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A short film about a woman confronted for her evil ways by a mysterious stranger posing as a contract killer.
Created by

Douglas Cannon

36 backers pledged $1,227 to help bring this project to life.

Local talent: Special Effects Makeup

We've been talking with a local special effects makeup artist about assisting us with a tricky but crucial shot in the film. Her name is Lauren:



Lauren has been active in a variety of productions that have required her talents. She's been employed on the sets of film shoots as well as being a dedicated and energetic presence at local haunted houses. Our shot we need from her isn't nearly as graphic as the work she's capable of, but I have no doubt she'll be able to pull off the concept. I also got in on the fun yesterday, being transformed into some tree thing, swamp man, swamp thing!!!

Anyway, enjoy some work from her portfolio, and REMEMBER. WE STILL NEED BACKERS. Back Arrangement to support local talent like this.

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    1. Creator Jeni Miller on May 24, 2012

      INSANE!!!!!!! Love this woman's vision!!!! THIS is art...