Arist: Brews Coffee Like The Best Baristas Anytime Anywhere

by Arist

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      Thanks for the update, guys! You're really doing something fantastic, and I'm incredibly excited to see the final product.

      Always remember that while there may be hurdles and changes that not everyone agrees with, at the end of the day you guys are creating an all-in-one mechanical barista, something that has never been done before. And you're doing it at a ridiculously low price, considering the cost and functionality of even the best home brewers out there.

      Don't ever be discouraged by people who complain here and there about this and that. It simply doesn't matter. As long as you deliver a product with the functionality you claim, you're doing everything right.

      Keep up the hard work. 99.9% of us think you're doing an incredible job.

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      H.Y.Kwee on

      Sounds great. Keep on the good work. Don't lose focus because of the critical contacts.

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      David Adri on

      Please please please,
      Don't change from Cocoa powder to cocoa syrup! Let us choose if we want to use syrup or powder- and I want to use only powder!!!

    4. Arist Creator on

      Thank you for the encouragement! It means a lot to us. We will try our best to make it the most awesome product!

    5. Erik Wilgenhof Plante on

      Thanks for the long awaited updated. Communication is as important as getting the product finished at this stage. At least my concern about the milk container has been addressed. Without it I might as well buy a Nespresso or Krupps. It's exciting to see what will become of this! Keep up the good work and don't forget to enjoy CNY!

    6. Eliott Mendelson on

      You requested suggestions for the software/firmware. Here is one issue that I do not think has bee addressed. Many machines of this type are plagued by calcification of the heating systems. It might be a good idea to do the following: 1. Determine the calcium level in the water being used in the system. 2. Then forecast the number or amount of water passing through the system based on the calcium level. 3. Notify the user when to de-calcify the system. 4. Provide a process for completing the de-calcifying of the system.

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      Kaz911 on

      Machine has already shrunk from 200g coffee beans to 100g per cartridge. And now coco and sugar disappearing? I would rather have NO syrup cartridge than loosing cocoa and sugar dispenser. I do not like syrup in my coffee and syrup's tend to be a LOT more unhealthy than standard sugar and cocoa powder.

    8. Chris Nursey on

      Thanks for the update. Great job guys. I'm super excited!
      I think it would be an interesting option to allow the software to put multiple layers of coffee and milk (foam). Technically I don't know the mechanics of this. But even if the mechanics prohibits this it can be done by brewing multiple cups (iterations/recipes) into the same cup without a message to remove the cup in-between. It would be interesting to know the practical minimum brew quantity :-)
      I, for another, would also be disappointed to to lose powder (sugar) ability. I will in a dry climate and syrups taste different to regular sugar so will make the coffee taste different and that could be very disappointing. I encourage you to continue to look for solutions to this. You already have 2 dispensing units one for power and one for syrup, so i understand that some people may only be able to use one due to their location but it's worth pursuing for the rest of us. :-)

    9. Marcio Camurati on

      Great update and great job! One suggestion create a regular 2 weeks update like other projects do here at Kickstarter.

      And one point for me here in Brazil the update of cocoa powder and sugar powder to container with cocoa syrup and white/brown sugar syrup will be very bad because here we don't have this type of syrup we only have the powder.

      I think that people who live in countries that will have this solidification problem can put less powder in the dispenser and the others can use it normally.

    10. Sharon Lang Borovay on

      My only concern with using chocolate syrup, as I don't think that there is "cocoa syrup", is that it leaves out those of us who want to use our own sweetener to sweeten the coffee. Every mocha would have to be with sugar. Chocolate syrup that is "sugar free" uses splenda, which I can't use.

    11. Rob

      Thanks for the update, team Arist! It's great to see the progress you have made, as well as the challenges you are facing. No project comes without its fair share of hurdles, but it seems you are taking the right approach here. Glad to see that you are keeping a close eye on the budget. Please keep us updated as you go through this process.

      I can't wait to have my very own Arist!! Thank you for all of your hard work!

    12. Chris Desforges on

      Thank you for sharing this thorough update. Please keep the bi-weekly updates on a regular schedule. Demonstrating consistency in the scheduled updates should reduce backer concerns and unproductive comments.

    13. Abbas Raissi

      Thank you so much for the update and I am really looking forward to the final machine. Please don't change the powder compartment to the syrup.

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      Thomas M. Reese on

      Hang in there guys -- you're doing a great job balancing all of the demands on your team!

