by itself, and the game and the expansion bundled (using my extra copies to cover any order of the base game). If the campaign goes well, and we sell enough copies, I'll then also place another order with the manufacturer - with those copies being purely for the distributors. Hopefully between 2 campaigns, there will be a enough cumulative interest for the distributor to place a decent sized initial order.

    6. Little Nuke Games Creator on

      @Paul: Yes. Actually, when I originally designed the game we play tested with 10 people in mind, it was only for budgetary reasons that we had to restrict it. For my personal copy of the game, I actually have enough pieces to play with 12 factions. I use cubes from this site (since they're also 8mm):…

    7. Missing avatar

      Paul Cooper on

      So can the game be played with 10 players if I get additional cubes?

    8. Missing avatar

      Liam on

      I like the idea of an expansion. How will it be distributed though, may I ask? Are you thinking about expanding to retail? I'm sure it will be revealed in due time, but is that decided yet? Thanks again for the frequent updates.