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Wooden Wars- A floor top game of sturdy wooden model armies. Victory is gained by tossing rubber balls at the enemy to knock them over!
Wooden Wars- A floor top game of sturdy wooden model armies. Victory is gained by tossing rubber balls at the enemy to knock them over!
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Wooden Wars - Weekly Bulletin: Robots, Tesla, and fun with Electricity!

Ahoy, my Kickstarter army! This week has been another busy and productive one, with a bit of fun on the side! 

I have spoken with the powers that be at the FDA and now believe I have everything I need to get the laser cutter shipped. Paperwork gets filed tomorrow and the ship date is Nov 8, with an estimated arrival the first week of December. Because this puts me almost 2 months behind schedule ( wow, I'm like a REAL start-up) I have made the decision to work with UMAKE to produce the Kickstarter rewards. What does this mean? That I can keep things moving, in the hopes of getting most orders delivered mid-December, if not earlier for some. It also gives me time to start painting armies for you higher-end backers and getting the rules back on track. Yes, going this route is going to cost a lot, so I won't be getting two laser cutters right away, but I feel this is a much better investment of your money! 

The rules are a bit behind due to me wanting to get QVRW pieces painted for illustrations. Still targeting a print date towards the end of November.


As I prepare for the arrival of my laser cutting machine, my workspace is now wired with 220 lines. I was at first going to go with converters, but after talking with an electrician friend, putting in the 220 lines cost a bit more than the converters but will be a cheaper and cleaner power draw in the long run. The things one learns.

I've also laid a wooden floor down to define the "shop" space and keep everything ship shape. Like a nursery for my laser cutter. 

QVRW models on parade:
I've gotten my hands on more of the QVRW prototypes. Prototyping really let's me expand on the ideas, see where things fit and don't fit, both aesthetically and from an engineering stand point. Ultimately, the real reason for making these toys with a laser cutter (as opposed to stamps and branding or printing) was the ability to make changes on the fly and keep iterating until they are the best they can possibly be.

For instance, the evolution of the QVRW arm poses and other options, meant the width of the bases had to expand by 5mm so that arms didn't overlap no matter how they were placed. As these troops are more "modern" than my Napoleonic models, having them more spread out made sense. And, with the amount of fire power in the way of rubber balls, the butcher's bill will still always be paid in full.

That's all for this week. I didn't want to sign off without thanking everyone for responding so promptly. I have received responses from pretty much everyone, and have reached out and received responses from those of you who have personalized order levels or have ordered extra items. Next week I will have more painted stuff, and (hopefully) art for the Tesla gun crew. 

Thanks for your continued support with Wooden Wars. And, because it's just easier to post there, head on over to my blog for more pictures!



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