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      Carleton H Smith on

      I for one would much rather have you focusing on bringing my next coffee beverage machine to market than dealing with any annoying negative distractions. The sooner it happens, the sooner I can enjoy my highly anticipated new creations that I am working on in my head already.

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      Jukka Alakontiola on

      Hi & thanks for the update.
      I just wanted to say that I'd also prefer the cocoa powder over syrup.

    17. Michael Rooney on

      Can you explain more about the sugar/cocoa proposed changes? Would there instead be 4 syrup containers with 2 dedicated to sugar/cocoa? Or are you saying cocoa would take up one of the 2 other syrup containers?

      Can you use sweetener instead of sugar? I tend to use sweetener for my every day coffee and sugar when I am having coffee as a treat instead of a means of survival.

      Are you going to be able to make your own sugar/cocoa syrup to use in the machine?

    18. Harry Armytage on

      Thanks for the update - I would prefer cocoa powder to syrup.

      You are doing a wonderful job, keep it up :)

    19. Jørgen te Giffel on

      pls NO proprietary sugar/cocoa syrup - pls keep with promised powder containers and we'll monitor humidity issues ourselves

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      Phil Lindenbaum on

      Thanks for the update.

    21. Kaveh Shahabi on

      Man, in Shark Tank they sell recycled pizza box... you guys are making the Tesla of coffee machines. Of course it's a harder sell to investors :P . Keep up the good work.

    22. Rob

      Can you please just ensure that the cocoa dispenser does not turn into a proprietary design? Keeping it open is extremely important. That way, should Arist ever go out of business, or stop producing the units, we won't be SOL. Either way, though, I am very much looking forward to seeing the updated design. Do you have an estimate on when we might be able to see the new unit?

    23. Tom Randolph on

      I'd like to throw another vote in for powder instead of syrups.

      I know there are concerns regarding humidity, but I would vastly prefer a powder solution to a syrup solution. Wouldn't a nice rubber sealed container for the powders solve the majority of the humidity issues? Just throwing that out there, as I know nothing about this.

      On a tangent, it would be really cool if we could label the powders as any arbitrary name in the app so instead of "cocoa" and "sugar" we could replace one with "cinnamon" or "nutmeg" (maybe somebody uses a ridiculous amount of those spices!). I think this speaks to the power of using powders instead of syrups.

    24. Michael Rooney on

      @Tom: On cinnamon, cinnamon gets goopy when exposed to hot water. I'd be really worried about clogs in the system if you were to use cinnamon powder, even under optimal conditions.

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      Josh Wilkerson on

      Keep up the GREAT work!

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      Andrew Milligan on

      Totally agree powder is better than syrup - please keep it in.

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      Erin on

      One of the primary reasons we supported this campaign by purchasing 2 Arist units was the ability to use our own ingredients and not be forced to rely on higher priced / proprietary supplies in order to use our machine to its full potential.

      The loss of both powder options would be a big let down for us as it raises the cost of supplies considerably while also removing options. We would hope that providing proper directions, maintenance and cleaning instructions would eliminate most of the issues humidity might cause. We would think humidity would be a greater concern for the grinder/coffee bean section of the machine. Perhaps the process used to keep that portion of the machine protected should be used elsewhere? (I am no engineer but the logic seems sound)

      Admittedly, I haven't read through every post but the ones I have read through do not appear to be disrespectful or overtly negative. They appear to show concern after a slow down in promised responses/updates. If that issue is fixed on the creators end I'm certain remaining negativity would cease.

      We are very excited to be part of the process and can't wait to use our new machines!

    28. Lisa Stuart

      Keep up the good work!
      I'm sorry if this has already been addressed but can you make sure that we can draw from both coffee bean dispensers for a single drink. I'm a "half-caf" person.

    29. Lucas Hantz on

      Please keep the powder container (at least one) as we have a lot of powder product in France that can't be use as syrups. Arist would not be the same without it!!

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      J. Ross on

      You need to EARN positive comments not simply receive them!

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      Benibi on

      Good job but Pleeeease no chocolate sugar ! I don't want to have sugar, I don't want to have artificial flavor and conservatives, and I don't want to pay for a specific syrup rather than choose my own 100% cocoa powder ! In adding few brown crystalized sugar to cocoa powder, it doesn't agglomerate. Syrup is for Starbucks fans. Starbucks coffee is just ultra-expensive, not tasty. Your coffe machine is for coffee lovers, for geek coffee lovers, not for Starbucks fanboys.