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Windustries, LLCBy Windustries, LLC
First created
Windustries, LLCBy Windustries, LLC
First created
pledged of $35,000pledged of $35,000 goal
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Funding Unsuccessful
The project's funding goal was not reached on Fri, July 11 2014 7:36 PM UTC +00:00

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    1. Missing avatar

      TG2 on

      Would be pretty neat with VR headsets.. I like the idea of having multiple Petals setup in a ring to simulate movement in any direction, crosswinds, up/down drafts for falling. Maybe one day! Keep working on it. I like the HTC/Valve Vive headset because it allows freedom of movement. The down side (?) is that sensors need to be placed around the room.. it'd be nice to place it next to a Petal :)

    2. USM-Valor on

      I believe this product can still be successful if development continues. Keep refining the petal, bringing it forward until the consumer release of the Oculus Rift.

    3. Missing avatar

      Brian Pearce on

      I wish you the best of luck, though it seems like only a miracle would save this kickstarter campaign at this point. I offer some suggestions if you give this a second try. First and most importantly, simplify the system. As others have mentioned, you don't need rudder control. Rudder control on a small fan like this is only going to direct the air away from the user, which I am sure is not the intent. Second, I don't think an 8 inch fan is going to cut it. It needs to be powerful and have a huge sweet spot (big enough that it will reach the user no matter how he leans) and preferably not sound like a vacuum cleaner.

      I like your update about changing the pitch of the blades to reduce latency. Latency on a VR fan is going to be enormous and anything you can do to reduce that will help.

      Lastly, if I were you I would target games like racing and flight sims that only require one fan. Multiple fans will make the entire system much more complex and more expensive all-around. That is something to leave until later.

    4. Phil Hellary on

      Pledged so that I could comment.

      I like the idea and think it's the kind of thing that could definitely help with immersion - especially for people going the 'whole hog' with Omnis etc.

      I'd suggest you consider going a different route with your design though. Instead of building a fan for VR, build a fan controller for VR. Rework you SDK and build a custom 5 or 6 gang extensions cord that allows for separate voltage control for each outlet.

      That way you don't have to spend loads of effort redesigning a fan and instead work more on the SDK. People that want a desk setup can just buy two desk fans and have 'stereo' wind. People that want an Omni standing setup can buy five standing fans and have a 'surround' setup. Others can mix and match with desk and standing fans. People with oodles of money can go and buy Dyson fans with directional air. An added benefit to all this is that people can use their fans as regular fans when not in use for VR.

    5. Missing avatar

      David Mortensen on

      What if the goal isn't reached? Will the project just die? I really like the idea so i won't mind if you guys decide to keep it alive ;)

    6. FR3D on

      If I use the omni, I will at least need 4 or 5 fans (5.1).
      One fan only makes no sense to me.
      So please upgrade your project to a 5.1 fan system.

    7. Missing avatar

      burleybrawler on

      At the moment I demo my setup with a manual speed controlled fan and I believe this is a must to make VR more immersive. Having directional fans is fine with me. With a surround setup you could feel the wind direction shift with you as you take a corner in an F1 car for example. I'm certain this will be one of those things people won't realise what they are missing out on until they try it and have it taken away.

    8. TheMagneticOne on

      @ NobleBrutus I get what you're saying. That makes sense.

    9. Sean Concannon on

      It's a great concept but I'm certain two fans are necessary to obtain a proper experience. Placing one to the left and right in front of the user is the most effective way to do this. That and because of the high international shipping I am cancelling my pledge. Good luck with your project either way.

    10. NobleBrutus on

      @TheMagneticOne This notion of vertically and horizontally adjusting the direction of flow from the fan is I suspect one of the most costly parts and a part that's relevance I'm still to be convinced of (how on earth does it actually help?). The actual fans themselves won't be very expensive. Space constraints could be an issue but they should sell them in sets of 2, 3 and 5 which all plug into the same control box then into the pc.

    11. Sean Concannon on

      I backed mainly because I have questions and wanted to leave some suggestions. First, why is international shipping almost as much as the product itself? $15 for a poster and another $15 to ship it internationally? I can understand $50 or $60 for the fan but to tack on another $30 for shipping is crazy. Just a heads up, a huge portion of Oculus owners are located outside the USA. Also why not just remove the fans direction feature since it's exactly the same as turning the fan on and off and focus more on two smaller fans set apart from each other and have them come on in relation to direction. Both on at the same time would indicate a centered profile. Forget the heating concept as it's only going to create an uncomfortable experience and cook headsets.

    12. TheMagneticOne on

      Also space constraints will probably come into play for most people.

    13. TheMagneticOne on

      Noble, i think that might get a little costly.

    14. NobleBrutus on

      I too had a similar idea when trying the rift, but I struggle to see why directing the fan's airflow is necessary? Why not cut costs and provide 5 fans which can positioned around you like a 5.1 speaker set is providing 'Surround fanning'?

    15. TheMagneticOne on

      Actually, when I came up with this idea, I started looking around for USB fans, but had a hard time finding them with different speed options. One of the things I wanted to do was to be able to control the wind as I had people try out the Rift Coaster.

    16. TheMagneticOne on

      I actually had this idea last year, but wouldn't have the know-how to make it work. Thanks for bringing my idea to fruition! Looking forward to the immersion!

    17. Peter Sassaman on

      Definitely going to see how well putting different smells in front of this works out :D

    18. USM-Valor on

      Very cool project, guys. Best of luck in your campaign.

    19. Missing avatar

      HeadTrip on

      This is great! This will be amazing in www.iomoonvr.com
      We hope to fully support it!

    20. Windustries, LLC Creator on


      I completely agree. Hot/Cold and different types of propulsion are all things I would love to integrate in future versions. I'll make sure I keep the Petal better than anyone else ;) Thanks for the feedback Joseph!

    21. Joseph on

      Man, I love your idea. I wonder if you can complement temperature change to your fan, for instance if you are running on a hot desert, hot air would be ideal, or if there is a snow storm, cold air would be perfect. I understand that adding this feature would cost more than the expected goal of this project (since hot/cold fans like the Dyson cost a lot). However, this fan would feel unfinished once it is applied in some special scenarios, and filling this gap would avoid other makers to copycat and surpass your product.