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Elsinore is a time-looping narrative adventure game set in the world of Shakespeare's Hamlet.
Elsinore is a time-looping narrative adventure game set in the world of Shakespeare's Hamlet.
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ANOTHER stretch goal smashed!

Posted by Katie Chironis (Creator)

We did it! Again!

We've just passed our $23,000 stretch goal, and we couldn't be more excited. A couple of days ago, we thought we might cross the 23k mark if we were lucky by the end of the campaign. Now we're on our way to 30k! Reaching this amount means we can hire on a contract animator to help create and polish Elsinore's animation set. That's one less task the core team has to focus on, and one more thing we can ensure will be really high-quality in the final game. So thank you all very much!

The next stretch goal? Castle Town, at $30,000. We're hoping to bring you exactly this:

Except it'll be isometric, and hand-painted, and more Shakespearean and Danish and higher resolution and Link won't be there and... okay, so it'll be nothing like Ocarina of Time. Sorry, Zelda fans.

Still, there's lots to do in Castle Town. Ophelia may even be able to discover someone long presumed to be dead -- digging up the shadows of Elsinore's past in the process. We don't want to give away spoilers, but if we can reach this stretch goal, we think you'll be pleased with the results!

1000 Backers Is Pretty Close

We'd also like to remind y'all that we have another, non-financial stretch goal... 1000 backers will unlock a brand new set of costumes for the main cast. We're in the process of determining our options for these now, and while we can't make guarantees yet, we will say that we'll be letting backers vote on the types of costumes you'd like to see.

Even a $1 pledge counts towards this stretch goal, so encourage your friends, family, cats, and hamsters to check out Elsinore if they haven't already. We'd love to bring you some new costumes, so we're hoping we can cross that threshold!

Paying it Forward

Today we'd like to take the focus off of Elsinore in order to show support for some friends whose Kickstarters are close to the finish line. We're so incredibly grateful that Elsinore has received such a positive response, and we think these two games are experiences which hit some of the same notes. We've mentioned these campaigns before, but it's worth another shout out!


Apartment is a game about loss. In the aftermath of a painful breakup, you play as a young man exploring the wreckage of his relationship -- and along the way, learn about others struggling with their own problems in the surrounding apartment complex. Katie (Elsinore writer) did a little bit of the writing on this project, so she's biased here, but she thinks it's pretty much the bee's knees. Check it out!


Much like Elsinore, Herald features a mixed-race protagonist with a complicated background -- but unlike Elsinore, Herald follows the main character through a journey on the high seas! You play as Devon, a steward aboard the HLV Herald, and must make decisions about how to treat the characters you meet.

Which side of morality will you be on? Are you going to stand up for the oppressed, or will you help those in authority abuse their power? Either way, you are responsible for your choices, and you will carry the consequences.

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    1. Howard Kistler

      So if the presumed-dead person does indeed turn out to be Yorick, do we get a scene where Ophelia holds the skull and screams at it, a la Batman, "WHO. ARE. YOU???"

    2. Howard Kistler

      Fantastic! Glad to see this going so well! Would love to see the next stretch goal make too, but even this is wonderful.

      And if you have to have a guest appearance in the Castle Town, may I suggest Edmund Blackadder? :3

      PS - Thanks for the additional shout-out for Apartment. I'm a backer there too and really hoping it makes goal as well.

    3. Bryy Miller on

      So, Yorick.
      We're meeting Yorick.
      Okay then.