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The fastest Desktop 3D Printer on the planet prints 1.5 Billion Voxels in 5.5 hours on a massive 11.8 liter build volume (280x210x200)
68 backers pledged $144,403 to help bring this project to life.

Funding progress, materials video, news coverage and expert’s opinions

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A HUGE thank you to all early backers!

We want to thank all our early backers for supporting us and a special huge thank you to the backers that got the Solidator Printer! We setup the campaign to run for 25 days, we’re now at day #7 and we already have $20,058 dollars (16%). We’re happy with this so far as we know $4950 USD is a substantial purchase which needs a few days to decide on.

Answers to your #1 Question: Material Properties

The parts printed with the Solidator a really tough. With a Shore D Hardness of about 85 and a melting point above 110C these parts are harder than ABS or POM and a bit harder than most PLA. We have setup an exciting test to show off the properties of the resin.

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News coverage and expert’s opinions

The articles on the product have all been very positive. See the articles from around the world which cover most of the professional 3D Printing Press: