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Triumph of Death: 28mm renaissance skeleton army miniatures cast in white metal for gamers and collectors, by Skull and Crown.
Triumph of Death: 28mm renaissance skeleton army miniatures cast in white metal for gamers and collectors, by Skull and Crown.
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All Rewards have been shipped (yay)


Oh glorious Legion,

Packages Away!

As of today all backer rewards (of those who have submitted surveys) have been shipped!  Thank you again for all of you that saw something cool in this venture and helped it get off the ground! I also want to thank you for your great feedback and support along the process as well.

I'm going to take a few days to collate some numbers and also pictures of painted minis that some of you have sent to me, and share them in a few days. In the mean time- please keep sending updates and pics. Saint Colin Dude and I are going to hit the waves.

Hanging X with the Dvde
Hanging X with the Dvde

 What's Next for ToD?

Well, I'm glad you asked.  Next month the KS minis will go up on the Skull and Crown store for thems who want them. I got many responses after the KS for minis, so this will give those folks a chance to join in on the fun, as well as some of you who have asked for more. Because how big is a legion, anyways?!

Sunday I meet up with my sculptor Drew Day Williams, where we are designing out the next minis in the line up for a... possibly January... KS. Don't quote me on the date, but that's the hope.

What kind of units? Well, I already gave you a sneak peak of the cross bow skelly, so that's a pretty good clue as to one of them. Tune in next time for more pics and clues.

That being said, what would you'ze dead heads like to see next in the ToD lineup?

And, because I don't feel I have said it enough, thanks!

I remain, your most Obd't toy maker


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    1. Thomas Foss 2-time creator on

      Nick- Drummers are coming, I promise!

    2. Thomas Foss 2-time creator on

      David- love the DaVinci machine idea! I actually have a print of Durer's 4 horsemen, and his Knight Devil and Death etchings on my wall as inspiration.
      I'll add all this to the "list" thanks!

    3. Missing avatar

      Nick Addison on

      Drummer! Drums of Doom. :-)

    4. David Stafford on

      Sounds great. How about some experimental Renaissance era war machines with skeletal crew? Or weird muskets, mancatchers, that kind of thing. Perhaps an undeadified version of Durer's four horsemen, or my personal favourite, a rendition of his 'The Knight, Death and the Devil' piece?