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The 3rd Annual Festival of the Moving Image is a way to connect the next generation of CCSF's visual media artists with the community.

The 3rd Annual Festival of the Moving is an exciting annual event that features the best short films made by the talented students in the San Francisco City College Cinema Department and the Broadcast Electronic Arts Department, BEMA . This one night Festival is hosted at the historic Roxie Theater and this year our, our triumphant 3rd year, the theme is year“A Movement in Motion”.

The Festival of the Moving Image is organized by students from both departments. Led by veteran filmmaker and Cinema instructor, Lise Swenson, this group of eight students single handedly conduct the call for submissions, mount a broad press campaign, oversee the design of the postcards and posters, solicit donations of goods and services, curate the two different showcases for the festival, create and maintain a robust social media campaign, create and launch this Kickstarter campaign and much, much more. Please like us on Facebook,

Why is the Festival of the Moving Image important? Because it is a high profile event and venue for student work. The students at City College are not LA student filmmakers, (though a surprising number of them go onto prestigious schools in NYC, SF and LA) they are generally low income and working towards entering the industry and advancing to four year institutions. And this is exactly what many of them do, finding entry-level positions, going onto four year colleges and working their way up. And of course the prestige of having been curated into film festivals helps them in their goals and dreams.

And we need your help to make this festival all it can be!

This year, the school budget has been slashed by several million dollars by the state, and funds for both Departments have been cut. While the “show will go on”we are asking for your support to ensure we can afford the following:

Posters, postcards and DVD labels Banner and decorations for festival Food and drink for the after party A program for the event 100 Festival of the Moving Image tee shirts, (which we sell to generate income for next year!) Feeding the FMI staff the night of the festival Subsidized tickets for low-income students Making and mailing you your rewards!

We currently have a press release, a 30 second audio spot and a 30 second TV PSA out to Bay Area media outlets, please see our TV PSA.

We just curated the two showcases on Friday and started making the exhibition disks today. Each show runs a little over an hour and features a total of 29 different CCSF students with topics ranging from the threat of closure at CCSF, to a meditation on the beauty and diversity of the City we live in. And truly in the spirit of City College the makers are as diverse as the showcase itself.

Directly after the 8:30 screening, the Pork Store Café, across the street from the Roxie has generously agreed to host our after party, where locally famed DJ Mousepad will spin as we chow down on yummy Pork Store fare.

Without your help, the Festival of the Moving Image will be very scaled back event but Kickstarter provides a way for you to participate and support us. Make our “Movement in Motion” a truly momentous event!

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

There is still much to do before the festival can take place, from digitally converting the curated show to setting up the venue. That being said at the end of the day the show will go on. We are already on the Roxie’s calenderer, we’ve curated the show, and we have sent out our PSA’s and press releases to local media outlets. However with out the funding of supporters like you, the festival will not hold the vibrancies and life it has been know for these past few years. There will be no food, no decor, no posters, postcards and programs, no tee shirts or décor for the theater or our after party. There will be none of the nuances that make this festival, and indeed the student work being presented, truly memorable.

The real risk does not lie in so much the fact that the festival will happen but rather what the festival accomplishes. The festival in and of its self is not where our goal is really found, but more so in the connections our students make with the community. With out a sizable turn out and proper atmosphere our festival will not grant these connections the magnitude nor have the effect we wish to give to both our students and the community. Please help to truly make this a “Movement in Motion”!


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