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Ini Archibong is bringing his creative vision to life with the Whorl pedestal and Stargazer chair, to show at Wanted Design 2012.
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Ini Archibong

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Finish Line in Sight! $25 Party Invites still available!

The finish line is in sight with just 3 days to go!  I have been working hard pulling together final details for the NY show and was able to ship the Whorl and Stargazer on Friday! This never would have been possible without your support, and I appreciate it immensely.

In addition to the orange stargazer, I decided to introduce a raw wooden prototype in NY (see picture below).  It is built from pure maple, and the darker shade detailing where the legs connect is caused by the wood being cut against the grain.  I am very excited to introduce this raw wooden version of the stargazer alongside the painted Whorls at the WantedDesign NYC show.

Let your friends know that there is still space available for the party in LA in July.  It is only $25 to ensure an invitation to the party, but there are only 3 days left to get on the list for this exclusive gallery/celebratory event!

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